Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LOST: Sundown

As usual I'm expecting a phenomenal episode from the best show on television. It's a watchable novel, and people who are into it sound crazy when they talk about it around people who don't watch- officially making it the best. Last week, Jack was staring at the ocean, Jacob essentially misled Hurley into doing his bidding, and Claire axed a black dude (this isn't a horror movie, why are all the black people dead? i.e. Michael, Matthew Abaddon and the dude with the ax in his chest.) [Sidenote: why do black people always die in horror movies? Freddy even calls Kelly Rowand "dark meat" in Freddy vs. Jason insinuating he prefers killing black folks. It ain't right.] Aaaaand scene:

- Sayid in the Sideways world, and look who it is... the love of his life, Nadia. Are those yellow roses?!?! Yellow stand for friendship in rose colors. His brother is married to Nadia? I love my brothers, but they better not even think about stealing Mrs. B. I'll stab somebody!
- Maybe he just said "brother" like Zoolander says brother.
- Uh oh. Sayid is showing that he cares for Nadia.
- Sayid on the island is now in Dogen's chamber and asking tough questions.
- Dogen's speech about "the scale" is probably important to the overall theme of the show. Nobody is really all good, or all bad. But they can choose a side.
- Sayid and Dogen are fighting like crazy people. I haven't seen ass kicking like that since Chris Farley's skit on SNL where they secretly give him decaf coffee.
- Apparently Dogen just heard whispers "to build it" and "they will come." Or maybe he just likes baseball, because that the baseball falling seemed to stop the fight.
- Claire is chatting with Liar Locke about getting her son back. How are you going to get her her son back Fake John? Cart him on a puff of black smoke from LA?
- Flashing back to X-Land, Sayid is napping on the couch, and Nadia's husband and wakes Sayid. He needs Sayid to pretty much kill people he owes money to. It is what Sayid does best...
- Ah, don't help him Sayid... he's playing the "if you care about Nadia card." What an a-hole. You can't use another man's love of your wife to get him to help you. Weak sauce.
- Back at the Temple, Sayid is talking with Miles. I hope Miles goes with him because everyone at the Temple is pretty much Drew Barrymore in Scream dead.
- Claire busts into the Temple and askes Dogen to go outside to meet MIB. Apparently Dogen didn't realize Jack and Hugo were gone, and now he needs Sayid. Claire is now in the hole- doesn't sound like a fun place.
- "Evil incarnate." MIB sounds like the devil to me. Maybe Sayid is the loophole to MIB much like Ben was a loophole to Jacob. Dogen gives him a knife that Crocodile Dundee would be proud of and tells him to kill Fake Locke.
- I do like the parallels of Sayid being asked to kill people in both Sideways and Island storylines.
- Sayid is crossing the street with Nadia's kids... he does better than the last time he crossed the street with someone. (Remember, Nadia was struck by a van.)
- Nadia asks for help. They go to the hospital and sees none other than Jack Shepherd.
- Nadia tells Sayid not to retaliate. Doubtful this is going to happen.
- Sayid now sees Kate outside the Temple walls. I like how the Temple people just let folks in and out of the gate. Ridiculous. Knock knock. Who's there? It's Kate. Kate who? The Kate that you've kidnapped multiple times and now is escaping then coming back... and repeat.
- "Sawyer sent you packing." Miles is great with one liners.
- Claire is back up in this, and Miles informs Kate of this. Mentions that she's "still hot, though." He must like the ladies dirty.
- Sayid is playing the part of horror victim in the jungle. Holy SHIT! Sayid stabbed Fake Locke in the chest and it literally does NOTHING. That was probably the best moment of the season thus far. No blood or anything.
- FLocke looks pissed, but offers the knife back to Sayid. FLocke feels sorry for Sayid. And explains that Dogen wants someone else to kill him and that Sayid was tricked. Wow. This guy is a smooth operator.
- FLocke offers him ANYTHING if Sayid delivers a message for him. Sounds like devil talk to me.
- Sayid is back in the X world. Nadia wants to be with Sayid also. Ok, so it really is Sayid's brother. Sayid says he's trying to wash his hands of all the horrible things he's done. Maybe he should go on a race around the world like Desmond did.
- Sayid is delivering the message- it is NOT a peaceful message. Everyone dies at sundown if they stay in the Temple.
- Kate is searching for Claire. Lennon takes Kate to her.
- Kate using the word "took" again. Claire is going to kill her. Rivalry of the women begins. Claire is acting like a creepy kid from an Asian horror flick. Lots of horror movie comparisons tonight, but I think that is what they were going for in this episode. Very Season 1 of the writers/producers.
- Back to the Temple, people are panicking big time. Cindy and the kids are bouncing. Somebody's overconfidence isn't showing through at this time- who's staring at people in cages now?
- Back on the mainland, Sayid is meeting up with the freighter mercenaries. Keamy is back up in this bitch. He is one bad dude.
- Keamy is eating eggs and threatening Sayid simultaneously. That's like juggling a few chainsaws.
- Sayid just killed the other two guys, and Keamy is now laying down like a little puppy. What's that? No heart monitor to blow up the freighter this time? Oh well, you're dead now. Savage Sayid is the best.
- Wow, Jin is in the back Rocky Balboa type meat locker! He's beat to shit and still can't speak English. Very interesting.
- Dogen and Sayid face off once again. Sayid asks why Dogen didn't just kill him himself? He explains with an off-island story.
- He killed his son in a drunk driving accident, then a man comes to him, offers to save his son's life, but then Dogen would have to come to the island and never see his son again. That man? Jacob. He drives a hard bargain.
- Sayid says he'd like to stay, and then he drowns Dogen in the murky water. Uh oh.
- Lennon's freaking out, imagine there's no heaven- oops, I was going to make a joke, but Sayid just slit Lennon's throat. What is this, did we time travel to December 8, 1980?
- The Temple is getting jacked up. Miles and Kate better break out of there fast!!!
- Miles is up out! He hides in a room, and someone is trying to break in.
- Ilana, Lapidus, Sun and Ben break in to the Temple.
- Kate avoids the the Smoke Monster by hiding in Claire's hole. Uh huh huh huh.
- Ilana knows a way out, and luckily they aren't bringing crazy ass Sayid with them. Nice burning cross, can this show get any more racist?!
- Kate, Claire, and Sayid are in the courtyard and everyone is dead.
- FLocke gives crazy eyes to Kate. This ain't good. He's recruited a ton of people and is off into the jungle. That's a hell of a cliffhanger.

