Monday, June 7, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: And We're Back!

When I said I'd make a return to the blogosphere- I meant it! Let's get caught up first, and then settle back in with a weekend recap.

- My surgery went well. The nurses and doctors were great and made me as comfortable as possible for a situation that calls for surgery via my pee hole. That's right. They knocked me out, and when I woke up, I had a catheter in me. I mean, they told me that's what was going to happen, but when it becomes a reality, you want nothing more than to get it out! The nurse taped it to my leg, and then told me I had to make a lap around the office (probably to make sure I wouldn't fall over once I urinated after the catheter was removed.)

Speaking of peeing, the first few days after my surgery, peeing was NOT fun. Normally relieving experience was instead replaced by something closer to shooting razor blades out of my urethra. Not cool.

Through it all, Mrs. B. was really great. She took the day off to get me to and from the hospital was very caring and supportive. I have a great wife.

Currently, I have a stent installed in me, and I get it out on the 17th. I've been told that the doctor can remove it in his office while I'm awake. So which is worse, getting knocked out and have doctors go up your pee hole to perform surgery, or being wide awake while a doctor extracts a stent via your pee hole? I'm thinking the latter option is worse, but feel free to weigh in on that.

So I'm doing much better... so much better that I've already been playing shows...

- Thursday night I played Live Band Karaoke. We have a bunch of new songs, but we will be losing our keyboard player (he's moving to Reno) in a couple weeks. We'll either get a new keyboard player or maybe just adjust our song list toward a more drums, bass, two guitars arrangement. We'll see.

- Friday night I was sooooo tired. I had only slept for 4 hours then worked all day so by the time Friday evening came around, I was not prepared to do anything active. In fact, I seem to have blocked it out of my mind because I don't know what I even did. I vaguely remember Baja Fresh and Guitar Center being involved.

- Saturday I played two shows. One in Vacaville and one in Roseville. First, I played the Jewelry fair in Downtown Vacaville. This show was fun because I said "screw it" and played all originals (mostly.) I literally played every song off my album and half of my first album. I've been getting way too comfortable with my "cover song gigs" and I'm ready to break out of that comfort zone.

Later that night, I was paying bills by playing the cover songs that people wanted at the Boxing Donkey. I thought the show went quite well. There were a few groups of girls that found their way to the Donkey that made the night pretty fun. A few birthday girls, a bachelorette party, and some other groups that just wanted to party. Note to bachelorette parties- it is not as fun as you think when you all bring whistles to a bar. I know it gets you more attention (this group was good looking enough to not need more attention) but anyone who says it's a "good or fun" idea is just trying to get in your pants. Moral of the story- leave the whistles in sporting arenas where they belong!

- I was again very tired Sunday, but I'm currently watching the Blackhawks' scoring barrage here in Game 5. As a Chicago fan, I won't be comfortable until the series is over. Being up 2-0 was awesome, but having the Flyers (Fliers?) come back to even the series is scary.

PS: Question answered- I'm a Blackhawks fan at heart. It was answered in the first 15 seconds of Game 1 versus the Sharks.

PPS: Lovin' the Fratellis' song "Chelsea Dagger." Just means another goal for the 'Hawks! Yeah- I'm a bandwagon fan and it feels great!

So I'm back. Make sure you comment to let me know how much you've missed me (or more practically, just comment on a regular basis because I'd love to hear your reaction to any of my posts.) Good seeing you again as well!


GMoney said...

Dude, your dick stories are giving me chills. I do not want that at all. Glad to hear you're OK though.

I knew that you would figure out your allegiance early. Good luck with the Hawks. Their road uni's are the best in all of sports.

Tony B. said...

Yeah, I'm not sure if all that info is necessary, but I'm glad it's having the desired chilling effect.

Their road uni's are awesome... too bad in this case wearing them means being on the road in Philly. The Flyers are a different team at home. We'll see how it goes though.

Clarkster said...

Welcome back Tony, now just to get you back into basketball shape.

Tony B. said...

Bball's going to have to wait until after the 17th... but I'll get back soon enough...