Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Recap of Last Night

Once again I have today off. And once again I sit here and watch Skip Bayless' opinion on the LeBron situation (whoever came up with the term "LeBrominos" should be shot.) Apparently he has a problem with every possible place LeBron could sign. It is unreal how these "experts" pscycho-analyze each move. If he goes to Miami, he's weak because he admits he needs help (of course he needs help, the damn game is played with 5 players at a time, not to mention the need for a decent bench!) If he goes to Chicago, he's trying to show up Michael Jordan (you mean no current Yankees can build their own legacy because Babe Ruth once played in the Bronx? So dumb.) If he stays in Cleveland, he's admitting that he's content to not improve the cast around him (I want him in Chicago, but I get if he stays in Cleveland- and none of these decisions should be questioned to the extent they already are.)

So last night went to Mikuni in Roseville for sushi. For whatever reason, the sushi at the location in Roseville just tastes better. I don't know why. I have to believe all the locations get fish from the same distributor, but it truly tastes fresher.

There was a little bit of a wait, so we went to the bar to get some drinks. I went with the 16 oz. aluminum Bud Light bottle, and Mrs. B. was talked into getting a full pitcher of Raspberry Bacardi Mojito by the bartender (it was $8 for one, $18 for a pitcher, so she went big.) Eventually we were seated and had a great dinner. The sushi was delicious, which was fantastic since I was extremely hungry!

At some point, the people next to us got up and left. They cleared the table, readying it for a new group. An older man and a younger girl sat down at the table next to ours. I noticed them and thought, "Aw, that's nice. A man taking his daughter out to dinner." Then he reached across the table to hold her hand, and I thought, "That's a little weird, but I guess a father can hold his daughter's hand." Then he began stroking it. I soon began to realize that this was a union more than likely made on He then decided he wasn't close enough to her, so he moved from sitting across from her to sitting right next to her. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that this girl is really into free dinners and jewelry. I have to believe they started to realize I kept looking over. I was fascinated.

Luckily it was time for me to spin the birthday wheel. It's a standard prize wheel that has such prizes as a $100 gift card, a beer glass, a bag of rice, mints, chopsticks, etc. Obviously, the good prizes ($100 gift card) are less likely than the cheaper prizes (bag of rice.) So I spin the wheel and come 1 space away from the $100 gift card! Dammit! My consolation prize? A small box of mints. The guy said, "Don't worry man, those are really nice $2 mints." I replied with, "Oh, so I'm only down $98 from the $100 gift card? Thanks man."

Afterward, we went to the movies (it's in the same shopping center.) We saw "Get Him To The Greek." Upon entering the theater, there was no one in there. We picked our seats about 3/4 of the way up and in the center. After 5 minutes, another couple walked into the theater. They sat one row above us, and two seats over. Why do people do this? I was mildly laughing at how shocked I was that they could've picked any other seats in the theater, but they decided to sit so close to us. Were they cold and needed our body heat to survive? Do they live in a commune and are used to being in crowded rooms? Were they doing this on purpose just to annoy us? I guess I'll never know.

Luckily, more people showed up (although we would've moved had no other people showed up.) Point being that the seating arrangement was less awkward because the theater had other people in it.

The actual movie was pretty damn funny. Rockstar hilarity involving hard drugs and sex? Sign me up! It's definitely worth a watch unless you happen to hate Russell Brand (I think he's funny, but I get it if you're not into the Brit.)

Overall I had a great birthday, so thanks to everyone who sent me texts, Facebook messages, and phone calls to wish me a happy one. I really appreciate it. It's my last day off, so hopefully I can make it a good one.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday Stuff

Yes, it's my birthday. I'm finally 29. The reality of being almost 30 is upon me, and I have to be honest, I still don't feel too old. Health problems aside (and even then, my kidneys are functioning and my back feels MUCH better) I'm just as immature as I ever was. I don't think getting older changes this. Maybe having a kid would change it, but realistically, that would only regress me further into immaturity. Having a baby would mean staying up later, talking in baby voice, and getting to have an excuse to buy toys I want to play with. Not that Mrs. B. and I are trying to have kids at the moment, but I can see how getting older changes the conversation.

So what does someone do on their birthday? I chose to take yesterday, today, and tomorrow off because why would I want to work on my birthday? I'm pretty sure there are plenty of businesses that give away free stuff on your birthday... feel free to make suggestions on what establishments I should mooch off of today (Wendy's offered my $1 off a frosty- a $1 off? C'mon Wendy's- you can do better than that!)

I don't really have an interesting perspective on getting older, or want to turn this into "City Slickers 3: Billy Crystal Is Even More Insecure About His Age." So I'm off to hopefully get some stuff done, but I'll be back tomorrow with something a little more interesting.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

So I have the day off today, and before I start running errands and practicing some tunes, it's time to write my Monday recap of the weekend. I don't know while I'm doing this while listening to "First Take." Skip Bayless is the worst. I'm not saying LeBron is definitely going to Chicago, but I don't know Skip saying "it would be the single biggest mistake ever." He also said that LeBron chose to wear #23 because King James believed he can "eclipse Michael Jordan." Anyway...

- Friday after work I drove directly to my graphic artist's home office. He ran through a number of concepts for the new album art, and I was impressed by all of them. Not to mention it was fun to talk to him about my own album in relation to each theme. It's odd to put my music in different perspectives to the point where I find out new things about the group of songs I've put together.

I'm very excited to get this thing out. It's been a long time coming.

- After that, Mrs. B. and I went to Chili's in Natomas. I don't know if I have mentioned this particular location in the past, but seriously, it's the best Chili's ever. I don't know exactly how they do it, but the food tastes better there than at other locations. The services is typically top-notch as well.

- Saturday, I planned to sleep in until my lovely cat, Cosmo, continued to bite my nose (not hard, just to wake me up.) It was frustrating, so I got up and put him outside. I'm sure that's what he wanted, but I didn't care. I just wanted to have a chance at getting back to sleep. This led me to watch most of the England/Germany game. Finally, an entertaining game with lots of scoring! England even got screwed by the refs (Bonus!)

