Friday, May 7, 2010

I Should Just Stop...

... even posting anything on Fridays! I had a show last night which went pretty well (besides when I bashed my head into a speaker hanging from the ceiling while getting off stage- that sucked.) I literally don't have time to say anything about LT raping a 16 year old (unbelievable) or the Cubs getting swept by the Pirates (believable.)

I'm actually feeling a little woozy, so that's going to be it for me. Get through the day and have a great weekend. Saturday (tomorrow), I'll be at the Farmer's Market in Vacaville at 8:30am and at the Pyramid Alehouse in Walnut Creek at 7pm.


GMoney said...

The Cubs define mediocre. What do you think, do they fire Lou before season's end???

Tony B. said...

No chance they fire Lou before season's end. They'll let him retire and go out to pasture without an embarrassing firing.

On top of that, if they fired him and promoted Ryne Sandberg then he wouldn't be the Triple-A manager and I'm counting on meeting him in August when the Iowa Cubs come to Sacramento.