Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LOST: Ab Aeterno

I'm back in the fine deficit ridden state of California, and I'll be writing about my trip to the fine Peppermill in Reno. Needless to say, I had a good time.

Tonight's LOST should excellent. At worst, it will be waaaaaaay better than last week's weak episode. I hear we have Richard Alpert-centric episode that- if my calculations are correct, should reveal some juicy stuff about the island. Let's check it out:

- Starts off back in Ilana's flashback from the Season 5 finale. It's amazing her face doesn't look like Mel Gibson in "The Man Without A Face." She needs to protect the "candidates." Sounds like a tougher job than Frodo bringing the Ring to Mordor. Yep, nerdiest reference yet!
- Too bad Ilana has no idea what to do. Richard is supposed know, but he laughs it off. Looks like the mayor of Gotham City is going Joker-crazy.
- Richard just says that they're all dead and that the island is hell. That seems to be way too easy and convenient of an answer to the entire show. Not to mention we have many hours before the end, so why give it away now? I'm calling your bluff Richard.
- I totally forgot that Jack has no idea about the fake-Locke running/smoking around the island.
- Hurley is talking to a ghost in Spanish. This may come up a bit later. Vamanos!
- Ben is finally explaining a bit about Richard, and here we go to the first flashback. It feels like Christmas... to the Canary Islands we go! Can someone Google those and tell me where the hell they are?
- Richard is looking after his sick wife. His beard is quite dashing, though his hair is more homeless transient.
- Looks like she is dying. When is Jacob going to make him an offer he can't refuse? I suppose never.
- Richard barges in to some rich guy's casa. Richard can't afford the medicine, but he does the obvious thing and murders the mean doctor. That was a very similar accidental murder to when Desmond killed Kelvin Inman on the island.
- His hot wife is dead, and the authorities captured him. Now he's in prison, and reading the Bible to teach himself English. The priest won't forgive Richard for the accidental murder. I've got to be honest, this priest looks like the last person I'd ask for forgiveness from. The priest mentioned that the devil awaits him in hell- well, that's where Richard got that whole "hell" thing from.
- It seems like they're going to stick with Richard's flashback throughout the entire rest of the episode. I'm ok with it. It's been interesting so far.
- This scene has a Braveheart execution scene feel to it. Richard is asking for forgiveness. Captain Magnus Hanso buys Richard for his slaveship- the Blackrock. Love seeing this. The statue is off in the distance- looks like the ship actually crashed into Jacob's statue. Weird. That doesn't seem right, but whatever- there's a Smoke Monster for goodness sake so I guess the physics of a ship crashing into a statue is the least of my worries.
- What's up with the One Musketeer stabbing everyone? Good thing I hear Smokey killing everyone on the upstairs area of the ship. Not Richard though? I wonder why? It left him alive for some reason.
- A blue butterfly was at the center of the camera's attention coming back in. The butterfly flew into the ship- could that have been Jacob? It rained soon after which would probably help to get Richard some water. Or maybe I'm reading too much into this show.
- It is taking him awhile to get out of the chains- and now there's a boar in the ship. Dinner time? Nah, the boar bounced. And Richard's hope seems to be dwindling. Good thing this is a flashback, so he'll obviously live.
- His wife is on the island and tells him that they are both dead- she leaves and seems to have been taken by the Smoke Monster. I literally have no idea what this means. In fact, it's getting downright confusing- ha! LOST confusing? Noooo...
- The Man In Black is now giving Richard water. What the "hell?" He says that Richard is in hell. Man In Black is offering Richard quite the "devil's deal" by asking Richard to swear loyalty.
- The Man In Black says "there's only one way to escape from hell, you're going to have to kill the devil." I guess he means Jacob, but this seems like similar tomfoolery that we've seen at the end of Season 5 .
- Richard and MIB are eating and discussing how Richard is going to kill the devil. VERY interesting conversation- I'm going to have to re-watch this a few times. MIB repeats word for word what Dogen told Sayid about killing FLocke. I almost wonder if MIB and Jacob takes turns in their roles, or if it's even more complex than that.
- Awesome shot with the statue in the water.
- Richard approaches with the knife drawn. Jacob beats the shit out of Richard and now he's dunking him in the water. Seems like a baptism if you ask me. Jacob was crazy in that scene. Again, I literally am quite confused- in a good way.
- Alright, now Jacob is talking to Richard- and they are drinking red wine? Blood of Jacob anyone? He's not the devil, so he says. I have to believe him- I mean, he is wearing white.
- The island is a cork keeping the MIB from the rest of the world. Great explanation.
- Basically, the Smoke Monster is actually an evil genie. He turns into smoke, grants wishes, and is kept imprisoned. Good thing he's not as ADHD as Robin Williams.
- Some of the best information ever on this show. Looks like I'm going to have to work overtime tonight.
- Now Richard gives MIB a white rock. That's literally like Jacob talking smack. MIB has Isabella's rosary for Richard. Well played. This dude is the DEVIL.
- Looks like we're back to present time and Richard is wandering around the island. Looking for the rosary he buried over 150 years earlier. It's still there.
- Richard changes his mind? He's about to make a deal with the devil.
- Hurley has obviously been talking to Isabella- she wants to make sure that Richard doesn't stray from the path.
- Her spirit is right next to Richard. This is such a great episode. This is beyond emotional. Nice work LOST folks.
- Hurley saves the day, but has some bad news. Richard has to some the Man In Black from getting off the island- or else they all go to hell.
- And we even get a nice conversation between Jacob and MIB. Jacob gives him wine and tells him that it is something for him to pass the time. Apparently Jacob has also been to Reno.

That episode was awesome. Really informative and gives us a much bigger and better idea of what the island is, and what is at stake. Well done, LOST. Well done.


Rae said...

it TOTALLY felt like Christmas when the Richard story began!

"there's a Smoke Monster for goodness sake so I guess the physics of a ship crashing into a statue is the least of my worries" ROFL!!!!!!!!!11

"MIB repeats word for word what Dogen told Sayid about killing FLocke" Seriously? That's AWESOME! Good observation!

I don't think i was as confused as you through the Jacob/ MIB volley. It was all crystalizing into place, and I think this was the single most revelationary episode to date.

Tony B. said...

I was confused mid-episode, I think it came together near the end (now that I've had a night to sleep on it, it's a bit clearer.)

The best part of the episode is that it gives us quite a clear direction as to where the show is going from this point forward. I dig it.

GMoney said...

This is the first time that I've ever read one of your Lost journals. Just reading your description of the story, this sounds like the worst show ever. I'm sure it's better than it reads here, but Fake Hell/smoke monsters/flash-sideways??? Come on.

Tony B. said...

There's actually another blogger that does something similar except they have never watched LOST until this season. Reading that makes people realize how crazy this story sounds coming in.

It is an awesome story, though. Definitely need to start at the beginning though.