- Later that day it was off to Walnut Creek to play at Pyramid Walnut Creek. To the people who came out- Thank you so much! I'm not quite sure how to go about the rest of this story because it goes down negative rant road (and that's not exactly where I normally want to go.) Mrs. B. had invited a lot of people to come out and celebrate my birthday (just a few days early, my birthday is actually tomorrow.) A bunch of people RSVP'ed that they would be there, and almost all of them were no shows. Now, I know a few people didn't realize that it was in Walnut Creek (rather than the Sacramento Pyramid location that no longer has live music.) Some people were not able to make the drive. Some people just didn't show up. But it was the perfect storm of no shows to give me a metaphorical punch in the nuts. My mom and younger brothers showed up and my mom brought some of her friends. The back patio was fairly crowded the whole night, so that was helpful to salvage the show.

Already a little bit in the tank, the latter portion of the show (and keep in mind, I play from 7-11pm and 4 hours of music playing is no easy task) a couple of drunk Air Force guys were yelling out requests. They came up and asked for a whole lot of Country songs that I didn't know. I tried to quell their insatiable need to make me play what they wanted by playing "Friends In Low Places" and "Fishin' In The Dark." (Besides Johnny Cash, that's all the Country I have.) Then one of them came up and asked me if I could get everyone to raise their glasses in a toast for the Air Force. Then after, play a song called "American Soldier." I really don't have a problem with the request, but I don't know the song, so they had to settle for "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty.

They kept yelling out names of Country artists even though I told them I didn't know anything else. At that point, someone should have just put cymbals in my hands and turned me into a chimp ("Dance, monkey, dance!") I announced that I'd play "Ring of Fire" then an original, and that would be the end of the show. I'm not supposed to go overtime at Pyramid and on top of that, playing 4 hours is tough. I'm spent by the end of that time. I have to break down all my equipment and then drive over an hour back to Sacramento. There is one thing that can change my opinion on this whole situation... money.

Another group asked me if they could buy another Johnny Cash song. They put some money in and I produced "Folsom Prison Blues." After that though, I was done. It was 11:07pm, I was running on fumes, and under contract to stop playing music 7 minutes earlier. I announced that fact and the Air Force guys start heckling me about how if their "TI officer was here I'd be in trouble" blah blah blah. Ya know what? I wouldn't be in trouble- because I'm not in the Air Force! I have NO problem with any military. In fact, I am VERY appreciative for anyone who puts their life on the line, so that I can go about my business and not worry about getting bombed or terrorized on a daily basis. HOWEVER, if you want to openly over-play the military card for your own person attention- screw off. It's people like that who can leave me with a sour taste about military folks- and I don't know want to feel that way. Certainly, the extreme stereotypes of different types of people exist, and when your path crosses them it's maddening.

Needless to say, the show didn't go as well as planned, but it makes me appreciate the great shows that much more. Again, I'd really like to thank the people that did show up to support me. It means a lot.

- Sunday was hugely productive:

1) Went to brunch at the original Bistro 33- it was delicious.
2) Did 6 loads of laundry.
3) Swept the back porch. Cleaned up some cobwebs out there.
4) Played through every song on my new album, and even practiced a couple new tunes.
5) Went to the bank.
6) Went to the grocery store. This is where the lady told me, "Thank Mr. Bad-Ass-Ka."
7) Later that night, went to the G St Pub to see my friends' bands. My producer Karl was playing in his metal band Silvara. Holy shit these guys rock. I'm not into metal that heavy (I'd be a posing faker to say otherwise) but watching the amount of technique it takes to play that fast with so many nuances is amazing. I can definitely appreciate that.

The hilarious thing is that Karl was the sound guy as well, so he asked me to adjust the sound while he was on stage. Check that one off the bucket list- doing sound for a metal show! I guess one of his friends told him "That was the best mix you guys may have ever had!" Hell yeah!

Then two of my Live Band Karaoke cohorts where playing in Wolf's Blood, a Misfits cover band. Again, not a huge fan of the Misfits, but any band featuring Glenn Danzig can't be all bad, right? The guys did great and I was happy to have seen a show that I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

It's funny that with the type of music I play, how many metal/punk guys I hang out with.

And that takes us to the end. Forget about proofreading this blog- it's my day off! Time for me to go do more productive things and try to forget the fact that Big Z still as $45 million left on his contract.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Live Band Songs

I know I talk about this band a decent amount, but I figured I give an update of some of the songs we learned last night. I mean, we only had a 4.5 hour practice, so hopefully we were able to get something done. And by the looks of it, we did. We worked out some issues with previous songs, and learned 6 brand spankin' new ones.

Essentially, on Monday, Cameron (lead guitar) and I sat down for a few hours and talked over what we should do in the wake of our keyboard player/excellent harmonizer Charlie leaving for his new place in Reno. We went over our current list, X-ed off some songs, and came up with a list of songs that we'd like to add in the near future. I sent that list over to Donovan (bass) and he came back with some of the songs we should add (taking into account that we need more girl lead singing songs... yay for practice where I sing girl parts... ugh.) Girls are definitely allowed to sing any song they want, but we need to provide more equal opportunity for them (as I type this, I realize we learned two girl songs, and four guy songs, but whatever.)

Here are the new ones from last night:

"Just a Girl" by No Doubt

"The Sign" by Ace of Base (yes, you read that right.)

"One Headlight" by The Wallflowers

"Blue Monday" by New Order (we play it more like Orgy, though.)

"Today" by Smashing Pumpkins

"Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand (yeah, this one is FUN to play.)

We also ironed out "Plush" by STP, "Ace of Spades" by Motörhead, "Light My Fire" by The Doors, and "Material Girl" by Madonna.

Hopefully this will add some good variety and help us wing it a little less. We're going to sorely miss Charlie, but hopefully we can still bring a solid experience for the people who have enough intestinal fortitude (read as: enough drinks in them) to come up and sing with us.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank You Notes

I borrowed this idea from the Jimmy Fallon show... wanna fight about it?

Dear Slovakia,

Thank you for helping me realize where the other half of Czechoslovakia went. You are pretty much the long lost Siamese twin that was removed from the Czech Republic. I wonder how your country ended up with the last half of Czechoslovakia in the name split. How do you determine that? Further, your name is also very similar to Slovenia- which is confusing for World Cup viewing.

Enlightened yet confused,
Tony B.


