Monday, April 5, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

You can check my Saturday post to see how the show went Friday night. Needless to say, I had a great time! It was as much as watching "The Condemned" starring Stone Cold Steve Austin (if not even more enjoyable.)

Saturday I managed to get up and run a number of errands. I got a haircut, went to Jamba Juice, hit up Best Buy, Guitar Center, Target, and then to 24 Hour Fitness. Best Buy and Target errands were exclusively to build Mrs. B. an Easter basket, while Guitar Center was to pick up a power source for my tuner pedal.

Upon entering GC, I thought to myself, "Don't go back into the expensive guitar room- you'll just end up thinking about getting a new guitar." I didn't listen and ended up playing a number of Gibson acoustic/electrics that would be wonderful additions to my collection. In particular, there is a Hummingbird cutaway that sounded absolutely amazing. It looks like this:

I was quite impressed, but resisted the temptation. I need to sell some of my old equipment, see how much money I have, and then go haggle with the sales person. So if anyone is interested in a MARTIN MC-16 GTE in great condition, then let's talk.

I got home from all the errands at 2:52pm, just in time to catch the tip of the Butler/MSU game. I watched nearly the entire game, and it was fairly entertaining (no thanks to Michigan State.) I was cheering for Butler all the way. One thing I didn't get though was how many horrible shots Shelvin Mack took for the Bulldogs. When Butler would actually run an offense, they would do ok, but more than a few times Mack would just bring the ball up, drive the lane without passing, and get blocked. I think this led to Gordon Hayward standing on the perimeter a bit too much. He needed to be more active if only to make sure the guy defending Hayward couldn't just sit in helpside without consequence.

Butler prevailed, and I couldn't be happier for them. They play the game the right way and are a lot of fun to watch. To be honest, I didn't watch much of the Duke/WVU game. Duke got up and I lost interest quickly. The game tonight should be pretty good, but since there is an outside shot of Duke running away with it, we'll have to hope that that doesn't happen.

Sunday I had Easter brunch at Mrs. B.'s mom's house and it was quite good. There was Egg's Benedict, breakfast potatoes, blueberry scone-type things, cinnamon rolls, and mimosas for all to indulge in. Afterward it was time for a nap (I had also gotten up early and went swimming at 24 Hour, so I was pretty tired) but don't worry, I was up in time for two things (oddly both related to commenter G$):

- Donovan McNabb to the Redskins?! Wow, I didn't really see this one coming. I mean, I get that the Eagles wanted to trade him, but to trade him to a division rival who will almost certainly beat them at least once during the regular season seems silly. Nothing like a motivated veteran to help out a team that's been down on it's luck recently. Biggest question of the trade- what about Sexy Rexy?! The Sex Cannon was currently the back up to Jason Campbell in Washington and now looks to be relegated to third string. What the hell? You can't hold back that kind of talent for long- look out Campbell and McNabb... the former NFC Champ is coming for you.

- Opening Day (Night) Baseball pitched off (is "pitched" proper for baseball?) Sunday night with the Yankees and Red Sox facing off at Fenway. I could care less about the eventual outcome (though the game was awesome) but what I do care about is fantasy statistics. Youk and Papelbon killed it for me last night. I'm already winning 23.5 to -2 (a-thank-you Jacoby Ellsbury!) I'm liking the balance that my team brings to the table. They should be awfully tough.

That's pretty much it for the weekend. Monday always seems to come so quickly. There's got to be a way to slow weekends down.


GMoney said...

Don't you worry. The Cannon is going nowhere. My favorite part of this trade is that they murdered the trade value of Campbell. Everyone knows that we have to get rid of him so why would they give us anything of value in return?

Since McNabb is surely getting hurt, expect plenty of "fuck it, I'm throwing it deep"s at FedEx this Fall.

Chan Ho Park is terrible.

Tony B. said...

I'd love to respond to your comment, but I'm working on burying my anger for Carlos Zambrano at the moment.

Trish Williamson said...

Interested in your guitar. Have you sold it? What are you asking?

Trish Williamson said...

I just wrote about your guitar. My email is