Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LOST: Everybody Loves Hugo

Fresh off our men's league basketball overtime victory and finding out that Ricky Romero is an absolute savage (I saw him pitch against UC Davis in college and have been partial to him ever since- hence why I drafted him this year.)

This week's episode might not be as good as last week's, but I have a feeling it will advance the plot in a more definite way. This will be a good thing. I guess they better advance this thing quickly because they are running out of time! Onward...

- I hear Dr. Chang's voice... he's talking about how everyone loves Hugo. Hugo is pretty awesome. I too love chicken.
- Apparently Hurley has been awfully charitable. Now he needs a woman to be charitable and get busy with him.
- Dinosaurs! LOST and paleontology? Add in Transformers and you've got a geek hat trick that would make me extremely interested.
- Hurley is now on the island, and back at Libby's grave site. At least, I'm guessing that is the case. Ilana interrupts Hurley's moment. Ease up you militant beast. Put on those boots you were wearing when you first met Sayid. Way better...
- Michael is back up in the hizzy! He came back to stop Hurley from killing everyone, to scream "WAAAALT!" a couple times, and continue to enhance negative absent Black father stereotypes. C'mon Michael- get your shit together in the after life!
- Staring contest- Hurley vs. Michael- GO!
- Jack asks the same question for the last five episodes he's appeared in, "Hurley, who are you talking to?" It's getting old...
- Hurley is at a Mexican restaurant- Spanish Johnny's. It looks delicious!
- Libby joins him at the table. She saw him from across the room and came over. She thinks they are soulmates. And then she gets carried away by the Senator from X-Men 1. Didn't that guy turn into water because of Magneto's machine? Wait... we're getting way off base.
- Ilana has dynamite. What a crazy broad. Hurley makes a serious (yet funny) remark about blowing up the plane and then being stuck on the island with an angry Smoke Monster.
- The TV Gods have answered me! Ilana suddenly blew herself up with dynamite!
- FLocke and Sawyer's camp are "waiting." They need Sun, Hugo and Jack.
- Sayid wants to speak to FLocke in private. No good has ever come from private talk.
- Sayid tied Desmond to a tree- he apparently learned that trick from the weird LSD torturer back in 1977. I'm waiting for Sayid's eyes to turn red and get killed by a shirtless Cillian Murphy. Give yourself a pat on the back if you know what I'm talking about.
- Hurley is now snooping around... is he fulfilling his killing destiny that Michael was just talking about, or doing the right thing? Only Jacob knows.
- What's in the bag? Probably a rock collection. Hurley, do you have quartz and granite?
- Hurley has got a plan of some sort. I know this because he said, "Trust me Jack." That seems to be his catch phrase on repeat.
- Desmond is now stalking Hurley in the Mr. Cluck's. Can't wait to see what Desmond is going to "show" him.
- Hurley is going on about how he's made about his situation with Libby. Desmond encourages him to "go for it!" He should be on a motivational poster.
- Order "42." Sweet.
- Desmond is now tied a tree. FLocke unties him and they have an awkward convo.
- Notice Desmond grabs FLocke's hand. He's the only one to do so thus far. Then again, the "rules do not apply to him." It's all good.
- Ben is now realizing how serious the situation is after Ilana just blew up.
- Hurley blew up all the dynamite and with it the Black Rock. Well, that's one way to finish a mystery.
- Richard freaks out because of Hugo destroyed all the dynamite.
- Miles and Hurley are talking about talking to dead people. Pretty sweet.
- Hurley in the Sideways is now trying to see Libby. Evil doctor is trying to get in the way. Hurley does what anyone would do. He bribes the doc with $100,000.
- Is that Leonard playing Connect 4? Maybe not.
- Libby is saying that she remembers Hurley from the other life... like the on island kind of life.
- Wow, she remembers quite a bit of detail. It's an obvious conversation of awakening... though Hugo says he doesn't remember. But gives her credit for having guts. Easy there Romeo...
- Hurley asks Libby out on a date- I think the producers felt peer pressure to close the Libby story.
- Desmond is not scared one lick of FLocke. But then they see a creepy kid.
- Ben goes with Richard and so does Miles. Apparently they are the "New Others."
- Jack, Sun, and Frank are going to go talk to Locke. Good luck with all that guys. I guess they have to confront him to advance the plot, but I doubt it's a good idea.
- How do you break the ice with the Smoke Monster? I don't know, fish? A carafe of wine?
- Jack now admits that he's feeling guilty, and he's going to let go. Excellent moment for Jack.
- Hurley thinks he knows what the whispers are. Hey, it's Michael. He's stuck on the island because of what he did. The whispers are the ones who can't move on. Mystery solved.
- Michael apologizes for killing Libby. Another excellent moment this episode.
- Awww... Hurley and Libby are finally getting their picnic. Libby seems to remember the picnic they were supposed to have on the island.
- Hurley doesn't to realize that a girl could like/love him. Libby kisses him and he starts to remember the island and all the experiences from it. I dig it.
- Desmond is creeping... fulfilling his destiny. Desmond, if you end this timeline, you're going to be poor, without those sweet shades, and end up on an island for three years pushing a button every 108 minutes. There's no way you can get a good night sleep with that thing going off!
- FLocke has a torch- maybe that ends my "Smoke Monster is deathly afraid of fire" theory.
- They are at the Orchid, and Locke is explaining the donkey wheel in very general terms. FLocke is freaked out about why Desmond isn't afraid. Then he pushes Desmond down the well. Looks like Desmond is going push the donkey wheel... I like it.
- Hurley walks right into Locke's camp and says they have to talk. They make a pact that no one is getting hurt. Locke symbolically gives Hurley his knife.
- Creepy stare down to end the episode. Oops- I guess we have another scene in the Sideways.
- Ben confronts Desmond in his car. I guess Desmond was really just waiting to run Locke over with his BMW! Locke is effed up!!! I wonder if he'll be headed to Jack's hospital.

