Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST: The End

Wow, I can't believe it's really ending. I'd like to say it will be great to get some definitive answers, but we all know how LOST rolls... and "definitive" is not something that the LOST producers believe in.

A quick update, I am going into surgery tomorrow (actually, that means by the time you read this, I'll probably be getting prepped.) I don't want to give away too much, but let's just say that they are putting me under and sticking something up my pee hole to perform the surgery. Yeah, it hurt me just writing it. The positive- if I die, at least I'll know how LOST ends... (I kid, I'm not planning on dying...)

Ok, I'll do my best on this, but with 2.5 hours of awesomeness, I may skip some parts so I can take in the whole episode. Without further ado, it's time to get it on!

- Slow motion, piano intro... Could that be Christian Shepherd's body? I'd say yes indeed.
- Jack looks like he's prepping for surgery on Locke- and they also show him in the creek on the island. Now Ben and Ben's alternate. They are showing many of the characters in both timelines. I guess this is good to establish the finale.
- Desmond is signing for Christian's body. What is this guy up to? Hitting people with cars and stealing dead bodies?
- Kate mocks Christian's name. Hilarious. Kate is pressing Desmond about what he wants. Desmond wants to leave... back to the island?
- Back on the island, Kate is looking at Jack as he stands in water. Sawyer asks him if he's ok.
- Jack admits that he doesn't feel any different. Weak. Where are his super powers?
- Sawyer thinks that Desmond is the key to things, so he treks off while having playful banter with Kate.
- Hurley- "Jacob is worse than Yoda." YES HE IS.
- Hurley has a bad feeling about this... that makes 10 million of us.
- Back in LA_X, Hurley and Sayid are back at the hotel that they once went to when Sayid killed some mofos.
- Hey look! It's Charlie Pace with eyeliner and booze.
- Hurley is trying to talk Charlie into coming out, but Charlie ain't having it. So Hurley shoots him with a tranq and throws him in the canary Hummer.
- Jack says, the island is the only thing in his life he hasn't ruined. Well, that's not a good omen.
- Ben finds Sawyer in the brush, and holds him at gunpoint. Of course, Ben is back to being a dick.
- Locke admits that he needs Desmond to destroy the island. He also mentions candidates and Sawyer says he's not a candidate anymore. He then swiftly elbows Ben and takes his gun. Classic Sawyer.
- Turns out Rose and Bernard were the ones that rescued Desmond. Sweet! Their hippy shack is still open for business.
- Rose and Bernard broke their rules by bringing Desmond around- and Bernard was found by Locke and Ben. Locke threatens Rose and Bernard and Desmond is going to cave.
- Desmond asks for Locke's word not to touch Rose and Bernard- ever. It's really important. Locke seems to be held to "his word" each time he gives it.
- Too bad we don't get to see more of Vincent. I was wondering where that dog was.
- Desmond guesses that they are going toward a bright light, and that spooks Locke. Also, Ben's radio goes off and he lies about it. Maybe Ben is conning him after all.
- Miles and Alpert are on the other side of the jungle and I guess they are still going to blow up the plane. Is that even an issue anymore?
- Back in the other time line, we see Miles and Sawyer discussing what they are going to do. The pawns are getting into place.
- Wow- Juliet checks in on Sun at the hospital. Are we going to see some flashes of the island with the ultrasound?
- Yep- that's exactly what we get. Awesome.
- And Jin flashes as well. They both see everything. So awesome... no words...
- And they both can speak English now. So cool. We done LOST.
- Sawyer is now running back to Jack and crew. Jack realizes that everyone is going to the same place. And once they get there, everything ends...
- Back in the other timeline, Jack is about to operate on Locke. Their scenes are the best.
- "There's always a chance I could kill you." "See you on the other side." Quite important. "If I can fix you Mr. Locke, that's all the peace I'll need."
- Miles finds Richard's first gray hair. And Richard just realized he wants to live. Now they are in the outrigger and they find the Lawnmower Man himself- Frank J. Lapidus!
- Frank suggests they fly the plane away rather than blow it up.
- Now Locke and Jack are facing off. Their conversation literally made me yell out loud. Jack explains exactly what Locke wants to do, and tells him that he's going to kill Locke in a surprise manner. Matthew Fox and Terry O'Quinn deserve awards for their performances this season.
- LA_X, Jack and Juliet run into each other. is she David's mom? Yep- that answers that. Jack and Juliet were married and have a kid. Juliet passes Sawyer on the way out. He's looking for Sun.
- Desmond is a weapon. Agreed.
- Jack, Desmond and Locke are going forward from this point on. Hurley gives him one last pep talk and they're off. Back to where everything started.
- It is bright and sunny, yet you can hear the thunder rolling.
- They find the light of island. And Desmond tries to convince Jack that nothing matters from here on out... Jack disagrees and goes down into the heart of the island.
- It looks like they are going down to where Saruman was making Orcs in Lord of the Rings.
- Seems like each commercial is bringing us back to the alternate timeline. Hurley and Sayid are chillin'.
- Hurley says that Sayid is a good guy. It really seems to affect him. Yet, Sayid is resisting his evaluation.
- Sayid springs into action and rescues Shannon from an assailant. So cool that they brought Shannon back. Wow. I guess Shannon is Sayid's true love.
- Boone was in on the whole thing! These realizations are so rewarding!
- Miles radios Ben and mentions the whole "get off the island thing." Claire comes out of the jungle and refuses to join them. She'll end up going- bank on it.
- Desmond is now getting lowered down into the light. Locke and Jack are shown near the top of the waterfall in the exact same shot from the Season 1 finale. Locke is right- it's exactly like the Hatch. Oh sweet, irony.
- Back to this so called concert, Juliet and David are waiting in line with Claire. Juliet leaves and Claire and David are attending the concert as a duo.
- Charlotte is in the dressing room, and runs into Daniel Faraday. Daniel clearly knows what's going on (as in he recognizes Charlotte.)
- Kate and Claire recognize each other at table 23. Dr. Pierre Chang introduces the concert.