Dear Kim Kardashian,

Thank you for breaking up with Reggie Bush, only go on and date another football player... this time it's Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Miles Austin. Given all the attention Tony Romo got for dating Jessica Simpson, if this one lasts, I'm sure Fox will find a way to show you at Cowboy games each week. This is good because I'd rather see hot girls in the stands than actually watch a Cowboy game (which coincidentally, they show WAY too many Cowboy games as their nationally televised game... I hate it.)

Tony B.


Dear's Gold Box,

Thank you for providing me entertainment every day. I have never purchased an item that you've put on sale, but I routinely check just in case. It is comforting to know that I can purchase the complete series of "Fragglerock" today for $37.49! That is every episode from Jim Henson's second rate Muppets!

Tony B.


Dear Daniel Tosh,

Thank you for bringing a consistently sidesplitting show to Comedy Central (besides South Park, what else is there?) I mean, if your show didn't exist, how else would I have seen this kid get his grundle split open?

Video Breakdown - Skateboarder Goes Down
Web Redemption2 Girls, 1 Cup ReactionDemi Moore Picture

The answer: I would've never seen it. Ever.

Tony B.


Dear 40-Year-Old Virgin,

Thank you for reminding me that comedy movies don't have to be 2.5 hours long. While on Bravo over the weekend, I noticed that your run time was from 8-11:15! Amazing! 3.25 hours with commercials! Look, you're funny and all, but that kind of time slot should be saved for Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, and maybe the Star Wars movies. I don't need jokes about sex, waxing, and being drunk to last that long!

Tony B.


Dear NBA Draft,

Thank you for happening. I feel like the build up has been so long, and I'm not sure you can live up to the hype this year, but I guess we'll see. I'm only interested to see if the Bulls can trade Luol Deng, open up some more cap space, then sign LeBron and another big time free agent (I can dream, right?) I'm just ready to get free agency under way and find out where all these guys are going to sign. The Summer of 2010 has been built up for years now, and I'm ready to see the results. The Draft will be the first part of that process, so let's get it over with!

Tony B.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Return To Basketball/Exercise

I was able to play some basketball last night for the first time in over a month. Our team played very well in the first half and faded in the second. We lost by 10. I'm going to be honest, it was damn tough to get back on the court and give quality minutes. Not only am I out of shape from doing pretty much nothing after my surgery, in the back of my mind I was trying to protect my left side from getting hit. I'm going running after work to help continue the process of getting back in shape.

That being said, I did play pretty hard and our team was missing a couple of our players (we went with only one sub, so it was like having 5 and a half players.) It felt great to be back on the court playing defense and posting up. My 3 point shot was not at its best, but I guess that is expected.

There was a guy on the other team that reminded me what it was like to go after every rebound and be a beast inside. I was awfully impressed with his hustle. He had an awkward shot, but finished well around the basket. I need to focus on that part of my game in order to improve and help our team win in the next season. (by next season, I think I mean in two weeks.)

As you can tell, I didn't have much today as I'm pretty tired and sore from getting back on the hardwood. Go USA, hopefully they get it done...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

State of My Fantasy Team: Buffalo Soldier

Yes, my team is named after the moment that Randy Marsh proudly marches down Main St in South Park singing "Buffalo Soldier" because he's intentionally given himself testicular cancer in order to get his legal medical marijuana card. You may remember I was singing "Buffalo Soldier" during a particularly awesome Craps session at the beginning of May to represent our big balls when successful large bets would pay off. Anyway, here is my roster from top to bottom:

C Joe Mauer - Can't go wrong with the most talented catcher in baseball. Victor Martinez does have more points currently, but I wouldn't trade Mauer for Martinez, so I'd say this position is solid.

1B Kevin Youklis - I looked yesterday and to my utter shock, Youklis has the most points out of any offensive player in our league. This has to be due to his low strikeout rate (K's give hitters negative points.) Amazing season thus far, keep it up Youk!

2B "His name is DAN UGGLA!" - That is, in fact, the Marlins' announcers home run call when Uggla hits a homer. He does this a lot. He also strikes out far too much. I'd look to upgrade, but since my trade offer for Chase Utley was turned down (Holliday and Uggla for Utley and Scherzer) I don't know if I have any hope of that.

SS Starlin Castro - One of my weakest positions. Castro will eventually be good, but I don't know if I can expect much of him for the rest of the year. I'm keeping my eye out for an upgrade. (I started Orlando Cabrera last week, and that was just dumb. I'm going with the Rook until I have someone who is legitimately better.)

3B Troy Glaus - My BEST free agent pick up. When I had Kendry Morales playing (ya know, before he broke his leg celebrating- idiot) I had Morales at 1B, and Youk at 3B. After Morales went down, I picked up Adam LaRoche. One week of that jerk, and I moved on to Troy Glaus. This has been awesome!!! If he's not been swooped on in your league, grab him immediately! I think most people have probably realized he's having a great year, though.

OF Matt Holliday - Disappointing so far, but really turned it on this past week. I want to see more of that!

OF Jayson Werth - Strikes out too much, but I got him in a straight up trade for AJ Burnett. Love it.

OF Michael Cuddyer - You can't go wrong with this guy. He is sneaky consistent.

U Marlon Byrd/Rickie Weeks - I'm not sold on either of these guys. Byrd has been hitting, and I keep Weeks around for 2B depth. I would trade either in a heartbeat if the right offer came my way.

SP Roy Oswalt - Can this guy get traded already?! The Astros are not doing him any favors. 5-8 with a 3.12 ERA? Shame on you Houston.

SP Jake Peavy - Borderline terrible during points, but his last start was lights out. I'm hoping he's catching on to the AL. I bet he still sends Petco Park love letters.

SP Mike Pelfry - His home park helps him out, and overall he's been great this year. Do I think he is as good as his record? Not totally, but this could continue through the season.

SP Ricky Romero - I've had a man crush on this guy since he was pitching at Fullerton. He's been awesome this year, and I don't see that changing. He's making an argument for me to keep him for next year. (We keep 6 players.)

SP Ted Lilly - If the Cubs needed to win a game tomorrow, I'm taking Lilly to toe the rubber. He's by far their most consistent pitcher, but has gotten non-existent run support. Give this guy 4 runs an outing and see what he can do.

RP Billy Wagner - SAVAGE.

RP Jonathan Papelbon - SAVAGE (though, what's up with his face?)

BENCH PITCHING - Carlos Zambrano, Ben Sheets, Fausto Carmona, Armando Gallarraga, and Kerry Wood. As you can see, there is potential here, and depending on match-ups I can definitely start any of these guys.

