Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fantasy Baseball Draft

Our brand new league had our draft on Sunday. This is pretty early on in Spring to hold a fantasy baseball draft, but this day worked best with everyone's schedule, and everyone participated which is clutch to having a successful draft. We have 12 teams in the league, and I ended up with the 4th pick. It's a snake style draft, so I had the 4th, then the 21st pick. I'll give you the break down of the first few picks, then I'll show my current roster.

The guy choosing first took Tim Lincecum. He must be a Giants fan (he's my brother's friend) because not taking Albert Pujols with the first pick just seems stupid. The second pick was Albert Pujols, as it should be. Picking third, the next team took Hanley Ramirez (my preferred pick.)

This left my remaining choices at Alex Rodriguez and Joe Mauer. Both guys are amazing hitters, and represent phenomenal value at their positions. I took the entire time mulling this pick over. To be honest, I was set on taking Hanley because I thought the guy before me was taking A-Rod or CC Sabathia. We're trying to make this a keeper league, so I ended up taking Mauer. I'm partial to him, and believe he will be the best at his position for the next 5 years at least. I can definitely understand if people disagree with my decision, but the Twins' new stadium supposedly has a short porch that will allow Mauer to increase his home run total even more.

The next guy actually passed on A-Rod and went with CC Sabathia. I totally disagree with this move, as I believe a stable offense is probably the best recipe for fantasy baseball championship. Pick 6 went with A-Rod. The rest of the first round went like this:

7. Prince Fielder
8. Felix Hernandez
9. Chase Utley
10. Evan Longoria
11. Mark Teixeira
12. Ryan Howard

My next pick was at 21 and I went with Matt Holliday. I figure he will be excellent in a lineup with Albert Pujols (I know this because, as a Cubs fan, the Cards have a scary offense.) Here is how the rest of my team shook out:

C Joe Mauer
1B Kendry Morales
2B Dan Uggla
3B Kevin Youklis
SS Alexei Ramirez
OF Michael Cuddyer
OF Corey Hart
OF Matt Holliday
U Alfonso Soriano

SP AJ Burnett
SP Jake Peavy
SP Ben Sheets
SP Roy Oswalt
SP Carlos Zambrano
RP Jonathan Papelbon
RP Billy Wagner

RES Kyle Blanks
RES Joba Chamberlain
RES Ted Lilly
RES Kevin Millwood
RES Ricky Romero
RES Bobby Jenks

I feel like I ended up with a good team. My biggest weakness is that I'm relying on a number of pitchers to have bounce-back seasons. Sheets, Zambrano, Peavy, and Oswalt are all studs, but all had horrible seasons last year (injury riddled or otherwise.) I'll also be on the lookout for offensive help.

I can't wait for the new season to start. Only a few weeks away!


GMoney said...

That's a solid team although Blanks is terrible and Joba is likely to be in the pen.

By the way, my fantasy team name this year is Glenallen Kill. I'm sure to win with a great name like that.

Tony B. said...

My name currently is One Man Wolfpack (from the Hangover) but now that I know my players, I may have to change it...

I just picked up Joba yesterday. I'll drop him in due time depending how everything shakes out.

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