Monday, May 10, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

This was quite a busy weekend! In fact, it was so busy, I'm pretty concerned about my health (unsure if the weekend had anything to do with it, but I am concerned.) As I don't know exactly what's wrong, I'm not going to get into specifics and we'll forgo any sympathy at the moment. Just understand if my posts are subpar (are they subpar usually?) then give me a pass.

Friday night was filled with a whole lot of nothing because a) I was tired from only getting 4 hours of sleep the night before and b) I had to wake up and be in Vacaville by 8:30am to play at the Farmer's Market. Upon waking up, I knew Saturday was going to be a difficult day. I played 8:30-10am in Vacaville, then I played from 7pm-11pm in Walnut Creek at the Pyramid Alehouse. I played alright at both but neither were my finest displays of musicianship. The one good thing is that I broke out a few new cover songs at each show which at least keeps things fresh.

At the end of my Pyramid Show I was beyond spent. The weather turned cold and after playing for 4 hours it was time to pack up. There was a group inside the restaurant that wanted me to come in and play "one more song." I tried to say no, but I ended up doing it because the girl asking is a hostess at the restaurant (though she had the night off) and to be honest, she said they were going to tip me (which they did, and I highly appreciate that.)

So I brought my guitar inside and played "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. It seemed like their group enjoyed it a lot. Mrs. B. went inside and was watching with a couple of our friends from a table a little farther away from where I was playing. After I was done, one of the girls from the group came up and said I did great and that "I kinda want to do you."

First off, "kinda?" Make your stance one way or the other! Secondly (but most importantly), this is quite awkward when my wife is standing a mere 12 feet away. One of my biggest issues as a musician, is getting people either too interested (i.e. hitting on me) or not getting people interested enough. Finding that perfect balance has alluded me. I'm obviously not going to cheat on my wife (though she's given me the go ahead if it's an "Indecent Proposal for $10 million or more.) So in this scenario, I just played dumb pretty much ignoring the statement, then thanked everyone at the table for listening and hanging out. I left business cards, got Mrs. B., and we went on our merry way back to Sacramento. I wanted to not kill the positive vibe that was just put out there by me playing a song for their table, but at the same time, I wasn't going to acknowledge the offer. Feel free to tell me what I "should have done" in the comments.

Sunday, we went to Mrs. B.'s mom's house for Mother's Day and this is where I found out that my brother-in-law is a sorcerer. He claims that he's "never had a bad Craps roll," that he's "turned $20 into $320 in 15 minutes," and that "he'll always hit the hard 6 (double 3's) because 3 is his lucky number and 6 was his baseball number." I'm shocked that he isn't a professional Yahtzee player or possibly just wins millions of dollars off Craps tables all the time. With odds like that, it's barely even gambling!

I slept most of the rest of the day, which is great because I would have hated watching AJ Burnett getting lit up by the Red Sox when a good start from him could've won me this week in Fantasy Baseball (my team scored almost 300 points and lost, that is not fun.) Oh, and Dallas Braden is quite the competitor with his perfect game, but his interviews are pompous and I'm tired of them. Anybody with me on that?

There's my weekend in a nutshell. I know, not the most exciting stuff ever, but hey- every weekend can't be a winner!


Rae said...

Never subpar. I admire your dedication to this blog!

And i think next time a chick is that awkward/ forward about being a groupie, you should be awkward right back. Like, "Really? My car's on the side. I don't like condoms, and I don't really want to know you're name. Let's go." Just be prepared if she is actually into that. Be VERY worried.

Tony B. said...

That sounds more like throwing gasoline on a fire...

I'm thinking maybe something like, "I'm gonna have to check with my wife first, but if she's cool with it, then ..." But again, depending on who it is, that might not deter them either.

GMoney said...

I am very much with you about Braden. He sounds like Smalls from The Sandlot describing the smell of the grass and all that stupid shit. Joe Morgan probably loves him.

You should use your "I kinda want to do you" celebrity for good. Tell the chick that if she wants a chance, she has to do (pick out a random bar weirdo who might still be a virgin) THAT guy. You would be a secret pimp or something like that.

Tony B. said...

That's not a bad idea. I'd be like an angel to some unsuspecting and insecure young man. You say pimp, I say Cupid.

Pooker said...

I'm only insulted because I also, was not invited to the groupie sex. Wouldn't you also want to do the woman who inspires the musician?