Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LOST: The Last Recruit

Thank Heaven for LOST because otherwise I might have to focus on the fact that I have a buldging disc in my lower back, or possibly on the other fact that the Cubs simply might not score another run for the rest of the season.

I honestly have no idea what to expect with this episode, so I'll just sit back and let it wash over me like the waters of Lake Tetonka with no expectations. I'm not sure if that last sentence made sense, but the Lake Tetonka reference was from the Prince Chappelle's Show sketch where Prince beats down Charlie Murphy's crew in basketball. That was hilarious and we are officially off topic!

- Opens on the island, Locke gives a creepy "Hello Jack." Aaah, just like the good ol' days. Pretty soon they'll be pushing buttons and hunting boars.
- Jack agrees to catch up with Locke alone. Finally Matthew Fox is earning his cash money.
- MIB gives Jack a little bit of the background on how things work. I have no idea if he's being honest, but he did admit to being the ghost of Christian Shepherd.
- FLocke calls the real Locke a "sucker." Pretty crazy line right there.
- That weird guy who used to have a prank show on Comedy Central is a EMT for Sideways Locke's ambulance. I wouldn't trust him.
- Sun sees Locke and says, "It's him!" Wow, I guess she's recognizing him as the MIB.
- Claire's in the bushes and admits to knowing that Jack is her brother. Great, just what Jack needs. Another crazy relative.
- Claire seems to acting sane- though I don't by it. Uh oh- crazy Claire is making a comeback, just like Michael Jordan with the Wizards. Yeah, that was a perfect analogy whether you think so or not.
- Really? Claire thinks Jack is infected already? I've got to believe Jack is stronger than that, but I guess he hasn't proven much this season.
- Hurley tells Claire she looks great. LOL. This was after Sawyer told Hurley about the sub.
- Back in LA X, Sawyer is now talking to caught convict Kate. That's alliteration.
- Kate claims she's not a murderer. Hmm. Sawyer points out that they were on the flight from Sydney.
- Sawyer is playing cute with Kate, but Kate points out the obvious point that Sawyer didn't want anyone to know that he went to Sydney. Puts him in his place... at least a little.
- Jack and Kate sitting on a log, T-A-L-K-I-N-G. Then Zoe walked into camp to ruin the scene. Great.
- Zoe fires a missle of some sort near the camp. FLocke looks like she might as well have blown on a dandelion. This man would not lose in a flinching contest.
- Desmond and Claire are all up in the adoption agency building. He's trying to show her what's up with the other timeline. It's pretty creepy that he's following her and offering her legal council. Damn it!!! Ilana's back. I thought we were done with her when she blew up on the island. Honestly, let's blow her up again!
- FLocke is gathering the troops and doling out jobs. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Jack are having awesome conversation about double crossing Locke.
- Now FLocke is getting Sayid to go and kill Desmond. What a douche. He can't do anything for himself and he's made one of the coolest characters, Sayid, into a bland zombie. No way he ends up killing Desmond.
- Sayid is carrying his gun like a villian from the 1940's. And now he's down by the well, which looked a lot deeper last week.
- Desmond is having a heart-to-heart with Sayid. Who knows if it will melt his zombie heart.
- Back in the sideways, Sayid is in Nadia's house and now cops, Miles and Sawyer are at the door.
- Sawyer trips him with a garden house as he tries to escape out the back door. No badass neck breaking this time, Sayid.
- Sawyer is telling Kate the plan, and Kate is none too happy about leaving Claire behind. Kate seems like she is going to do something stupid in the very near future.
- Jack is trying to talk with Claire rationally, but she's not in any state of mind.
- Jack gets the group and bolts, but Claire sees them- that ain't good.
- Sayid totally just lied to FLocke- no chance he killed Desmond.
- Wow, for once a plan worked. Everyone's at the boat. Well... everyone and Claire. Who is armed.
- Kate's trying to explain everything to a crazy in the head beeotch, Claire. Claire is running her mouth filled with a whole lot of guilt for someone who wandered off into the jungle and abandoned her child.
- Of course, Claire needed to say one creepy thing before the commercial break. Ugh.
- Jack looks like he's at the adoption agency... shouldn't he be at the hospital taking care of business? Oh, he and David are going to have Christian's will read.
- I guess Claire and Jack will find out they are siblings. Cool, I guess.
- That's a pretty heavy piece of info for Jack to take in. Luckily, he is called in for a Locke emergency.
- Sawyer's plan ain't have bad. I like putting a gun in someone's face and making them drive the sub off this damn island.
- Jack says it doesn't feel right to leave the island. Sawyer is going to toss this mofo off the boat. For sure.
- There he goes. Jack willingly jumps off the boat. This is awesome. Jack is trying to complete a hero's journey. There is something quite different about this Jack.
- Back at the hospital, Sun is stable, but how is her baby? Jin wakes up and tells her the baby is fine. He's says, "It's over. We're going to be ok." Yeah, good luck with all that.
- David and Jack are best buds now. Nothing like some father/son bonding time.
- Prep this fine doctor for some serious surgery. The dural sac again? Jack has proven he's good with those.
- FLocke immediately confronts Jack on the beach.
- Moment that totally caught me off guard... Jin and Sun's reunion! Damn- that only took a few seasons and some time travel. And look at that, Sun got her voice back.
- Zoe continues to ruin the show by pointing a gun at Sawyer and now they're shooting shit at the other island. Jack gets hit and Locke carries him off.
- "It's ok Jack, you're with me now..." Creepy. That's how Claire was infected, so maybe it could be that Jack has gone bad.

Not a bad episode. The ramifications of the ending are huge, so we'll have to see what happens next. It will be horrible when this show is over. What am I going to do with myself?


Rae said...

best. intro. ever.

I feel so silly now, cos it's so obvious in hindsight, but I did NOT see the whole FChristian thing coming.

i like alliteration a lot :)

remember what I said about them wrapping it up too quickly? Claire was WAY to willing to accept free, otherwise VERY expensive legal counsel from a stranger who appears to be stalking her.

The well was like 8 feet this week! Wasn't it like 24 last week? That island is TRICKY.

I'm feeling more and more confident that Jack is following the archetypal hero quest. MIB is going to kill him, but that will only enable Jack to kill MIB, and therefore give him back his life. BAM. Called it.

Tony B. said...

I'm assuming you're talking about my rambling intro and not the show's intro. Thank you?

I don't think that MIB was Christian every single time. Remember, Christian wore a bunch of different clothes, and I'm not sure his intention was for Jack to "find water." Remember, Jack was delirious and almost fell off a cliff- that was probably more of MIB's motivation.

Besides, MIB can't go over water- how would he have appeared to Michael on the freighter just before it blew up?

LOST has trained us viewers to beg for answers and then be pissed about the speed in which they come. We'll just have to deal with it in this final month.

I feel like the well changed since last week. I imagine Desmond falling and the well making itself less deep, and creating a bounce like Neo bouncing off the pavement in the Matrix training program.

Easy there, JK Rowlings...

wsxwhx693 said...
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