Monday, March 1, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

This was a short weekend for me as I had to work late on Friday and all day Saturday, so that limits the amount of interesting things that I have to talk about. However, I'll do my best to figure something out.

- I watched the US/Canada hockey game. It was a pretty great game, and unfortunately, did not end with the result most of my American comrades would have liked. The US team has nothing to be ashamed of as they played hard and really gave Canada a top-notch challenge. As I see it, this is probably a double win for Canada. Their national sport gets a boost in worldwide interest, and they win the gold. It's really too bad hockey can't be more interesting to people all over the world. Why not you ask? Well, mostly because there is not ice everywhere, so unless Rollerblades make a massive comeback sometime soon, most kids (and people in general) won't be playing any pick up hockey games any time soon. Football and Basketball succeed because any person of the general population can participate in a game as long as they have a ball (flag and touch football work quite well if you don't have the full outfit of pads.) Even baseball allows people to play catch as long as they have a ball, a glove, and a friend (who also would need a glove, I suppose.)

The loophole to my argument? Why is Soccer not more popular? I honestly don't know. It's one of America's mysteries, like Big Foot, that we may never fully become enlightened. I guess it has to do with the lack of scoring during a normal game 90 minute game. I definitely enjoy World Cup Soccer, and can't wait for it later this year.

- Speaking of playing sports, I also had a men's league game Sunday. Our Sunday team seems to be overmatched for the league we're in, but it's still fun to get some run on the court. That is, until I start getting threatened by some ghetto dude who has no idea what he's talking about.

I'm guarding #12 and he slashes to the hoop (I think he was attempting to get an offensive rebound.) I was late on the box out and we got tangled up. To be honest, my shoulder could've been seriously hurt as he was going up, so my arm had to fly up in a circle so that it did not dislocate. #55 on their team finds his way over to me and says, "Wrong guy to mess with. If you hurt him, you'll have some prowlems!" [Prowlems=Problems to us people who actually speak regular English.] Of course, #12 wasn't mad at all and neither was I, so it was just #55 acting overly tough and subtly threatening me with gang warfare.

Unfortunately, our team was not quite good enough to overcome their aggressiveness and the fact that they are playing in a rec league and have a coach, but this was EXACTLY the type of team that my high school team would have beaten by 30 and put in their place. Much like Al Bundy, I miss the old days...

- I saw the movie Couples Retreat over the weekend (as you can see, I'm reaching for things to talk about at this point) and it was decent. The only thing that is interesting is that Vince Vaughn plays what I can only assume is himself in every movie he's in. Whether he's swinging, crashing weddings, a married man, or in the worst Spielberg movie ever (I'll give you a hint, it involves dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum) he seems to play the same fast talking character over and over and over. It works well in most of these movies, but it's pretty tired because we've seen him play this schick all too often. Oddly, his co-star in this movie, Jason Bateman, is getting dangerous close to doing the same thing (only he plays the unsure of himself goof, that doesn't always have things fall his way.)

Maybe an imbalanced athlete could do something crazy (c'mon Milton Bradley!!!) that we can talk about. If not, I'll be back tomorrow to talk about something less interesting.


GMoney said...

Hockey is not worldwide popular because it costs a LOT of money to play when you tie in equipment and ice time.

Soccer is not popular in America because it is a pussy sport. It's that simple. America is a bloodthirsty nation with ADD that needs shit happening constantly. Watching some limey fuck flop for 90 minutes is not entertaining.

Tony B. said...

To play football correctly, it is also an expensive sport, but it's easy enough to find a field and play catch, but that's kind of what I was going with on the hockey thing.

You're right about Americans needing action, and not just getting to second base in your parents' car on a high school date. They need to SCORE and there is not enough of that in Soccer for it to ever be a huge sport.

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