Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LOST: Dr. Linus

Is tonight Benjamin Linus' swan song? Could he be thrown off a cliff, shot in the face, get his head ripped off by evil Sayid or thrown around by a giant pillar of smoke? Or will this centric episode of Ben prove just how important he actually is to the island? I honestly have no idea what to expect (however, I do expect at least two funny quips from everyone's favorite pilot, Frank J. Lapidus.)

Let's see where the LOST universe takes us tonight:

- Fun fact, I was just watching the enhanced version of last week's episode, saw Keamy making eggs, and decided I also needed to make eggs. They were delicious.
- Starting out, we see Ben running through the jungle, I guess he was separated from his group. There they are- Miles, Ilana, Frank, Sun, etc. When will Sun and Jin ever meet up? They... will... keep... stalling... this out...
- Ben is teaching his European history class. Talking about meaningless power, how ironic? Uh oh, it's the bad guy from "Real Genius!" "Build me a laser, Val Kilmer!"
- Ben is told to supervise detention. He's not pleased, and he's even less pleased to be hanging around with Arzt. That guy is annoying.
- Ben seems like a decent guy who is looking out for the kids.
- Locke (The Substitute) suggests that Ben should be the principal. Ya know, just like Mr. Belding. "Hey, hey, hey, hey! What is going on here?!"
- Miles is being asked to speak to dead Jacob- it'll be interesting to see what Jacob said before he died. "Linus killed him." Nice Miles, your power has come in handy. Apparently Jacob didn't want to die. He should try to communicate better in life threatening situations.
- "Uh oh." Miles keeps on with his hilarious one liners. I'm pretty sure that's what the freighter crew is good for.
- Back to the beach camp. I like how this season is going back to all the spots we've seen from past seasons. Can we get another polar bear attack?
- Ben is feeling GUILTY...
- Lapidus line #1! "You make friends easy, don't ya?" Great point, Frank.
- Ben is taking care of his sick father. Ironic, eh? Instead of gassing him, he is actually supplying his father oxygen.
- Wow, they actually went to the island and dealt with the Dharma Initiative. But they left! Wow. I wonder how Ben's dad swung that one? I also wonder if Ben was still healed in the Temple (although, in this reality, 815 never crashed, Sayid never went to the island, and never shot Ben, so I'm guessing not. It did form a time loop- like the compass from last season.)
- Alex is a student in Ben's class?!?! This has already been one of the best Flash Sideways so far.
- Ben offers to help tutor her. He's more selfless in this timeline.
- Ilana wants to find Jin and mentions the whole Candidate thing. Only six left, eh? That doesn't add up if Locke is crossed off the list... (unless she's counting both Sun and Jin, I suppose.)
- Hurley and Jack run into our friend ageless eyelined friend Richard Alpert. Going back to the Temple- that seems like a group of three soldiers heading back to Baghdad after a bombing.
- Ben found Sawyer's porno stash, so that's cool.
- Frank admits he overslept and didn't pilot 815. Ben realizes the irony and destiny of the situation.
- Ilana looks like she's going to execute Ben. Or at least to tie him up and force him to dig his own grave. NO chance Ilana ends up killing Ben. That would be too weak of a death for such an epic bad guy.
- Ben is tutoring Alex, and he's giving her quite a pep-talk. Alex mentions that the current Principal is a pervert. Ben's got an "in" to get this mofo fired.
- The Principal was getting busy with the school nurse- and Ben promises not to say anything... I doubt he'll keep that promise.
- Miles is back to taunt Ben while he digs his own grave. Ha! Miles knows about Nikki and Paolo's diamonds! Great reference, LOL. Be careful, the last people to have those ended up dying because of Smoke Monster induced spider bites.
- I also loved the moment that Miles tells Ben that Jacob hoped he was wrong about Ben.
- Richard mentions that everyone is dead at the Temple. Now Hurley is mentioning that he spoke to Jacob. This spooks Richard like a spurned lover. Now Richard needs to go "die." Yeah, riiiiiight.
- Back with Dr. Artz and Dr. Linus. Ben is asking Artz to break into the nurse's email account. Ben's back up to his old tricks.
- Fact: Ben is one of the most devious folks ever on television.
- Richard is at the Black Rock ship. I imagine he came over in it as a slave. I'm not sure we've ever seen the ship without someone then dying (Dr. Arzt/Anthony Cooper.)
- Hurley is in the mix as well. Richard is checking out the dynamite. Richard can't kill himself because Jacob touched him. That didn't work well with Locke.
- Jack is going to light the fuse for Richard. Very Kevorkian of you Dr. Shepherd. Looks like Jack isn't going to leave either. Guess what though? Jack and Hurley have been touched as well! Good luck dying guys, cause it ain't going to happen.
- Jack says he'll be fine. Hurley bounces. Jack is a BELIEVER. That was AWESOME. The dynamite didn't blow. Jack knew it. "Wanna try another stick?" Jack is EMBRACING his destiny. That is soooo cool.
- The Monster is coming to visit Ben. Never been so glad to see "evil incarnate." MIB doesn't want Ben to die- he wants Ben to be the new Smoke Monster. FLocke releases Ben from his binding and gives him all the tools to defeat Ilana. More importantly, MIB tells Ben that Ben is "important." That's what he's been yearning for.
- X-Ben is confronting douchy principal guy. Love it.
- The Principal has the drop on Ben with Alex's recommendation. If this goes like the island, Alex ain't getting into Yale.
- Ben did get the drop on Ilana, but he wants to explain. He lets her know about how Alex was killed, and tells her about killing Jacob. Ilana says she'll have Ben, instead of letting him leave and go to Locke. Ben's redeeming himself in this timeline- let's see how it works in the other timeline. We'll see how long Ben stays around with this group.
- I guess Ben allowed the Principal to keep his job because of Alex. The trend of most people redeeming themselves in the Sideways world continues. Excellent work Dr. Linus. Bravo.
- Ben and Ilana go back to the beach. Miles finds Nikki and Paulo's diamonds.
- We get a slow motion reunion between the beach crew and Jack, Hurley and Richard. We haven't seen one of these since for quite some time.
- And Widmore is in a submarine!!! That was a Sylvester Stallone type Cliffhanger! Could that be who Jacob was referring to? Or is someone else coming to the island?

I loved this episode. Jack embraces his destiny. Ben is either feeling really guilty, or he's even more of a trickster than we thought. Richard isn't dead. And Alex is getting into Yale (ah, who cares really?)


ninette said...

is it wrong that i think richard and his eyeliner is kind of hot? it makes me feel guilty.. i will go with yes.

Tony B. said...

Don't feel guilty, Ninette- it would be weird if I thought Richard was kind of hot. You thinking that is just fine.