I totally loved this episode. MIB was badass. Sayid is going crazy. Kate is in a really bad position. Dogen dead. Lennon dead. Ben's crazy look at Sayid near the end has me really uneasy. It seems like some of the fractured character groups are merging, so that should make for more action packed and coherent storytelling. What a damn good show.


Rae said...

I totally didn't even think about Sayid being asked to kill in both worlds. Well spotted!

Knock knock. Who's there? It's Kate. Kate who? The Kate that you've kidnapped multiple times and now is escaping then coming back... and repeat. - ROFL

juggling chainsaws? Oh cos you mean Sayid is a ruthless killer and cholesterol is a leading cause of death in the developed world? ;)

Dogen didn't say he _killed_ his son. He was very vague about it, but obvi the kid wasn't totes dead if he could be saved.

I loved how Ben slowly walked backwards away from Sayid. He knows what's up...

Tony B. said...

I forget which episode of Family Guy it was, but Ben walking backwards from the Temple reminded me of Peter Griffin when he kept seeing shocking things and he'd slowly walk backwards until he eventually got all the way home.

You're right about Dogen's kid. I suppose I typed "killed" before I knew the actual conclusion of the story. Great episode though.

GMoney said...

I will sort this mess out. The backwards walk home was when Homer caught Apu banging the Squishee Lady. Your welcome.

Tony B. said...

You are absolutely right, G$! Animated shows have officially crowded my brain. Thank you for clearing it up.

Clarkster said...

Maybe It's not that Dogens kid can be saved but maybe Jacob thought he could send him into sideway's world where obvs Dogen was a good father,and his son was clearly still alive. Also sideways world Sayid's woman is still alive. Flocke promised similar things to Sayid if he helped Nadia would be brought back to life.

Tony B. said...

All very good thoughts Clarkster. I know there is a theory floating around that when you die on the island, your consciousness gets thrown to the Sideways timeline. In that case, Dogen would now be at peace there, and Sayid will eventually fully go there and see that Nadia is alive, after he dies on the island of course.