Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Songs That I'm Learning

Whether you've come out to a show of mine or not, you probably know that for particular shows I'm supposed to show up and pretty much play cover songs the whole time. I always find it interesting to see what songs a cover band or singer sings. I don't know why I'm interested, but I do know that half of the fun of seeing anyone play (for me) is seeing a set list in action.

Anyway, I have been learning some new songs, so I figured I'd go over them now. I mean, it's not like I have anything else to talk about, and since I spent about 2.5 hours last night working on some of these (AKA well past the point of Mrs. B.'s patience) I say let's get into them.

"Rich Girl" by Hall & Oates - I have multiple friends who have wanted me to learn a Hall & Oates song, so this one is coming down the pike. If you think I should've learned "Maneater" instead, then you should never be allowed to add in your opinion about music ever because you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

"Kiss From A Rose" by Seal - The one thing that jumped out at me is that without all the harmonies and strings at the beginning of the song (you know, "Ba da da bah da da etc.") is pretty much a rip off of a hymn from Catholic mass. I forget the exact part, but as I was learning the song, I felt the extreme need to genuflect and pray for forgiveness. This one is going to need a lot of practice to make sound decent. There is so much going on in the recording that boiling it down to one vocal and an acoustic guitar might be tough. But I'm up for the challenge.

"Uprising" by Muse - This song just kicks ass. I don't know if I'll be able to break this down to a solo song for me, but if I can manage to talk my Live Band Karaoke cohorts into playing this it would rock the house (any house, anywhere.) The middle breakdown is way to much fun to play and even guys like me enjoy busting out the electric guitar from time to time.

"Closing Time" by Semisonic - It is pretty odd that I haven't learned this one previously, and it seems like it might be a good song to end a set with (duh.) I've always like Semisonic, I wonder whatever happened to them? Maybe them and Better Than Ezra are playing a long game of Monopoly right now.

"Tiny Dancer" by Elton John - I'm not totally sure on this one. It's been requested at a number of shows by multiple people, but I don't know if my heart's in it (the song is hard enough to require some effort, unlike "The Joker" by Steve Miller Band.) I'll work on it a bit and see what happens but it may end up on the scrap heap.

"21 Guns" by Green Day - I had a kid request this on Saturday, and I wasn't able to play it for him. I said, "I have another Green Day song for you." I played "When I Come Around" and I'm not totally sure he's ever heard that song before. This is when I realized 1) I'm getting old and 2) I need to learn some more current hits.

As always, feel free to make suggestions. Put yourself in my shoes and think about what might go over well in a crowd of tipsy folks at a bar or restaurant. I have in fact learned a few of the suggestions made in the comments before, and I'm open to doing that again- well- as long as the suggestions are good. Have a great Tuesday!


Rae said...

SHUT UP you are learning Kiss form a Rose??? Julia will be SO happy :)

Tony B. said...

Might want to make that one a surprise...

GMoney said...

I hate Tiny Dancer. Levon is superior in every facet and Elton John pronounces "garage" like carriage but with a G. Hilarious.

May I recommend an Eddie Money song? Those always get me pumped up. Saw a band on Saturday night and they surprised me with Take Me Home Tonight. I nearly shit a brick.

Tony B. said...

"Take Me Home Tonight" is not a bad suggestion... in fact, it's been requested before, but not by someone with your street-cred, G$. You might have just pushed it over the top.

Clarkster said...

I know your not a country fan but Tim Mcgraw's version of tiny dancer is pretty solid and worth a listen. Also how can you go wrong with rich girl....you can't.