- The concert begins with Daniel playing piano. Charlie sees Claire and they recognize each other... she feels a baby pain. Kate follows- I hope she's ready to deliver a baby.
- There are many sets of bones down in the cave where Desmond is. He goes into the pool and his body resists. He pulls up a cork, and it sounds like a turbine shutting down. Darkness.
- Red smoke comes up from the bottom.
- "It looks like you were wrong. Goodbye Jack." Awesome.
- Uh oh, somebody lost their power. MIB is vulnerable. Lucky for him he bashes Jack on the head with a rock. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
- Claire is going into labor, and Kate finds her to help her.
- Eloise goes up to Desmond and reminds him that he was to stop this. Desmond doesn't give to craps! He says he won't take Daniel with him.
- Kate and Claire are now delivering Aaron- Charlie wonders into area. Kate is having her island flashes and remembers everything. Claire sees everything when Aaron is handed to her. Again, these flashes are hitting on the money.
- Really emotional moment when Claire and Charlie see each other.
- Desmond asks Kate if he understands- she asks, "So now what?" My thought exactly.
- Ben saves Hurley from a falling tree! He may have sacrificed himself for Hurley.
- The group can't get the tree off Ben. Miles is radioing the other group. I have no idea what is going on. The island seems to be falling apart.
- Jack found Locke and they are running at each other- worst commercial break ever! In the history of television. Seriously.
- PS: Jack's jumping punch was pretty sweet. Assuming he doesn't get stabbed at the end of it, of course.
- Back to the Jack/MIB battle. Cliff battles are awesome. They should make a show called Cliff Battles.
- The cliff's falling, Locke grabs the knife and stabs Jack.
- There's that mark on Jack's neck.
- Kate shoots Locke and exclaims, "I saved you a bullet." Jack kicks Locke over the cliff and he lands below. They had to give MIB a definitive death.
- Jack and Locke are now in post-op. Locke is wiggling his toe, just like the first episode. And Locke is flashing to the island. So awesome. Jack has a flash, but not a full one.
- "I hope that someone does for you, what you just did for me." Agreed. Jack's neck is no longer bleeding. Coincidence?
- It's no longer raining on the island. Has the storm passed? Or is the this the calm before the real storm. Jack, says he's fine, except he's not fine. That fool stabbed him deep.
- Alt. Sawyer is visiting Jin and Sun. They know what's going on, and tell him they're safe. Sawyer has no idea what's going on, yet, Jin and Sun know they're ok.
- Frank is now trying to get the plane working- getting close now...
- Jack says he needs to go back to the light of the island... he's going to try to turn it back on.
- Jack and James shake hands. Then Ben and Hurley decide to go with Jack.
- Jack and Kate passionately kiss goodbye. She says she loves Jack. And Jack says it back. Well, that was about 6 years of blue balls relieved.
- The Target commercial with the Smoke Monster is pretty hilarious. Don't forget that Smoke alarms are $10.99!
- Back at the plane, Miles, Richard and Lapidus are fixing it as best as possible. Sawyer and Kate are jumping off the cliff for the boat. Kate goes first, and Sawyer goes head first. Damn- what a savage!
- Sawyer and Jack see each other in LA_X. Sawyer's candy bar gets stuck just like Jack's before it. Juliet and Sawyer's hands touch and they both flash. They see everything. Just another awesome awakening moment.
- "You got it blondie." So good.
- Jack gets to the concert too late. Kate tells him it's over. She's trying to refresh his memory- slowly but surely.
- Kate touches his cheeks. Jack flashes and he's having a hard time having his realization.
- Back at the island, Hurley is helping Jack back to the cave. Ben is trailing. More rocks are falling.
- Hurley realizes that Jack is sacrificing himself for the good of the island. Jack is going to give stewardship of the island to Hurley. They foreshadowed this in the last episode.
- Ben offers a water bottle. Ben's being pretty damn cool about this whole thing. Is he still scheming?
- No chanting or anything? He does say "Now you're like me" so maybe it did work.
- Frank gets the plane up and running.
- Jack is going on down to the bottom of the cave. Jack finds Desmond and wakes him up. They need to cork the island back up. Jack ties Desmond up, and says, "See ya in another life, brotha." They have done a great job revisiting old catch phrases and moments.
- Looks like Frank is leaving without them. Claire doesn't want to leave because she's crazy. Kate offers to help, and Claire seems to come around to that. Luckily this is a TV show otherwise they would never get there in time.
- The plane is going to blow up... I'm predicting right now. Uh oh. Sawyer and crew made it on time. Might not be a good thing.
- Jack is dragging the stone back into place. Is it even doing anything?
- Claire is on. So is Kate. Sawyer is there as well.
- Frank takes off as the run way collapses below them.
- Wow, it actually took off. Insane. I can't believe this might be a happy ending here. Seems too easy.
- Jack is still down in the red hole. Water starts to flow back into the well. Looks like Jack did it. He turned the light back on. They pull Desmond back up. Jack is still down there...
- Locke is up and walking around in his alt. time. Wait- not just yet. he's still got his wheelchair.
- He's going to see Ben. He says "Hello Benjamin." They obviously are both enlightened. Ben apologizes for killing Locke in another life. Ben says Locke was "special."
- Locke forgives Ben. So f***ing cool.
- Locke gets up out of his chair- then walks up the non-handicapped accessible stairs.
- Ben, Hurley and Desmond are still on the island. Ben tells Hurley he should run things the way he wants to. Ben agrees to help Hurley out.
- Hurley pops out, and asks Ben to come in. They share a moment about being a great number 1 and number 2. Insert poop/pee joke.
- Jack is now going to his father's funeral. They'll be there once he's ready to leave... where are they going?
- Jack shows up in the creek. Is he a smoke monster now?
- Alt Jack goes around back as instructed. His father's body is there. He does a lap and touches the coffin. He begins to flash. He can finally see it all. His father's body is not in there again. Christian is alive?!?! Holy shit-balls.
- "How are you here?" Jack died as well?
- This is mind blowing- all these people are dead in the alt. timeline... and they're all together because they wanted to remember each other from the island?

