Friday, May 14, 2010

I Gots Problems

Ok, so I mentioned medical problems earlier in the week. I'm not sure if this goes into the heading of TMI, but I'll explain what I have going on, and then outline how this affects the blog.

A few weeks ago, I went to the doctor for a physical and to check on back pain. The doctor said I have a bulging disc in my L5 vertebrae, but that I should get a MRI just so we can see exactly what is going on. No problem, right? It seems like the prudent course of action.

I go in for the MRI, which is a pretty right space to get in to. When they ask you "are you claustrophobic?" I immediately said, "no." Upon actually getting in the machine I rethought my answer. You have to lay in this small space, completely still for 20-30 minutes while they take the MRI. I honestly just closed my eyes and tried to forget where I was.

Upon getting the results back, it was clear that I had a bulging disc. However, they also found some other stuff as well (this is called an "incidental find" in biz- I know, it's a little inside.) Namely, a kidney stone sitting in my left kidney, and cysts on my ureter (left side.) I told you this was going to be TMI!

Anyway, I saw the urologist yesterday, and he explained my issues. I in fact have a birth defect that happens in about 1 out of every 4,000 people called a ureterocele. Yes, I know it says pediatric on the web link provided- but that's because this will mostly be found when you're a kid. Unfortunately, it was never caught, and now the doctor said my left kidney is "dying." Luckily, there is still some "meat" on it, so it is probably savable.

So, my initial reaction to being told that one of my innards is dying? Scared shitless. However, after thinking about the full diagnosis, I realize that it's probably lucky I went to the doctor for back pain only to find this serious problem. Also, my right kidney looks completely normal so no matter what this won't kill me.

I am now going to get an IVP which is essentially a way to course iodine through me to see how my kidney and bladder are functioning. Assuming they function in a certain way, the doctor said I can have an in-an-out procedure that will relieve the pressure building up, and allow my kidney to function normally (and heal itself.) Had we caught this problem later, I may have had to have the whole thing removed. As a bonus, because my ureter is so dilated, he said he might be able to go up and grab the kidney stone while he's in there. Two birds with one stone! Alright!

So that's where I'm at. And it's why I'm going to take a small break from blogging. I'll do the last two LOST live blogs (I've come this far, so I have to finish off the season.) I am NOT retiring the blog, and plan to be back. It's just one thing that needs to take a backseat while I get all my health issues in order. I'm still playing all the scheduled shows I have (though the surgery is not scheduled yet, so I suppose there is a possibility of cancelation.) In fact, my live band karaoke band (I think we might be called "Cover Your Junk" at this point) is playing a gig where we are just a band rather than doing the karaoke thing this weekend. I think it's closed for our friend's birthday, otherwise I'd invite everybody. We'll see how that goes and maybe there will be more shows like this one.

Oh, and to any of my basketball teammates, I'm going to continue playing. After surgery, I might miss a game, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Thank you all who have been reading (I know you're there even though you may be timid about commenting at times.) This blog is a fun outlet, and I have a feeling that taking a break will help rejuvenate my writing and hopefully I can come up with some good stories when I return (rather than it being like Michael Jordan going to the Wizards... ugh.) See you all soon!


Rae said...

Egads, Tbag! My thought with you and A-Lady while you sort yourself out. xoxo -rae

Tony B. said...

Thanks- I hope my post is not too over-dramatic. In the end, I'm confident I'll be ok. Thank you for the good vibes!

GMoney said...

Wow, good luck with the body.

Ironically, one of my buddies was drunk one night and walked in front of a car, got hit, and went to the emergency room. He was fine but when they checked him out, they found that he only had one kidney. The other one was just gone. He was born without it.

Tony B. said...

Thanks G$. That's a crazy story about your friend. I guess I can feel ok about having one normal kidney and one jacked up kidney because that's just a little bit more than what your friend is working with.