INJURED - Rich Harden and Kendry Morales. Screw these guys.

I really like my team. However, I'm 4-7 right now. 2 of those victories came when I scored the most points in the league. Essentially, I've been pretty unlucky with the weekly match-ups, and my team has been extremely inconsistent. Some weeks they go off, and others, they are worse than the Cubs before the acquired Henry Rowengartner. Here's to a solid rest of the season!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

Where to start? Let's start with the game of futbol...

- I know my regular commenter base is widely split on World Cup action. Here are my World Cup watching tendencies: I watch the games the US is involved in as long as they are on at a reasonable time. I'll watch occasional other portions of games that are relatively interesting (England's games, Brazil's games, etc.) Again, these must be on at a reasonable time. As far as the US game versus Slovenia goes, it was quite disappointing. Also, because of, I'll throw it on as background at my desk.

First, it is absolutely inexcusable for that inexperienced referee to disallow the US goal that should have counted. Furthermore, if you are going to disallow the goal, then you have to AT THE VERY LEAST tell the team, coach, and general public why you stopped play. Was it offsides? Was it a foul? If so, then let us know who the foul was on? It's a joke. In each of the four major sports in a the US, referees are required to use hand signals and/or their voice to call out infractions. Hell, in football, the ref has to go to the middle of the field and announce over the house PA system what their call is on any given play. It keeps everyone (including the fans) in the loop. As it stands now, I still have no clue why that goal was not a goal, and this confuses and angers me. I mean, the World Cup seems to be doing pretty well as far as ratings and general interest in the US, but Soccer's interest will dip back down as soon as this ends and one reason is because no one is explaining this call. It's hard to like something that is not understandable.

Second, the US team is not good. If they'd like to prove me wrong, then go right ahead. They constantly give up early goals and play from behind. Just once I'd like to see a game where they take the lead and suck the life out of their opponent. Until this happens, I can't take them too seriously.

- Enough on Soccer- next up, I had another show at Pyramid in Walnut Creek this weekend. I had a few friends show up which was nice, and the other half of the patio was blocked for a surprise b-day party for a nice lady named Jane. Since it was a little cold and windy, and because I have my own birthday party there next Saturday, the general public half of the patio wasn't very filled up. Overall though, the show went well and I had a decent time. No brand new covers, but I must say I'm having a lot of fun playing "Counting Blue Cars" by Dishwalla. The song sits in my vocal range pretty nicely. Next step- getting that tune on the Live Band Karaoke list. Next week should be a blast, so come on out if you're in the area (6/26 @ 7pm!)

- My fantasy team stomped a mud-hole in my opponent's chest this week. It was even more sweet because yesterday was my opponent's birthday. Nothing like sending over a birthday loss (I'm sure karma is coming to get me in two weeks over that statement.) Seriously though, 367 points for the week was easily the highest point total in the league. Too bad my team seemly either scores the most points, or goes up against the team with the most points every single week. I'm only 4-7 which is quite disappointing. Highlights from this week's team:

1) Both Jonathan Papelbon and Billy Wagner had over 50 points. 3 saves, and 1 win each!
2) Jake Peavy's complete game. Damn- if he gets going, my team will be so much stronger.
3) Matt Holliday's 35 points. 4 home runs this week was quite nice. He's been disappointing thus far, but I absolutely need him to keeping putting weeks like this together to get back in the race.
4) Big Z getting a nice win versus the Angels. What's that? Zambrano pitched well on Sunday?! Simply amazing. I didn't think he would get a win the rest of the season, let alone against a quality opponent. Be proud Fat Carlos #1.

So that's my weekend. It felt short, but that's the way they go sometimes. Until tomorrow...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Live Band Karaoke Last Night/Pyramid Tomorrow Night

Live Band Karaoke was fun as usual last night. I thought we played pretty well (for the most part) and we had some very good singers. The unfortunate part about our show is that our keyboard player, Charlie, is moving to Reno so this was his last show. He brought a lot of personality, excellent harmony vocals, and he's a pretty cool dude in general. We'll miss you man, good luck in the Biggest Little City In The World.

Needless to say, we're going to have to edit our list of songs to compensate for Charlie's absence. Any suggestions for songs that use the traditional two guitars, bass and drums arrangement? Feel free to list songs you enjoy or think you might enjoy singing.

I'm playing tomorrow at the Pyramid Alehouse in Walnut Creek. It's the usual 7-11pm. I'm hoping to play a set of original songs to start, then break into the cover songs after that. Have a great weekend folks, see you on Monday.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank You Notes

I must admit, the thought of Jimmy Fallon hosting a late night TV show seemed to be about as good of an idea as hanging for three hours in a room with children that are contagious with the swine flu. However, I will say that I've watched the show, and to be honest, it is a lot better than I expected. One skit they do is where Jimmy writes out thank you notes to random people, groups, celebrities, etc. Today, adding to my own series of thank you notes:

Dear World Cup Fans,

Thank you doing "the wave" at some of the games during this global event. Out of all the great things the US has to offer, you all emulate the lamest tradition we have. Side note: can we please never do the wave in this country again?

Tony B.


Dear Americans complaining about vuvuzelas,

Thank you for being hypocritical as many of you have owned, used, and enjoyed thunder sticks. Hell, we have fans in our country that induce themselves to vomit on 11 year old girls (I'm looking at you Philly fans) so let's get off our high horse and correct some of the stupid stuff we do during our own sporting events.

The More You Know,
Tony B.


Dear Derrek Lee,

Thank you for alleviating any ideas I might have had about the Cubs re-signing you next year. You're hitting .230 and made two errors in one inning on Tuesday night versus the A's. If you can't hit, and you can't play defense, what are you doing not retired?

Same goes for Aramis Ramirez,
Tony B.


Dear Stent Installed Inside Me,

Thank you for helping me heal from my surgery. You've helped my ureter not build up scar tissue by simply laying inside me between my kidney and bladder. Once you're removed I'm temped to turn you into a charm bracelet. I could wear it like a LiveStrong band and then have quite a story when people ask, "What charity is that one for?"

Excited to have you removed today,
Tony B.


Dear Halls Medicated Cough Drops,

Thank you for existing. I don't know what I'd do without you right now. I imagine it would start a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol looking for something to make my throat feel better. Luckily, you do exist, so I don't have to turn to the hard stuff.

