Monday, April 19, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

That was a pretty decent weekend, though it did fly back at record pace. Let's start with Saturday as it was the most interesting day by far.

First, I woke up and finished "The Stand" by Stephen King. I'm not a huge reader, but now I can say that I've read "Lord of the Rings" and "The Stand" both of which are 1100 pages plus. I wouldn't recommend "The Stand" to everyone, but if you think you might like it and don't mind reading a lot, then I say go for it! Also, if you're into male on male violent sex that seemingly comes out of nowhere in the middle of the book, then this is definitely the book for you! I kid because it's funny, but seriously, it's in there for a page.

After finishing the book, I got ready to go to UC Davis to play a Campus show for Picnic Day. In the past, I've only played Picnic Day once because a) it is too damn crowded to load equipment to Campus and b) they usually only let you play for 20 minutes. If I'm bringing equipment to anywhere, I'm going to need more than 20 minutes to make it worth it (unless a Late Night talk show wants me to play on a major network.) This year, I got to play for an hour, so I agreed to do it.

The night before, my drummer had texted me and told me that he was playing with another band from 12-1, and since I was playing from 1-2, he figured he'd stick around and play another set. I thought that was a great idea! So that's what we planned on...

Unfortunately, there was a scheduling mix up and some Indonesian music group from the Music Department thought they were scheduled from 1-1:30. It's odd because the schedule that I had, the sound guy had, and the person running the stage had all said that "Tony Bataska was playing from 1-2pm" but apparently the "Director" of this group felt otherwise. He began to throw a hissy-fit immediately.

Honestly, had he been polite about the whole situation, I probably would've said, "No problem." However, took the route of escalating the situation up 100 steps by dropping, "I HAVE TO LEAVE AT 2PM AND IF WE DON'T PLAY THE DEAN WILL NOT BE TOO HAPPY!" So I decided to say, "I have a show that I have to get to in Walnut Creek and I can't stick around either!" I figured the Music Department group would probably end up getting their way, but since they were being rude, I could at least be difficult about it.

Basically, they rudely continued to set up their stuff on stage and eventually got their way. Once the jerky Caucasian guy wearing a ridiculous Rex Kwon Do bandanna got his way, he in passing said, "Sorry 'bout that." Yeah, I get it dude. You got your way so now you're doling out the most insincere apology I've heard since Ben Roethlisberger's recent apology.

My drummer had to move all his equipment off stage, and then we waited in the hot sun while we were put to sleep by Indonesian music that used many hand drums and xylophones. They had another two white guys do a martial arts demo in front of their musicians. It would've been good except it looked not quite as good as this:

The best part was when one of the guys pulled out a fake knife and came nowhere close to fake stabbing the other participant. It was pretty much just a saccharine version of Indonesian music- though I'm probably biased against them after having their rudeness directed at me.

After they were done, my drummer and I finally got on stage and played our set. It was decently fun as we had a pretty loose and casual set list (as in, I would say, "Let's play this particular song" and he'd say, "Ok.") I had a couple people come up and get my website, so that makes for a successful show. In the end, it took me over 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot, so my original feeling about playing Picnic Day is still that it would be more fun to drink a bunch and enjoy the day rather than worry about playing a set on Campus. Playing in downtown Davis might be a bit different, but Campus seems to be more of a pain than it's worth. Here's a picture anyway!

I then began my trek to Walnut Creek to play at Pyramid Alehouse at 7pm. I was a little drained from being out in the sun longer than I expected, but it was time to give a good effort for my first WC Pyramid show of 2010.

It went great! I played a decent amount of originals within the 4 hour set (yeah, if you're thinking that it's a long time, then you are correct, it is!) I had a number of groups of people come out specifically to see me, and for that I want to thank people in a huge way! People were having a great time singing a long and drinking which is exactly what they should've been doing. One funny moment came when the group up front said their friend who had recently moved back to Columbus, OH was requesting "Brown Eyed Girl" over the phone. I replied that if she put something on Twitter about how people should follow me, and I get visual confirmation of this, then I'll play the song. Her tweet was as follows (the highlighted part, but I included the aftermath as well):

Tele-commuting musical performances to the midwest! Who knew?!

Once it got to 11pm, I played one more song (I just learned "Counting Blue Cars" by Dishwalla, so I played that one to close it out) and everyone gave me a standing ovation! It felt great and I want to thank everyone for making my night! Hopefully we'll keep up the great crowds in Walnut Creek and expand the whole thing further!

Sunday was less exciting as Mrs. B. and I ran some errands and then our Sunday Men's Basketball team got absolutely crapped on for during our last game. I never thought my back could be in so much pain, but I guess that's getting old, right? It's definitely affecting my consistency from game to game, and it's quite frustrating as I'm relatively sure I used to be pretty good at basketball. I'm going to make a doctor's appointment and get it checked out. Something is not quite right with it, and waking up with back pain every morning sucks.

So there's my eventful weekend. Back to the grind of the week, but we do have Live Band Karaoke on Thursday at the G St Pub for anyone who is interested in singing their little heart out. Until tomorrow.


GMoney said...

Ohio Girl is a poser. Had she requested Danzig, I would respect her more.

Tony B. said...

I'm going to give credit to anyone who makes requests in such a novel way.

However, requesting Danzig would gain anyone more street-cred immediately. I'm currently listening to "Mother" right now.