Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peppermill Trip 3/21 - 3/23

Another successful trip to the Peppermill in Reno is in the books, and I'm here to give you the summary.

Mrs. B. and I went up with two other couples, Katrina and John, and Jen and Brandon. We tried to get up to Reno as soon as we could on Sunday to have an outside shot of betting on the remaining NCAA games. Unfortunately, we arrived around 2:30 so we barely missed the deadline.

With no bets on the Duke/Cal game, we requested rooms all on the same floor, which they were able to accommodate. Since we're player's card members (congrats to John and Katrina- welcome to the "Bronze Member" family) the Peppermill comped our rooms. We had brought up a few bottles of alcohol each, and proceeded to create an impressive bar in our room. I know we have a picture of it, and I'll put it up once I have access to said picture. We probably could've run a dive bar for a night with the amount of alcohol we had.

The Jack and Cokes were flowing, and John and I were lucky enough to have caring wives who went down to the Sports Deli to get a French bread pizza. This thing is massive. For $8.99, it may be the best deal not only at the Peppermill, but in the entire United States. Maybe I'm exaggerating- maybe not.

Eventually, it was time to head to the Craps table. Brandon had never played, and I wonder if he's hooked now because that was a hell of a way to get introduced to the best game in the casino. We all left session 1 of Craps up hundreds of dollars. Since dinner was a 8:30, we wandered over to the Peppermill's fine Chinese restaurant, Chi, to fill up on General Chicken and Mongolian Beef.

Afterward, it was back to Craps, and the winning just kept on going. I'm going to give everyone some advice right now. Many people don't know or are intimidated to play Craps. Get over it. It's a great game. Furthermore, when playing, think about the odds. When I first learned the game, I would be happy when the button was laid on 6 or 8 because those are the numbers that are most likely to come next (besides the evil 7, of course.) Now, I'm less excited about 6 or 8, because in order to get full value on your odds, you have to back up your $5 pass line bet with $25. Seems a bit rich. However, if it's on 4 or 10, you are only allowed to back it up with $15, and multiplier is such that you win more money while risking less. I know it all evens out in the end based on laws of probability, but at least it is worth thinking about.

Many times I would straight up buy the 6 if the button was on the 8. DO NOT DO THIS. You actually have to hit the number you bought at least twice before you make any profit. A better strategy, you ask?

Play the Come line. It is a game within the game. It's like playing the Pass line multiple times. Obviously, if the table is cold, you lose money much faster, but if the anyone is rolling for an extended period of time, you are more likely to hit points and win with odds included.

I'm done boring you with gambling strategy, if you're interested further, then email me or comment. Otherwise, just know that the table was a lot of fun, we were drunk, and everyone won lots of money.

[Unfortunately, I did end up throwing up at 5am. It was quick, and relatively painless- and I felt better the next morning.]

The best part of waking up at the Peppermill is that you get to go to their signature Coffee Shop. It's basically a Denny's with larger portions and the ability to play Keno. The Huevos Rancheros did me right, and I was ready to place some sports bets.

The Peppermill gives members a coupon book that is very useful throughout any trip up. One thing they do is offer to match $10 of any sports parlay wager. John and I were bored (apparently) so we decided to bet on Spring Training games. He took the A's, Giants, D'Backs and Cubs, and I made the same bet just without the A's. Of course, all the teams won except for the Cubs who lost to the damn Cleveland Indians. To be fair, Fausto Carmona is tearing it up in Spring, and I have picked him up on my Fantasy Team because of it. He's looking like the 2007 version of himself, which could end up being very helpful. Main point- of course the Cubs are the reason we didn't win an easy $110. So stupid.

We also placed an NBA parlay. Going with all road teams that were favorites:

Raptors -4.5 over the T'Wolves

Heat -6 over the Nets

Grizzlies -2.5 over the Kings

The funny thing about sports betting, it makes boring/meaningless games turn into Game 7 playoff experiences. We watched all of the Heat and Raptor games. The Heat game was closer than I wanted it, but they eventually took care of business and won by 10.

The Raptors were livin' on the edge like Aerosmith. They let the Wolves get within 4. The Wolves had the ball and missed a shot. The rebound went to the Raptors and with 2 seconds and change left, someone on the Wolves fouled the guy with the ball. No idea why he did that- and I don't care. Two made free throws later, the Raptors won by 6. Hell yeah.

The Grizzlies were a bit scary as they got down 48 - 32 during the first half, and yet by halftime it was 49-46. We went to eat at Bimini Steakhouse so we were unable to watch the remainder of the game. That didn't stop me from obsessively checking my phone. The Grizzlies easily covered and that is the story of how we turned $10 into $70. Not the best odds because we picked all favorites, but we'll take it.

Last story, we went to the Craps table again, and witnessed the biggest trainwreck of a woman ever. She had a blond mullet. She was chainsmoking. She was dropping her Player's Card, lighter, chips, and cigarettes all over the place. She was tipping the dealers over the amount she'd win on a bet. In fact, I'm pretty sure that was the reason they allowed her to keep playing. After awhile we gave up. Our magic from the previous night was not happening (I was up for the session, but only by $50 or so.) The lady was bothering everyone at the table, so it was time to leave.

Lady, please don't ask if anyone minds if you smoke, then get offended when someone (not any of us) says that they mind. It's a casino, you're allowed to smoke. If you're asking the table if they mind and giving other people the option, someone might speak up. It's stupid, and you're stupid.

I left out my terrible cold decked session of Poker, but overall, including food, room, gambling, etc. I finished the weekend up $210. Not bad, eh? I basically got paid to go to Reno. Fantastic.


Rae said...

Heh. Come line. BAHAHAHAH.

Glad you had fun, and came out ahead!

GMoney said...

Nothing beats a good morning vomit. It really sets the table for the day.

If you are allowed to smoke indoors, you don't need to ask if people mind because the state has already determined for them that they don't.

I need to learn craps...bad.

Tony B. said...

Yes, I definitely said at one point, "They should spell the Come Line C-U-M." That's drinking for you.

G$, it's irresponsible that you don't know how to play Craps. It's not only the best way to make money, it's the most social game in the casino. It leads to a good time.

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