Saturday, April 3, 2010

G St Pub Last Night

Thanks to Automatic Rival for letting me (and Bart and Dusty) open for them last night! It's always awesome to play with those guys, and they rocked a ton (great originals and I loved their cover of "Plowed" by Sponge!)

Here was our set from last night:

Saturday Boy
Box of Photographs
A Girl I Know
Something (by the Beatles)
Billie Jean (impromptu jam originally by the late Michael Jackson)

(Dusty joins us on stage from here on out)
Neon Sign
Shallow Water Blackout
Second Rate Song
As You Wish
50 Stories
This Time Around

I had a great time and felt really comfortable up on stage with Bart and Dusty. I'll let everyone know when we'll have another full band sampling, but make sure you come see it. It's nice to have a more full sound during my songs (I know everyone's used to/tired of my solo shows at this point, so it's a great change of pace!)

Also, today marks Mrs. B.'s and my (that can't be great grammar- let's replace with "our") 6 month anniversary of marriage! Crazy! It seems like just yesterday I got to wear my custom Converse, Scrabble cuff links, and Men's Wearhouse suit to marry the greatest girl ever.

That also means in two days it will be the 6 month anniversary of us getting introduced to the Beach Grill in Jamaica! Which reminds me... it's time to go work out!

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