Awesome episode- the preview for next week looks badass as well! A few surprise moments made this a VERY entertaining hour. We finally have most of the group together so we can begin to concentrate all our time in one camp (with a little side camp of Richard, Ben and Miles.) Til next week...


GMoney said...

Hurley was at a mexican restaurant? I'm shocked that he wasn't at a gym.

I like the alliteration in Ricky Romero's name...very fun to say.

Tony B. said...

Makes you want to roll your R's, eh?

Rae said...

Why didn't Jack assume Hurley was talking to Libby? And why didn't Hurley think to use that as an excuse? Writing fail.

Dinosaurs, Transformers, X-men; Tony, I think you may be a 5yo in a grown man's body.

You say Cillian Murphy and eyes turning red, and all I can think of is Red Eye. Thanks. That movie BLEW. Was that meant to be a Batman Reference? If yes, add to the above, plz.

I noticed order 42, too! Love it.

I noticed the Des-FLocke hand grab, too. It disappointed me.

Ice breaker: "How much does Dharma Initiative polar bear weight?"
"I dunno, how much?"
"Enough to break the ice"

Why can people other than Hurley (or Miles) hear the dead whisperers?

How shocked were you that there was an extra scene at the end, and that it was Des TAKING LOCKE OUT. Craziness.

Tony B. said...

Damn Rae- that's a long ass comment... where to start?

Jack doesn't assume because when you assume you make an Ass out of U and Me.

It's true. I'm 5 at heart. And mind.

28 Days Later is the answer to the Cillian Murphy reference. Excellent zombie-ish movie.

Desmond may have been thrown down a well based on him grabbing FLocke's hand.

"Did it hurt?"
"Did what hurt?"
"When you fell out of time and landed on this island with me?"

I think there is a distinction between hearing the faint yet jarring whispers and actually talking to the dead.

Desmond hitting Locke with his car was almost as cool as Ilana being blown up. Almost.