Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LOST: The Candidate

I'm not even sure what to think for this episode. With only 5 total hours left, expectations are rising at an intense rate. The other factor is that with the week off last week, fans are chomping at the bit to watch the next episode. If I recall correctly, Sawyer and crew got captured by Widmore's army, Jack was blown off his feet by a missile, and the Man In Black picked Jack up in a fireman carry then cryptically said, "It's ok, you're with me now." Creepy. Let's get to it:

- It starts in the alternate timeline with Jack talking to Locke as he just came out of surgery. Jack explains that he's been run down by a clairvoyant Scottsman. Jack says he thinks Locke is a "candidate." Jack wants to fix Locke.
- Locke refuses for no particular reason. By the way, Locke's dural sac was the issue. That was the issue when Jack had to fix that girl (the story he told Kate in the Pilot episode.)
- Sawyer steals a gun, then gives it up because Widmore threatens Kate. Sawyer gets predictably hit in the stomach/groin after he gives the gun back to Seamus.
- Widmore is in a hurry- like a college student cramming for a midterm.
- Jack goes over the Bernard's office looking for Locke's medical records. Instead he gets two things. 1) The realization that he was also on Oceanic 815 and 2) the name "Anthony Cooper."
- Sayid and Jack are talking at the outrigger boat. They are already on Hydra island. Locke seems to be making all kinds of plans, and Jack doesn't want to leave the island. It's still such a weird reversal to see Jack not wanting to leave the island.
- FLocke can kill everyone? Riiiight. I have a feeling there are rules against that shiznit.
- Sawyer admits that Kate's name was crossed out. How did she get disqualified from being a candidate without dying?
- Sun and Jin share a well deserved moment. She gives him his ring back.
- The power goes off, and it's on like Donkey Kong. Smokey is going to tear this camp up!
- Smokey slams Seamus up against the cage- Jack rescues everyone, and says, "I'm with him." Kate looks like she just got Cleveland Steamered.
- Jack is now taking everyone through the jungle. Jack is trying to get everyone rescued but he says he wants to stay on the island.
- Sayid turned off the generators but he still speaks in monotone. Can't be good.
- Jack tries to find Anthony Cooper and runs into Helen. She tells him to leave it alone- he, in true Jack fashion, can't let it go.
- Anthony Cooper is pretty much catatonic. Maybe in this timeline, Locke caused AC to be in much worse shape.
- FLocke is at the plane and kills two men with ease. It seems as if the plane is rigged with explosives. We'll see if those come into play later...
- FLocke admits to breaking the random guy's neck. and then shows them the bricks of C4. Their new plan is to get on the submarine.
- Sawyer tells Jack to "get IT in the water, and I'll take care of the rest." Interesting plan, James.
- Jack is back in Locke's hospital room. He's sleeping and saying such classics as "push the button" and "I wish you would've believed me."
- Claire is at the hospital to talk to Jack. She has a box that Christian wanted her to have. Now Jack is explaining that their father died the same way as in the main timeline. They realize they were in the same plane and they look into a mirror together. Mirrors have been quite significant this season.
- Ok, now everyone is looking to get on the sub. Sawyer is barking orders and Jack and FLocke stay behind. Why doesn't FLocke just jack everyone up in smoke form? It doesn't make sense.
- Inside the sub, Sawyer finds a guy who likes like an indie rock singer.
- Now they find the sub captain... oh snap! FLocke switched the backpacks!!!
- Jack quotes John Locke then throws MIB in the water- he looks MAD. And bullets continue to bounce off him though.
- FLocke tells Claire she doesn't want to be on the sub... this is not good! PS: Kate was shot.
- The action is going so fast right now. Jack finds the C4 and they realize that they did exactly what he wanted. Damn. The pit of my stomach just dropped. Luckily the C4 has almost 4 minutes left...
- Another Jack (Bauer) would be proud of this situation. A bomb in a confined area and a timer! WWJBD?
- Jack gets in a heated exchange with Sawyer, then Sawyer pulls the wires. It makes the bomb go faster (btw, Sayid is talking normally? Crazy.) Sayid kills himself by taking the bomb to the other end of the sub. Water is filling up the sub like it's Titanic. The sub is sinking and people are dying. This is INTENSE.
- Sun is trapped and it looks like she's going to drown. Sawyer hits his head and Jack needs to save him. Jin is staying with Sun.
- Oh my God. Jin can't get Sun out and he's not leaving. This is one of the best/worst/most emotional moments ever on the show.
- Piano theme, and it pans to Sun and Jin's hands holding limply, then releasing as they have drowned.
- During the commercial, I'm wondering, did Lapidus die as well? I think he did.
- Hey! There's Jin in the alternate timeline. Locke is leaving the hospital, but runs into Jack.
- Locke was in a plane crash. He piloted the plane, and Anthony Cooper was his first passenger. Talk about irony. This might as well be an Alanis Morrisette video. She's nasty by the way.
- Jack gives Locke a "faithful" pep-talk.
- Locke laughs it off and starts to leave. Jack says, "I wish you'd believe me." That seems to spring some memory to Locke, but he leaves anyway.
- Hurley got Kate up to the surface- damn nice work!
- Sawyer coughs and Jack thanks Jacob that he doesn't have to do mouth to mouth.
- Jack gives them the bad news about Sun and Jin, and Hurley starts crying. Now Jack is also crying. What do they do now?
- Back to MIB. He knows not all of them are dead- and he's going to finish what he started. Please don't end, please don't end... damn. It ended.

That was a fine episode. It was so fast that it was hard to blog about it. Sayid, Lapidus, Sun and Jin are all dead. Looks like Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley are the last hope. Well, I guess Claire, but she's bat-shit crazy. I can't wait for next week.

Side Note: The more I think about it, Widmore had to have been in on the whole thing with MIB. Seriously. Hell, he's the one who sent Locke back to the island in the first place. He wanted Ben to kill Jacob so Ben would feel stupid, and he wanted to make everyone think that he was coming to get MIB and destroy him. Widmore doesn't need the sub or the plane because he doesn't plan on leaving. Have fun living with Jack Shepherd on the island for another 10,000 years.

CORRECTION: I just read that they Expanded the finale, so Sunday, May 23rd's episode will be 2.5 hours! Awwww yeah!


GMoney said...

Since you mentioned Jack Bauer, his cold-blooded murder of annoying chick on Monday was out-freaking-standing.

Tony B. said...

I've really fallen behind on 24... if you're talking about the annoying blond chick then I really need to catch up quick!

Rae said...

hahahah clarivoyant scot. Love it.

excellent point about Kate not being a candidate but not being dead...

what do we think is up with that box? WIll it be explained or is it just a conversation piece (hey-o!). No, but srsly.

Alanis Morrisette doesn't actually know the definition of irony. I wouldn't credit her...

2.5 hours? THANK JACOB! ;)

Tony B. said...

It makes me wonder if Mr. Eko was a candidate (he was once confronted by Smokey and was not killed, but when confronted a second time...) he showed no remorse for the murders he committed and was immediately thrown around like a rag doll. Maybe his lack of penance disqualified him.

No idea what is up with the box. It does play "When You Wish Upon A Star" though, so maybe that is a clue. Or it's the magic box from the island.

Alanis MoreUpset is gross. I shouldn't have mentioned her.

Tony B. said...

Correction: I think I meant "Catch a Rising Star." In either case, it's a song about a star.

Rae said...

Claire sang "catch a falling star" to Aaron on the island...