Breathing deeply,
Tony B.


Dear Vince Young,

Thank you for beating someone up after they flashed the upside-down hook 'em horns your way at a strip club. They have video evidence of you going crazy and no one expects you to get a suspension. What has this world come to? First, VY stop being crazy. Second, if Roger Goodell doesn't suspend you, it opens the door for other crazy-ass NFL players to run rough-shot across the country.

You so crazy,
Tony B.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things To Do At The DMV

I was at the DMV for a little over two hours yesterday. Those two hours felt like an eternity. It honestly felt like I could have watched the entire Lord of the Ring trilogy while being surrounded by an array of characters that you would only see on "Cops." A couple highlights:

- The old guy that could barely walk, but was there to renew his license. That's safe.
- The overweight 35 year old white woman who does not have a license, but was there with who I can only imagine was her skinny, white trash boyfriend, her two half Mexican children, and an older gentleman that may or may not have been related to the rest of the bunch. I think the boyfriend had to register a number of used Ford molester fans. She was standing for awhile, then started complaining to her 8 year old about how her ankles were swelling up. Then she started an immature game of "if you pinch me, I'll pinch you back" with one of her sons. They have no hope. Awesome.
- A more white trash version of Sam Merlotte from "True Blood:"

There were other fine characters there in order to bother me. I had to go deep into my head to amuse myself and try to forget about my surroundings. Here are some ideas of how to waste time at the DMV:

1) People watch. This doesn't help you forget your surroundings, but it will help you write the first half of your blog.

2) Bring a vuvuzela and blow it the entire time you are there. If the South Africans can ruin the World Cup by blowing these plastic horns, why can't I bring the tradition to the DMV?

3) Pretend that it is not the DMV, but rather a DMB concert. I know they are past their prime and their original saxophone player is dead, but a boring 12 minute jam in the middle of "Jimi Thing" would be MUCH better than renewing my license at the DMV.

4) Play Craps on my iPhone. It's not for real money, but the app is pretty true to the real game- as in it will take all my fake money and help me forget my current DMV predicament.

5) Write a novel based on someone who went to the DMV to renew their license, then went on a violent rampage similar to Michael Douglas in the movie "Falling Down."

Yes, it was an awful time, but I survived and I hope to wait another 10 years before I have to visit the DMV again. By the way, the Cubs/A's game last night was literally the worst baseball game I've ever watched. Derrek Lee- you're really going to make two errors in the same inning? Yikes, you former Gold Glover. I've said the Cubs should trade you, but who the hell wants a .227 hitter that is losing his once great defensive skills? Answer: the same number of people who would want to spend their day at the DMV.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: A Weekend of Almosts

After watching the US Soccer team luck their way into a tie with England, Mrs. B. and I (and friends) went to the Reno Peppermill. We were somewhat celebrating my "golden" birthday (my b-day is actually on the 29th and I'm turning 29.) Even though it's a couple weeks away, I was happy to provide an excuse for us to visit the greatest casino ever.

Once we were settled (and at least slightly drunk), we headed to the Craps tables. Things were not to be as magical as they have in the past. Every time we were about to break the game open in our favor, the devil's 7 would come and steal our chips. Weak. After awhile, we stopped fighting the gambling Gods and just gave up.

The next morning brought new possibilities. The Peppermill gives their Passport Player's Card members a coupon book each time they show up. This coupon book has match play on Sports parlays and Keno. I woke up and decided to place a $10 matched parlay bet (so it was like the parlay was worth $20). I bet on the Rangers, Mariners, Cubs, and Lakers +3. From noon until 8pm, I was in the Sportsbook agonizing over all of these games. You see, the parlay would've paid out $291.

The Rangers took care of business without much fanfare. The Mariners kept it close but ultimately dispatched the Padres in the end. Then it was up to the Cubs and Lakers to get it done. Ted Lilly was earning his paycheck by taking a no-hitter into the 9th. Simultaneously, I was watching the Lakers lay a huge egg against the Celtics. Honestly, the Lakes' defense was suspect at best and their free throws looked like they magically allowed the 2002 Sacramento Kings to shoot the foul shots for them. The Lakeshow was out-hustled and out-classed- and only lost by 6 points! I'm am so angry that they lost and ruined my parlay (they could've lost by 2 or 1 and I wouldn't have given a shit.) However, I'm even more angry that I cheered for the stupid Lakers.

We went to CHI after to get some delicious Chinese food (CHI is definitely the best value restaurant at the Peppermill.) Our server was a French lady (yes, a French lady is a server at a gourmet Chinese restaurant) who ended up singing me a birthday song in French. It was pretty sweet. The food was great as usual, and afterwards we headed back to the Craps table.

This time, it was a bit better than the night before, however, it was not a profitable table. My friend John started killing it, and after one roll, some guy at the end of the table threw a fit and started yelling at the pit boss. The halted the game because of the controversy (I don't actually know what the problem was). Once John got the dice back, take a guess what number he rolled...

I got fed up and decided to head to the Poker tables. I ended up playing until 4 in the morning and played decently, but end up about even in the end. The worst hand, however, was one I played exactly the way I should have. I had Ace-5 offsuit with the 5 of diamonds. The flop came 3-4-7 of diamonds. Straight flush draw? Heck yeah! During the round of betting, a guy over-bet the pot at $15, and he had one caller, and then I called. I figured I'd give it at least one shot. The Jack of hearts peeled off on the turn. He then bet $30 in such a way that I was positive he had the Ace of diamonds with another diamond (this was a correct assumption in the end.) I realized that the 6 of diamonds was the only card in the deck that was going to help me win the pot. $30 for a one outer is not good. I folded. There were two guys left in the pot, and of course the 6 of diamonds came on the river. If I was Q*Bert, I would've said "%@&!"

Not only would I have doubled my stack through the guy with the Ace high flush, I would've gotten a $150 bonus for the straight flush and a $50 bonus for the high hand of the hour. I can't even express how damaging this still is to my psyche. Seeing that 6 of diamonds was like realizing that Freddy Krueger had jumped into my dreams to knife me up. I clearly made a good decision by folding because of the odds, but gambling-wise it still feels awful.

