Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOST: What They Died For

First up- update on the kidney issue. There is no real update. I got an IVP, which means I had to drink 16 oz. of Magnesium Citrate to "clear out my system." In fact, I had a show that night, and believe me, there's nothing like playing a show after having explosive diarrhea all day (though the show was pretty fun- our live band karaoke band went under the moniker of "JaMarcus Roethlisberger" and played a gig at Marilyn's as a cover band.)

Anyway, the IVP produced pictures of the problem and I'm going in on Thursday for a follow up. I'm assuming we'll schedule surgery for the following week. I'll keep ya'll updated.

Ok, on to LOST. Last week, we saw a flashback of the origins of Jacob, MIB and their "Mother." I have to assume we're catching back up with our main characters and I'm pumped. Onward for the last 3.5 hours of the show!

- Starting with the opening of Jack's eye. Well, if that ain't reoccurring imagery, I don't know what is. Hmm... now Jack has another weird wound. Where did that come from?
- Eating breakfast with David, they mention his mother and how Jack might get weird... who is the mother?
- Claire pops up, and they eat as one happy "family."
- Desmond is up to some tricks- he tells Jack that they found his father's coffin. What's Desmond's play here? Hit him with a car or set him up with a date?
- Now Jack is sewing up Kate. Image #2 from the first episode of the series.
- Kate is bringing up Jin and Sun's baby- then she says "Locke did this. We have to kill him." Jack says "I know" like he's actually going to kill Locke. I wonder if this is a bad idea as Locke seems to be able to kill people once they shoot or get violent with him.
- Sawyer sees some life preservers wash up on the beach and thinks, "I done f***ed up."
- Hurley wishes some Dharma Ranch would wash up on the beach.
- Jack is leading the way- let's find Desmond. He's in a well. Where's lassie when you need him.
- Desmond is back and thinking about beating the holy hell out of Ben Linus. I'd probably do the same thing. He also claimed that he wants to help Locke.
- Hey! It's Richard, Ben, and Miles- the three musketeers!
- Miles is turning in circles- who's dead in the barracks? Miles is sensing Alex because Richard buried her near the fence.
- Now they are in Ben's house looking for C4. Ben says the room is where he was told he could "summon the monster." But that was before he realized the monster was summing him.
- Oh great, Zoe and Widmore in Ben's house as well. Thanks for ruining the scene. I feel like Matt Stone and Trey Parker in BASEketball- "Aw, Aww, AWW!"
- Ben aims his gun at Widmore. Just shoot him already. He's a douche.
- Thank you for excusing Zoe- she has no purpose in this scene.
- Widmore claims "Jacob told him to come back." That sounds like quite a story.
- Locke is checking in on Ben in the other timeline. Ben describes his interaction with Desmond, and he said that he believed that Desmond wants to help Locke "let go."
- Desmond is now checking in on Sawyer- but he admits to both crimes and is now locked up with Sayid and Kate. What a friggin' coincidence.
- Now, back to the jungle, Jack and Sawyer are having a talk about how Sawyer more than likely killed Jin and Sun. Jack reassures Sawyer that it was Locke and not Sawyer that sunk the submarine.
- Now Hurley is seeing young Jacob. He wants the ashes. Is he a ghost? Well, if he is, he just stole the ashes and ran away. Hurley chases after- and magically Jacob is older.
- Jacob says when the ashes burn away, Hurley will never see him again. Smooth move Jacob. Somebody is bailing at the most important time!
- Locke is getting out of his boat and he inspects the other boat, and now he's coming for the other group. Miles is freaking out and I'm going to guess he's going to get 187'ed pretty quick.
- Richard is now going out to talk to Locke... and then he gets absolutely gored! Damn- just like a big black puff of smoke version of Rhyno.
- Locke says he needs Ben to kill some people. And then he offers the island to Ben. Ben is agreeing to all these terms and selling out Widmore. He must have something up his sleeve.
- In the LA X world, Alex and Danielle give Ben a ride back to their house. They eat dinner and now it looks like Ben and Danielle are hitting it off. Redemption. Ben's crying because he realizes he has a fatherly connection to Alex.
- Now Ben's leading evil Locke to the closet where Widmore and Zoe are waiting.
- YES! Locke slits Zoe's throat! Thank you evil Locke! Best action you've ever taken.
- Widmore says he's going to kill Penny first thing if he gets off the island.
- Ben murders Widmore in cold blood. Then he asks to kill other people. Maybe Ben is going off the deep end.
- Now everyone can see Jacob. The whole group- Kate, Sawyer, Jack and Hurley.
- Jacob is sorry about all the death- and he's going to explain everything- and when the fire burns out, one of them will be the next Jacob. Sweet.
- Back in sideways (dammit) Locke is going to see Jack. Maybe Locke is ready to get his surgery.
- Locke is recapping their history of the flight, etc, etc. Locke is finally buying into the "this is happening for a reason." He's ready to get fixed (in a good way, not like a dog or cat.)
- Jacob is now explaining his mistake how he created Smokey.
- Sawyer says he was "just fine." Jacob disagreed and said he brought them all there because because they were all flawed.
- Now they need to figure out who is going to be the new island protector.
- Jack steps up and believes it is his destiny to protect the island. So awesome- he's taking his destiny and grabbing it by the balls. I love it!
- Jacob brings them to the heart of the island. Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley watch.
- Jacob whispers an incantation and gives Jack a cup to drink. He drinks and becomes island protector. Does he get enlightened? Seems like it. But let's remember, Ben Linus is on the loose just like OJ after Nicole Brown- yikes.
- Back in LA X, Kate says Sawyer doesn't seem like a cop.
- Desmond, Sayid and Kate are getting transported and Desmond says he'll get them out of there if they promise to give him a favor. Ana Lucia pops up and lets them go for a bribe. Hurley seems awfully enlightened as he recognizes Ana Lucia.
- Now they are all off on a mission. Desmond and Kate are going to a concert.
- Ben asks the obvious question- why does MIB walk if he can just turn into smoke? He likes the feeling of the group on his feet.
- Locke is happy that Desmond is alive because Desmond is going to help him destroy the island... doubtful, but I suppose it's possible since that alternate timeline exists.

