Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Music Tuesday

I'm still catching up on sleep, so I decided to throw up some videos or audio samples of some good songs. Some might be new to you, or some might be just some songs that have been forgotten (at least I forgot about them.)

Live - Lakini's Juice - I totally forgot about this song! I think most people listen to "Throwing Copper" or maybe even just the song "Dolphin's Cry" when they're looking for a Live song, but this song is where it's at. It rocks hard!

Damnwells - Shiny Bruise - I absolutely love this song. I'm so confused about the person who put up this video (they say they hurt their back listening to this song) but it's a great song nonetheless. The beginning of second verse has a money guitar lick that almost mimics a landing jet. It's pretty awesome.

Cracker - Get Off This - Awesome band from the 90s that you may have forgotten about. Sorry for the quality of the video- I used this one specifically because it had the old MTV Premier graphic.

Meat Puppets - Backwater - Yes, these were the guys who came out and played 3 songs with Nirvana during "Unplugged in New York" but this was their biggest hit (and it's an excellent song.) The old sad clown in this video freaks me out.

Nada Surf - Popular - I mentioned this one last week, but I hadn't seen the video in years. Great song, great video, and hot cheerleaders- awesome. On second thought, I'm sure it was ok for me to think they were hot when this originally came out, but now I'm not 100% sure if it's ok. I suppose they got older like I did, right?


GMoney said...

Live is shamefully underrated. Probably has to due with the excessive religious tone of their lyrics.

I own Cracker, Meat Puppets, and Nada Surf CD's. I am a 90's alt-rock dork.

Tony B. said...

Me and you both, G$. Just the fact that we both still own CD's in general makes us 90s dorks, but you're rocking the right kind of music as well.