In the end, there was money lost, but the Peppermill was a great time as usual. You can't win every time you go to a casino- they don't build those things on people making a killing off them. It is terrible that I was close to winning lots of money a few different ways, but what are you gonna do? Move on, I suppose. So Peppermill, I will not hold this weekend against you, but I look forward to some sweet comps later on.

Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Begins, Does This Mean I Get Less Sleep

We've lived in the same apartment for a couple years now. It's not a big apartment and hopefully we'll get a house someday soon and leave this Godforsaken place behind. Today we're going to talk about the cursed apartment next door. There have been a total of four groups of people that have lived in that apartment right next door. A quick profile on each, and we'll get to the point of today:

1) When we moved in there was a gay recovering addict who was bland but didn't bother us much... that is until he fell off the wagon. Once that happened, he began dealing meth out of his apartment which attracted the worst sort of folks stopping by unannounced, and increased the amount music bumping at all hours of the night by 100 fold. They'd wake up at 5am just to throw on some house music. He was eventually evicted.

2) A gay couple moved from upstairs to fill the vacancy in this apartment (they could no longer afford the bigger apartment upstairs, so they moved into the smaller one.) Mrs. B. had become the acting apartment manager and they would call and text her just about every day. They might be complaining about very random things, or bugging her just because. Ironically, their large dog would bark all day when they weren't home and into the night occasionally. In similar fashion to the first cursed tenant, one of them was also a recovering addict, but before he fell off the wagon, the couple bounced and broke their lease.

3) ANOTHER former drug user moved in next. She was a very used up middle aged woman who lived there by herself. That didn't stop her ex-husband from coming over and threatening to break the door down. Three times she called the cops and then left the apartment. It's pretty awesome talking to police at 11pm for a call that the next door neighbor makes, but then leaves before the police get to the complex. That wasn't the worst though... she would bring a guy (or guys- who knows?) in ever so often, and they would bump uglies in a very loud and disgusting way. Our walls are not thick, so we could hear her from our bedroom clear as day. I'm literally getting chills thinking about this disgusting practice. She left with no notice. Like Kaiser Soze, she was gone.

4) The current tenants are a young Mexican couple (shockingly, it's a man and woman and they are not recovering addicts... to my knowledge.) The worst aspect of them is that they are not 21 so they have all their goddamn friends over every Friday and Saturday night. I'm ok with some partying, but sometimes I have shit to wake up for on the weekends. Mrs. B. is a very light sleeper, so this does not help her at all.

This morning, instead of being woken up by my alarm clock, I was woken up by the neighbors partying. Yes, partying at 6am on a Friday morning. I didn't have my wits about me yet, so I couldn't figure out what they were so damn excited about. Then I heard one of them say "Wake up! Olay, Olay, Olay, Olay... O-Lay, O-Lay!" Shit. The World Cup is starting, and the horrible scheduling put Mexico's first game at 6:25 am in the Pacific Time Zone. Ugh. Like I needed more motivation to cheer against Mexico. So here's to Mexico getting bounced as early as possible, if for no other reason that to spite and quiet my neighbors. Even if it's just for a little while.

I'm playing tonight in Walnut Creek and tomorrow I'll be headed back to the Shang-ri-la that is the Peppermill in Reno. I'll be back Monday, so we'll see if I post anything. If not, Tuesday for sure.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thank You Notes

I must admit, the thought of Jimmy Fallon hosting a late night TV show seemed to be about as good of an idea as hanging for three hours in a room with children that are contagious with the swine flu. However, I will say that I've watched the show, and to be honest, it is a lot better than I expected. One skit they do is where Jimmy writes out thank you notes to random people, groups, celebrities, etc. Today, adding to my own series of thank you notes:

Dear Drivers From Sacramento,

On my normal morning commute from Sacramento to Davis, I have to pass over an area of freeway called the "Causeway." It is virtually a straight line with no exits. Thank you drivers for making me realize that it is not actually all that easy to drive in a straight line without slowdowns or accidents. Every damn day there is something going down on this stretch of freeway that boggles the mind and boils the blood. I'm just glad you helped me lower my expectation for drivers and humankind in general.

Tony B.


Dear National Geographic,

Thank you for your show "Unlikely Animal Friends." The video about the Crow and the Cat is particularly heart warming.

I have two suggestions though. 1) You dropped the death of the wife quite suddenly on people in this video. Somehow you have to prepare the viewer for tragic news within such a happy clip. 2) Release this on DVD!

Tony B.


Dear Craigslist,

Thank you for providing me with unrealistic expectations. I'm selling some under-used music gear and the first day I posted something, I sold it with relatively no hassle. Since then, I've been dodging spam-artists, con-artists, and people who just want to call and talk to me without having any interest in what I'm selling. I'd love it if there was a way to streamline this process of wading through scammers just to sell my stuff, but alas, there is not. I guess I'll have to send a thank you to the Internet in general.

Enlarge your penis!
Tony B.


Dear Stephen Staurburg,

Thank you for your debut pitching performance. Striking out 14 people in 7 innings of work is damn impressive, even if it was against the Pirates. Matt Cain pitched a complete game shutout against the Reds on the same night and got virtually no ink compared to your stellar debut. A word to the wise, don't go the way of Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, and Rich Harden... stay healthy, stay dominant. It's pretty damn fun to watch.

Best of luck,
Tony B.


Dear Lakers and Celtics,

Thank you for being so annoying. Seriously. I can't tell you which fanbase is worse, but I can tell you that each game there is only one outcome I can cheer for during each game- arena implosion.

Tony B.


Dear British Petroleum,

Thank you for sponsoring the brand new "Crosstown Cup" that will go to the winner of the Cubs/White Sox interleague series each year. I'm not sure exactly why they needed a stupid trophy for the 6 games that these teams play each year (especially when it could end in a tie half the time.) So BP, let's get things straight, you are sponsoring a stupid trophy that will be laughable for every other team in the league besides the Cubs and Sox, AND you're responsible for the oil spill that is killing an ecosystem as we speak? Damn BP, get your shit together.

Oiled up,
Tony B.


Dear Chicago Blackhawks,

Thank you for bringing the Stanley Cup to Chicago!!! What a great overtime win, and even though the douchy Philly fans booed you after the game (you got beat assholes- deal with it), you guys worked hard and were a fun team to watch during the playoffs. This is the 8th Chicago championship of my lifetime (I'm obviously not counting the White Sox because I hate them.) The only team left to win is the Cubs. Congrats fellas- you've earned the Cup!