Absolutely great episode. Wonderful lead in to the finale. Jack becomes the island protector (though I'm not convinced he's going to live that long and one of the other candidates will have to take his place before the end.) Desmond is getting crazy in the alternate universe and Locke still has a plan to wreak havoc. I absolutely can't wait until Sunday!


Rae said...

...and then there were four.

Reading your LOST post is LITERALLY my top priority at work today. No joke.

I assume David's mother is Jack's ex-wife. You know: The hot chick from Happy Gilmore.

How releived were you when Zoe died, yeah? What a waste of a character.

Correction: BEN says he's going to Kill Penny. Not Widmore. Which I think is BS since it's not Penny's fault her dad is a douche, and now that he's dead it's not like her death will hurt him any...

Jack as the protector - I like this. In the Island timeline he has NOTHING to lose anyway, and he's definitely the most responsible of the motley crew that's left.

OMG. I need to know what's happening with the duality. I'm thinking the island timeline has to somehow die and the LA X timeline has to become conscious of the island reality. But then that sorta makes the entire island experience sort of like "and it was all just a dream." Which is a COP. OUT.

I can't wait until Sunday. I'm going out of my damn mind.

Tony B. said...

Thanks for reading!

I'm still betting on Juliet for David's mother- I guess we'll see...

Zoe is not only worse than Nikki and Paulo, she's probably the worst character on any show, ever.

I think MIB said he was going to kill Widmore- sorry if I mis-typed. In all honesty, I didn't go back and spell check or correct the blog.

Don't be surprised if that wound on Jack's neck in the alt. timeline is foreshadowing for him getting stabbed in the neck. It could be Sawyer who takes over.

Both realities will play. No cop outs... I hope.

GMoney said...

Good luck again with the kidneys. What does that shit that you had to drink taste like anyway?

I can't wait for this show to end.

Tony B. said...

G$, the Magnesium Citrate I drank was Rite Aid brand Cherry and Lemon (these were two separate bottles, not one weird flavor.) They did not taste bad. It was a little sour after awhile, kind of like Warheads or Cry Babies, but not terrible.

If you've got a demon to expel, it'll clean you out, but I have a hard time recommending it for general use (though I know at least one friend who is contemplating drinking it for recreational use.)

I suppose LOST to you is like the NBA Playoffs to me.

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