Ok, so I didn't write anything for the last 5-10 minutes. I agree that it sucks we don't get to see how Hurley ran the island, or what happened to Sawyer and Kate and that bunch- HOWEVER- that was an emotionally satisfying conclusion that helps us realize that the on-island story was in fact the most important timeline. They didn't cop out on the island end of things. They did split the timelines to vaguely emphasize how important the on island events were.

I'm assuming the alt-timeline IS in fact purgatory (rather than the early season 1 assumptions that the island is purgatory.) I enjoyed how Jack got closure with his father (even if it was in the afterlife.) Who knows where our characters traveled to- back to the island to become whispers? Maybe to heaven? I suppose that could be why Ben is staying to work things out. He hasn't repented just yet.

All in all, that was an amazing ride and I am satisfied. It gave me an emotional experience that was more worthwhile than any other TV show I've ever watched. Great job to everyone associated with LOST- you have a lot to be proud of.


Rae said...

Ok, so Jacob was godlike, right? He could bring people to the island, he could grant eternal life to Richard, he could cure Juliette's sister (Rachel!) of cancer. So Did Jack have all these abilities? And later Hurley?

Part 1/3 crying: Jin and Sun become aware of the Island reality. SO MOVING. ugh.

Hurley is one o fmy favorite characters. Honestly, i can't pick one single character I like best, but Hurley makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy. A lot.

At first I was a little disappointed by the "awakenings" in LA X, but I actually REALLY loved them.

What I said aloud to my roomie as the fight scene returned from commercial break: "This is going to be ep-mothafuckin-ic"

Close but not quite full fledge tears: Jack and Kate say goodbye and that they love each other.

Part 2/3 crying: The Kate-Claire-Charlie awakening.

I loved the Target commercials!

I was SO certain that the plane was going to crash or blow up. I was so sure the way the two timelines converge is for everyone on the island to die. I had no idea how right I was, for completely wrong reasons.

Part 3/3 crying - HYSTERICALLY: Jack dying. I'm so glad they had Vincent come lie with him. Jack didn't die alone. And as HEARTWRENCHING as it was for him to die, I'm so happy they had the alt timeline so it wasn't all sad.

I'm going to miss this show. I need to get all 6 seasons on DVD and just watch them sequentially on repeat for the rest of my life.

GMoney said...

Best of luck in surgery today. Take care of that pee-hole.