Your fan,
Tony B.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Review: Jack Johnson "To The Sea"

Jack Johnson is a pretty easy artist to figure out. He'd probably always rather be playing guitar by a bonfire on a beach or surfing than doing whatever he's doing at any given moment. With the release of "To The Sea" Johnson has grown his album catalog to five (count 'em five!) full length albums (and that is not even including his "Curious George" soundtrack.) So what is the deal with this new album? Well, I'll tell you:

First off, it's not all that different from his previous offerings. Much like his last album, "Sleep Through The Static," he is utilizing piano/keyboards to give his songs a wider range of sounds. It's not just acoustic guitar, light drums, light bass, calm vocals, mix and repeat. However, in overall tempo, attitude, and vocal range it is similar to every other album that he's ever made.

The first single is "You and Your Heart" which also happens to be the first track off the album. It begins with a simple electric guitar riff that slowly is layered with piano keys and drums. The bass is pretty subtle until a breakdown after the second chorus that takes the listener to the end of the song. This is the best portion of the song. I can definitely see why it was chosen as the first single, but at the same time, it feels like they are trying to trick the listener into believing that this is a newer (possibly more rockin' sort of) sound coming from Jack. This tactic is used on the track "When I Look Up" as well.

The back half of the album is predominantly loaded with acoustic jams that have made Jack Johnson famous. I can't totally blame him for it, either. When something works, it works. Why fix what's not broken? Dave Matthews went crazy and tried different styles on "Everyday" and "Stand Up" and there was a massive backlash among his own fans for straying from his band's signature sound. Jack Johnson is slowly creeping out of his acoustic shell, but in slow stages so that his longtime fans won't freak out like Bob Dylan's fans at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.

If you're looking for a pretty sweet stand out track, I'll go with "At Or With Me." It's base is set on the piano, with what sounds like an accordion or synthesizer providing great ambiance. It's worth a listen.

In the end, would I recommend this album to the masses? First ask yourself if you already like Jack Johnson? If yes, get it immediately. If no, there's nothing for you there. Move along.

Tony's Grade: B

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fixing The Chicago Cubs

[I found this pic at Can she help fix the Cubs?]

I'm obviously not someone who can actually fix the Cubs franchise. I don't know the ins and outs of their day to day business, nor do I have any idea what it takes to run a professional sports franchise. With that said- SCREW IT! Like Will Ferrell's version of Harry Caray said when someone told him that his guest Albert Einstein had been dead for 42 years. "We'll try to get him anyway!" With that ignorant (yet hilarious) attitude, I'm going to try to fix this team anyway!

Ok, so I'm going to dumb this down so I have a handle on it all. I'm looking at contract lengths, movable pieces, some (but not all) minor leaguers, and moves that are realistic. No one is trading the Cubs for Soriano and taking on his entire contract. That's idiotic and will not be suggested here.

Where to start? Well, let's start with a change in attitude. Jim Hendry has had a decade to run this team, and to his credit, it has been the most successful run by the Chicago Cubs in my lifetime. In the 2000s, the Cubs won 3 division titles, and won their first playoff series (2003 NLDS) since 1945 (can you believe that stat! Unreal!) However, Jim Hendry is now part of the problem. Hendry runs his team with a business plan similar to the Underpants Gnomes from South Park. Step 1: Sign long contracts. Step 2: ? Step 3: Win. It makes no sense. This needs to be looked at.

He has made bold moves that have locked the Cubs up. In a certain sense, he is the Brian Sabean of the midwest. Both he and Sabean love young pitching, but have had a hard time drafting/developing big bats from their own minor league system. Having been burned by potentially great prospects who are actually terrible (Jason Dubois/Corey Patterson for the Cubs, Todd Linden for the Giants) neither GM relies on young talent. Instead, they promote prospects to bench roles and sign veterans to bog down young players.

For example, Tyler Colvin hit over .400 in spring and has continued to rake when given the chance. Unfortunately, he's fifth on the outfield depth chart because the Cubs signed Xavier Nady. I think Nady's great, but let's try to develop some of the younger talent in the system. A change in philosophy is needed, and it starts at the top. Jim Hendry needs to go. (Side note: I wish the Cubs would have signed Walt Jocketty when he was available- surprise, surprise- the Reds are magically good!)

So how do we work the younger players in? Well, we can probably scrap this entire year. I know it's not going to be a popular sentiment among fans, but does anyone really expect the Cubs to be a force this year? They are SO inconsistent. They win 4, then lose 6. Then they'll split a few series and repeat. It's not going to get the job done. The White Sox recently admitted they are down to start trading pieces and the Cubs should follow suit. Make Chicago one big professional baseball flea market. Pick up a veteran starter or first baseman and while you're at it, have your future foretold by a topless psychic! Genius!

The way I see it, Derrek Lee is movable (though he has a no trade clause.) The Angels may be open to bringing him in because of the injury to Kendry Morales (my fantasy team hates you Kendry!) If not, do not re-sign him. I absolutely respect D. Lee and love what he's done for the Cubs, but it's time to move on. The Cubs traditionally keep players far too long and run into seasons like last year and this year. Letting D. Lee go will open up some cash and allow the Cubs to go younger. This cash will probably not be spent immediately, but allow the Cubs to make a splash later...

Place Big Z on waivers. This may do nothing (besides irritate Z, but we're not trying to have him to our house for a tea party- this is a business.) Maybe a team looking for pitching is crazy enough to snatch up his contract. Even crazier, maybe he actually helps a contender win. He's quite a talent, unfortunately his mental stability, diet and work ethic has eroded his talent earlier than one would think (he just turned 29!) If you can't get rid of him, keep him in the rotation. A $17 million relief pitcher is silly. That outside the box idea didn't work out, so let's move on and not try it again.

Trade Theodore Roosevelt Lilly. I love Lilly. He might be one of my favorite guys on the team right now. However, his contract expires this year, and he could help a contender. Get a solid prospect or two in return for him. Move Tom Gorzelanny back into the rotation. He's cheap and under team control for many years, unlike Lilly. Heck, keep an eye on the market and re-sign Lilly if the price is right. If not, let's move on by getting younger.

