Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fantasy Baseball Conundrum

The first few days of baseball season has already brought my blood pressure to a new level. Nothing is going right for me or my team. My post two days ago brought up issues that I have with the Cubs, and while they seemed to have played better yesterday, I don't know exactly what went on because my MLB.TV wouldn't work for that game! Damn you technology!

Instead I watched some of the Yankees/Red Sox game. Realistically, how could I miss it because those games typically take at least 4.5 hours to finish, so if it's on TV, you're bound to watch at least some of it.

Anyway, I have Jonathan Papelbon and the guy I'm playing against this week has Mariano Rivera. Not a terrible match-up, but I wouldn't ever claim to be getting the best of that one. If you watched the game, you know that Papelbon pitched a great 9th, only to blow up in the 10th and get the loss. At the same time, this gave Rivera the opportunity to come in and close out the game- Yankees win 3-1.

This is over a 20 point swing in my head-to-head match up (and that is dreadful for me.) Not to mention, that in a separate game, I have Billy Wagner and my opponent has Ryan Dempster. Dempster pitched quite well yesterday and was in line for the win. This I could deal with because at least the Cubs would get a victory. But since even when I win, I lose, Cubs' reliever John Grabow gave up a two run homer to Larry "Chipper" Jones and the Cubs lose 3-2. At least Billy Wagner got the save, right?

My point here is that the real season and fantasy season are colliding already and it doesn't feel good. My number one priority is for the Cubs to win, but I've already had my resolve tested by fantasy baseball.

One thing is for sure. I'm getting my ass kicked and the Cubs are 0-2, and neither feels great at this point.


Brandon said...

Oh, I was so mad the Cubs couldn't hold that lead for Dempster. I have him in two leagues and could have used the wins.

At least you've got to be hopeful about Carmona's chances for a comeback year. He was erratic as hell, but he still got a win and a quality start.

Tony B. said...

And yet, that leads me right back to another complaint. I had Peavy active yesterday, and he couldn't get it done against the Indians. The Indians!

I do think Carmona will be better this year, but if the rest of my team sucks, it won't matter much.

GMoney said...

I have always held the belief that Chipper just went by Larry Jones, his career would have only lasted three years tops. Fans like a guy with a good nickname. No one likes a guy named Larry these days (see: Hughes, Johnson)

Tony B. said...

I'm gonna go ahead and agree with you on this one. Chipper's nickname has not only helped his career, it has probably propelled him into the Hall of Fame.