Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LOST: Happily Ever After

First off- for the benefit of sports fans, how terrible is Angel Hernandez as a home plate umpire? I'm fairly certain he's the worst in the league. Floating strike zones and odd calls are quite common with Mr. Her-nan-DEZ.

OK, so back to LOST. I believe we're rocking a Desmond-centric episode this week. Desmond-centric episodes have been exciting, ground-breaking, and just overall entertaining, so here's to hoping that's the case with this one as well. WHOOSH:

- Starts with Desmond coming to and first sees Zoe then sees Charles Widmore. That's like seeing a horrible actor followed by the devil. He keeps calling for Penny, but she's in LA filming "FlashForward."
- "The Island isn't done with you yet." We've heard that before only, it was previously told to Desmond by Eloise Hawking.
- They have some machine that they need Desmond to test. The scientist is freaking out. Is it because he looks like Ricky Gervais? Nah- they just turned the machine on with some other dude inside. Sorry red-shirt, you's a goner.
- The rabbit likely symbolizes some sort of Orchid-type machine.
- Now they're putting Desmond in there. I have a feeling he'll be ok. I mean, they're not going to drag him back to the Island just so he can die.
- Widmore is so sure Desmond has survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event, and so he turns the machine on. The screen turns white and now Desmond is in the airport after Flight 815 in the Sideways world. He runs into Hurley and Claire. It's like one big sick reunion that seems to be surreal.
- Minkowski is his driver. Cool little touch since they were in the locked room at the bottom of the freighter.
- He goes to see Charles Widmore and they're awfully chummy. A regular Burt and Ernie.
- How did Widmore acquire his wealth in the Sideways world? How did he acquire it in the Main Timeline as well?
- They share the scotch that Widmore wouldn't give him a few seasons ago. And Desmond is off to babysit Charlie Pace of DriveShaft. Charlie immediately walks into traffic to get to the nearest bar.
- Desmond has a great job and lots of money. No Penny, no son though.
- Charlie recounts his almost death. He tells Desmond that he was in deep, conscious altering love when he almost died on the plane.
- That whole interaction was quite good. One of the best conversations. Charlie is almost insinuating that "You All Everybody" is about Desmond. Of course, he then grabs the steering wheel and drives the car off the dock.
- So awesome. Charlie puts his hand on the glass and Desmond sees a flash of the Main Timeline in the Sideways world. LOST... you are so crafty.
- Desmond must have been a junior lifeguard. He pulls Charlie to the edge of the pier.
- Desmond is at the hospital and the nurse ask him about hallucination. He's now going for a CAT scan. Any bets that he's going to flashback to the Island? He's getting hooked up...
- My quick prediction didn't come true, but Desmond did see flashes of Penny and his baby boy. Then he runs into Jack. Then Charlie runs into them! They discuss a number of things, but most importantly Charlie tells Desmond to look for Penny.
- Charlie also says, "None of this matters." Don't temp me LOST, I will point out the obvious that the Sideways world hasn't really mattered and fans patience is running thin...
- Widmore is angry about Charlie being gone. Now Desmond gets to go see Mrs. Widmore- Eloise?
- I guess Eloise is married to Charles in this world... does that mean Penny doesn't exist in this reality?
- Eloise isn't angry... that doesn't seem like her. She immediately changes her tune and yells at Desmond and tells him to stop looking. She was pretty much sent to Desmond to be a buzzkill- in this life or the next.
- Enter Daniel Widmore- I mean Faraday- or do I mean Widmore?
- Daniel asks him "Do you believe in love at first sight?" I can only imagine he's talking about Charlotte.
- Daniel wrote down quantum mechanics equations in his journal. And this leads him to the conclusion that he already set off the nuclear bomb. He believes Desmond also felt love in his other life.
- Daniel says Penny is his half sister. Desmond finds her running stairs in the stadium. I'll just bypass the ramifications of what this could mean for the Widmore's family drama and just enjoy them meeting. They shake hands, and after meeting Penny (his constant) he goes back to the Island.
- Desmond is awfully nice to Widmore and says he understands and wants to help.
- Sayid busts into the scene and snaps one guy's neck. He gets Desmond and tells him they need to go. Desmond seems aloof and ready to oblige at this point. I guess he knows no matter what things will end "happily ever after" in this life or the next.
- Oddly, Desmond and Penny are now meeting up in their Sideways world. It doesn't seem like his consciousness is there any longer, but maybe the show can shed some light on that. LOST making things clear? Maybe I'm hoping for too much.
- Desmond is going to start seeking out the passengers of Oceanic 815 to show them something. Finally the Sideways world gets really interesting!

Now that was a hell of an episode. Desmond episodes rarely disappoint. They also don't completely make sense, but they always represent the most interesting aspects of the show.


Rae said...

HEY! heeeyyyy... i like the sideways world drama. though it's looking more like IT will be voided, and not the LSOT world. *sigh*

I thought it was a very revealing and intriguing episode. And I'm stoked to see more on both sides of the equation.

FIVE EPISODES LEFT. How will they ever wrap it all up???

GMoney said...

I have been saying for YEARS that there is no worse umpire than Angel Hernandez. It's like he makes up new rules during the game. I am quite certain that 80% of all the umpire issues over the past decade have been because of Angel. The other 20%...Frank Drebin.

Tony B. said...

I'm not quite sure how they'll wrap up the two timelines, but I'm assuming it will help wrap up the entire show.

I believe it's "five episodes left until the two hour finale." I hope they can wrap everything up in 7 hours!

My friend and I always talk shit about Angel Hernandez, but it was even worse than usual they other night.

I love that your comment goes with your profile icon... excellent work, G$.

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