Pray that Aramis Ramirez starts hitting and declines his $14.6 million option for next year. It was almost a given that he was going to decline the option and become a free agent before the year started. Now, I can't even imagine him giving up that money. The guy is hitting below "the Mendoza Line" and not helping his own cause. If they can't get rid of him this year, then ride out the contract and say goodbye after next year. It's an expensive mistake, but at least it gives Josh Vitters more time to develop in the minors.

Best case scenario, we start to go young and things shape up like this in a couple years:

OF Tyler Colvin, Brett Jackson, Alfonso Soriano (boy, his defense is bad)
3B Josh Vitters
SS Starlin Castro
2B Ryan Theriot, Mike Fonenot, or someone better
1B ??? (either a majors ready draft pick, or even better, why not take a shot at Adrian Gonzales as his contract is up in a couple years.)
C Geovany Soto or someone better

SP Ryan Dempster, Tom Gorzelanny, Randy Wells, Andrew Cashner, and Mark Prior (Ha! Just making sure you're still with me here- I know that was ridiculous.) Maybe the fifth starter is a prospect, a draft pick from this year, or a free agent signing.

RP Who cares about middle relief? I will acknowledge that Andrew Cashner could be the next closer instead of being a starter. This would allow the Cubs to trade Carlos Marmol to someone for prospects or even a legitimate bat.

Basically, let's get Lee, Ramirez, Zambrano, Carlos Silva, and Lilly's payroll off the books. Let's look inward at our farm system and find out who is legit and who isn't. Anyone know if Jeff Samardzija is worth a damn at the Major League level? Let's figure it out and roll with him or move on depending on that answer.

Once we get the payroll at a manageable level, it's time to look for good deals via trade and/or free agency. I just don't need to see albatross contracts coming in and staying for 8 years. 4 year contracts and don't give in to no trade clause demands. The Phillies started that policy and it seems to be a smart way to go. Obviously, if you find a talent like Roy Halladay then do what it takes, but otherwise, follow that policy to a T.

There needs to be a change in attitude within the Cubs organization. I don't really mind Lou Pinella as a manager, but let's be honest, he's out after this year. Will they hire Ryne Sandberg? If he's the best man for the job, then I say do it. If not, find someone who is going to get the best out of the Cubs' players.

I'm writing this before the Cubs' draft pick, so that pick may change this analysis a bit, but overall, this is a plan I can work with. To recap: get payroll flexibility so you can offer a great free agent (Adrian Gonzales or someone similar) a competitive offer. Otherwise, go young, develop your players and draft well. Find a couple new people to be the new voice(s) of the Cubs and have the wins start rolling in.

Am I that off base? Was I not specific enough? Have some better ideas? Want Bob Brenly to become the manager and promote his son Michael to the majors? It's funny when people say the Yankees buy championships (and to some degree, they obviously pay a lot for their quality players) but look at how they were so successful over these years. Jeter, Posada, Rivera, and Pettite are all home grown farm products. Get a core like that, then spend money around them. The Phillies are doing the same thing right now (Utley, Howard, Rollins, Hammels) and it seems to work out. This is the mold I want the Cubs to follow.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: And We're Back!

When I said I'd make a return to the blogosphere- I meant it! Let's get caught up first, and then settle back in with a weekend recap.

- My surgery went well. The nurses and doctors were great and made me as comfortable as possible for a situation that calls for surgery via my pee hole. That's right. They knocked me out, and when I woke up, I had a catheter in me. I mean, they told me that's what was going to happen, but when it becomes a reality, you want nothing more than to get it out! The nurse taped it to my leg, and then told me I had to make a lap around the office (probably to make sure I wouldn't fall over once I urinated after the catheter was removed.)

Speaking of peeing, the first few days after my surgery, peeing was NOT fun. Normally relieving experience was instead replaced by something closer to shooting razor blades out of my urethra. Not cool.

Through it all, Mrs. B. was really great. She took the day off to get me to and from the hospital was very caring and supportive. I have a great wife.

Currently, I have a stent installed in me, and I get it out on the 17th. I've been told that the doctor can remove it in his office while I'm awake. So which is worse, getting knocked out and have doctors go up your pee hole to perform surgery, or being wide awake while a doctor extracts a stent via your pee hole? I'm thinking the latter option is worse, but feel free to weigh in on that.

So I'm doing much better... so much better that I've already been playing shows...

- Thursday night I played Live Band Karaoke. We have a bunch of new songs, but we will be losing our keyboard player (he's moving to Reno) in a couple weeks. We'll either get a new keyboard player or maybe just adjust our song list toward a more drums, bass, two guitars arrangement. We'll see.

- Friday night I was sooooo tired. I had only slept for 4 hours then worked all day so by the time Friday evening came around, I was not prepared to do anything active. In fact, I seem to have blocked it out of my mind because I don't know what I even did. I vaguely remember Baja Fresh and Guitar Center being involved.

- Saturday I played two shows. One in Vacaville and one in Roseville. First, I played the Jewelry fair in Downtown Vacaville. This show was fun because I said "screw it" and played all originals (mostly.) I literally played every song off my album and half of my first album. I've been getting way too comfortable with my "cover song gigs" and I'm ready to break out of that comfort zone.

Later that night, I was paying bills by playing the cover songs that people wanted at the Boxing Donkey. I thought the show went quite well. There were a few groups of girls that found their way to the Donkey that made the night pretty fun. A few birthday girls, a bachelorette party, and some other groups that just wanted to party. Note to bachelorette parties- it is not as fun as you think when you all bring whistles to a bar. I know it gets you more attention (this group was good looking enough to not need more attention) but anyone who says it's a "good or fun" idea is just trying to get in your pants. Moral of the story- leave the whistles in sporting arenas where they belong!

- I was again very tired Sunday, but I'm currently watching the Blackhawks' scoring barrage here in Game 5. As a Chicago fan, I won't be comfortable until the series is over. Being up 2-0 was awesome, but having the Flyers (Fliers?) come back to even the series is scary.

PS: Question answered- I'm a Blackhawks fan at heart. It was answered in the first 15 seconds of Game 1 versus the Sharks.

PPS: Lovin' the Fratellis' song "Chelsea Dagger." Just means another goal for the 'Hawks! Yeah- I'm a bandwagon fan and it feels great!

So I'm back. Make sure you comment to let me know how much you've missed me (or more practically, just comment on a regular basis because I'd love to hear your reaction to any of my posts.) Good seeing you again as well!