Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST: The Package

How did Jin end up in Rocky's meet locker? Will Jin and Sun reunite? Will any of this show finally come together and make total sense? Let's see:

- Starts off in night vision, so that's good. Seems like Widmore is surveying the scene at the MIB camp.
- Locke is talking to Jin- trying to butter the Korean guy up now. He says all the candidates must leave together for anyone to get off the island.
- Now Jin and Sun are checking into a hotel in sideways land. The airport security took all the money in Jin's suitcase. Crooked ass cops. Checking into separate rooms? Not married, eh?
- Now Locke's camp is dropping like flies from poison darts. Just like shooting fish in a barrel. Zoe from Widmore's camp brings the nerd patrol to get Jin.
- Dharma playing cards- love it! Somebody hook me up with those!
- Now everyone is fighting in Camp-Jacob. And now Sun is freaking out- and apparently going back to her original garden. I love how they are going back to the original places that were big in the first two seasons.
- Sun tells Jack to go away and leave her alone. She sounds a lot like Jack used to sound when talking to Locke.
- Sun and Jin are talking in Sun's hotel room. Looks like they aren't married, but they're still doing the nasty!
- Locke is over at the garden all of a sudden. He's trying to convince Sun to come back to his camp. Sun books it like a less athletic version of Usain Bolt. Great name by the way.
- While running she looks back and runs into a tree. Awesome.
- Now back in the Sideways world, Jin and Sun are in bed and Sun wants to run away together. A knock on the door can't be good. Uh oh, Keamy is back up in the mix. He's one bad mofo. Probably the best villain on the show.
- Ben found Sun and Sun reports the bad news. And now Locke is back with his camp and everyone is unconscious. Locke askes, "Where is Jin?" Great question.
- Answer: a trap from Saw VII. Real answer- Room 23 - The Brainwashing Facility.
- Zoe is being weird and tazed Jin. No idea if I spelled "tazed" correctly. Don't taze me bro!
- She wants him to help her with some Dharma maps. Jin says "take me to your leader." He's in luck.
- Claire is still nuts and Locke somewhat gives the ok for Claire to kill Kate later. MWUHAHA!
- Locke is going to get Jin- using the outrigger boats. One has to wonder if that is the boat that Sawyer's crew saw while they were time traveling last season?
- Back in the hotel room, Keamy is asking Sun about the cash. Now Omar is up in the mix. These dudes are badass. Jin is about to get beat down.
- Now they're going to get Mikail! No patch over his eye! Nice!
- Keamy only cares about one thing: dollar dollar bills ya'll!
- Sun can only speak Korean now. How convenient. Also convenient, Richard and Hugo are back to the camp.
- Locke is at the beach, and Widmore has a sonic death fence.
- Widmore and MIB are staring each other down. War is coming- correction, it just got there. Sweet.
- That was an impassioned speech by Sun. Too bad no one has subtitles on the island.
- Sun's account was closed by her father. I have a feeling he did it Keamy and Omar would kill Jin.
- Yep, Mr. Paik set him up and Keamy is supposed to kill Jin. Yikes.
- "Some people aren't meant to be together." Keamy is a savage.
- Widmore gives Jin a digital camera with pics of Jin's daughter that he's never seen. He's getting as emotional most males when watching the end of "Field of Dreams."
- The Package is not a what, it's a who. Could it be Desmond? Hopefully.
- Now Jin's back in the meat locker, Sayid is probably close to saving him.
- Sayid gives Jin a box cutter to free himself. Damn, Sayid! Help a brother out!
- Mikail has Sun and they're seeing the damage that Sayid has brought to the kitchen.
- Jin did escape and now he's got Mikail at gunpoint. Well, that's how Patchy got his eye shot out in this universe. Looks like Sun got shot as well. Yikes.
- Jack says Sun can probably write rather than speak. It's going to work. Mrs. B. called this early on in the episode. She's so smart, ain't she?
- Jack is starting to embrace his leadership role. He's even growing his crazy beard again. Or at least he's growing a Jacob-esque stubble.
- Locke is back and apparently he sent Sayid back to check out what was in sub. As predicted it is Desmond. He looks like they gave him enough horse tranquilizer to... uh... tranquilize a horse.
- I love Sayid coming out of the water like he's in Apocalypse Now.

This episode was good, not great. It was another set up episode, but I did fully enjoy it. I'm interested to see where they take Desmond from here. Great show.


Rae said...

DI Playing cards?

How amazing was it seeing Sun faceplant into that tree???

I think "taze" is with an "s": Tase.

Um... Sun is shot... and PREGO. yikes.

Tony B. said...

"Tase" with an "S" just does not look as powerful as "Taze" with a "Z."

Sun running into a tree looked like she was in a cartoon.

Did I miss Sun being pregnant in the Sideways flash? I might have because I was typing while watching which makes this a tough one to watch with all the subtitles.

GMoney said...

Impressive rack on the Korean chick...that is all that I care about.

Tony B. said...

I agree- that came out of nowhere last night, but it was looking good!