Monday, April 26, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

Nothing like a Cubs' sweep over the division rival Brewers to get me back into baseball season! I didn't think this move of Carlos Zambrano into the bullpen was a great idea, but now I'm thinking it might just be crazy enough to work- especially if the Cubs' starting pitching continues to pitch the way it has. It's great to have Ted Lilly back in the rotation. He knows what he's doing. With the Nationals coming in to the Friendly Confines today, let's hope the Cubs continue their trend upwards.

Friday night took Mrs. B. and I to Bandera. I had never been there, and Mrs. B. had been wanting to go there for quite some time. I decided that Friday night was the night to get it done. She kept telling me, "It's a pretty nice place." Considering that it's in a shopping center with a parking lot that connects to a gas station, how nice could it legitimately be? The answer- really frickin' nice [read as: expensive.]

We had a 25-30 minute wait, so we went to the bar to order drinks. She got a Mai Tai and I got a 7 & 7. Total was $17.40. I left the remaining $2.60 as a tip to make one round of drinks an even $20. It was like buying beer at a sporting event [again, read as: expensive.] However, I decided to take Mrs. B. out, so I was going to roll with it and not be bothered by cost. You can't really enjoy the whole experience if the dollars and cents are bothering you.

We were seated and we started with an order of their house made cornbread. This stuff is unreal. They clearly put jalapenos in there somewhere, and there was a soft, yet crunchy crust on the top. It was served in a deep dish pizza pan. Solid.

Next up were the main courses. I ordered their Chicken Enchiladas which came with rice and a Mexican Cucumber Salad. Mrs. B. ordered a Thai Chicken Salad. Both were delicious, however Mrs. B.'s salad was awfully spicy. She continued to eat it because it tasted good, but after awhile she was visibly having a tough time with the spiciness. The waitress came over to see how we were doing, and it was obvious that the dish was too spicy and, despite Mrs. B.'s best efforts, was overpowering. The waitress immediately told the cooking staff, and they actually took the salad off the bill. This unbelievable customer service. We really didn't complain, but they went over and above what was necessary, and that spoke volumes about what kind of restaurant they are running over there.

Long story short, the expensive meal ended up being quite manageable which was nice. I do recommend Bandera as a nice night out though.

Since we had some extra savings from dinner, we went to see "Kick-Ass" afterward. The movie was pretty damn good. I had seen good reviews, but I had also seen that it was under-performing at the box office. With relatively no expectations, Mrs. B. and I enjoyed the movie a lot. As far as overly gory comic book movies go, this one is definitely a fun time at the theaters. The best character, by a mile, is Hit-Girl who is played by some 13 year-old whose name I don't really feel like googling. If you like comic book movies, definitely check this out.

Saturday, Mrs. B. and I traveled back to my Mom's house for my brother's graduation party. Nice work, Tim! I had a great time, and while I would've preferred a different keg than Coors Light, I actually put on a decent display of drinking from 4pm until midnight. A group of us went to downtown Walnut Creek where Mrs. B. and I immediately felt bored and realized that we were too old to be hanging out at Crogan's (or maybe that it's not quite as fun it wants people to think it is.)

On Sunday, we made our way back to Sac-Town. As an Easter present, Mrs. B. had got me a massage which was scheduled for 6pm. It was at Mellow Me Out and it was just what the doctor ordered. Well, to be honest, the doctor ordered Physical Therapy, but since I was recently diagnosed with a bulging disc in my L5 vertebra the massage was quite helpful. I'm a little sore, but I definitely feel loosened up. I wish I had the cash to get regular massages- now that would be awesome.

That pretty much sums up my weekend. It was quite busy, but fairly productive (if going to the movies and drinking for 8 hours is productive- I say it is.) What's that, no NFL draft coverage? Yeah, I honestly have no idea who the hell any of the Bears' picks are (except that they needlessly drafted that QB from CMU, thanks for giving the media something to talk about in regards to the Bears' lack of confidence in Jay Cutler.)

See ya tomorrow...


GMoney said...

7/7's are ridiculously underrated. I could drink those everyday and they sort of look like scotch. Makes you look like a man.

Your wife got you an Easter present? What was that all about?

Tony B. said...

7 & 7's are great- and I'm glad you feel look like a man when you drink them.

I have no idea why she got me such an awesome present for Easter. I don't think of that as a gift giving holiday, but I think Mrs. B. likes to use any excuse for us to give each other gifts. I mean our 2 year and 8 month anniversary of our first date is coming up, so maybe there will be another gift exchange!

Pooker said...

I feel the need to expand on the Easter gift situation. I put a bunch of small gifts (guitar picks, etc) in transformer and spider-man shaped eggs. I hid the eggs around the house and made Tony find them. One of the eggs had a certificate for the massage. I got a basket with a movie, candy, and fiber bars. (ya know- just in case the candy backs me up)

Tony B. said...

Slow down! I thought the basket was nice! I had no idea Easter was a holiday for awesome gifts, just trinkets and coloring eggs.

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