Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: A Weekend of Almosts

After watching the US Soccer team luck their way into a tie with England, Mrs. B. and I (and friends) went to the Reno Peppermill. We were somewhat celebrating my "golden" birthday (my b-day is actually on the 29th and I'm turning 29.) Even though it's a couple weeks away, I was happy to provide an excuse for us to visit the greatest casino ever.

Once we were settled (and at least slightly drunk), we headed to the Craps tables. Things were not to be as magical as they have in the past. Every time we were about to break the game open in our favor, the devil's 7 would come and steal our chips. Weak. After awhile, we stopped fighting the gambling Gods and just gave up.

The next morning brought new possibilities. The Peppermill gives their Passport Player's Card members a coupon book each time they show up. This coupon book has match play on Sports parlays and Keno. I woke up and decided to place a $10 matched parlay bet (so it was like the parlay was worth $20). I bet on the Rangers, Mariners, Cubs, and Lakers +3. From noon until 8pm, I was in the Sportsbook agonizing over all of these games. You see, the parlay would've paid out $291.

The Rangers took care of business without much fanfare. The Mariners kept it close but ultimately dispatched the Padres in the end. Then it was up to the Cubs and Lakers to get it done. Ted Lilly was earning his paycheck by taking a no-hitter into the 9th. Simultaneously, I was watching the Lakers lay a huge egg against the Celtics. Honestly, the Lakes' defense was suspect at best and their free throws looked like they magically allowed the 2002 Sacramento Kings to shoot the foul shots for them. The Lakeshow was out-hustled and out-classed- and only lost by 6 points! I'm am so angry that they lost and ruined my parlay (they could've lost by 2 or 1 and I wouldn't have given a shit.) However, I'm even more angry that I cheered for the stupid Lakers.

We went to CHI after to get some delicious Chinese food (CHI is definitely the best value restaurant at the Peppermill.) Our server was a French lady (yes, a French lady is a server at a gourmet Chinese restaurant) who ended up singing me a birthday song in French. It was pretty sweet. The food was great as usual, and afterwards we headed back to the Craps table.

This time, it was a bit better than the night before, however, it was not a profitable table. My friend John started killing it, and after one roll, some guy at the end of the table threw a fit and started yelling at the pit boss. The halted the game because of the controversy (I don't actually know what the problem was). Once John got the dice back, take a guess what number he rolled...

I got fed up and decided to head to the Poker tables. I ended up playing until 4 in the morning and played decently, but end up about even in the end. The worst hand, however, was one I played exactly the way I should have. I had Ace-5 offsuit with the 5 of diamonds. The flop came 3-4-7 of diamonds. Straight flush draw? Heck yeah! During the round of betting, a guy over-bet the pot at $15, and he had one caller, and then I called. I figured I'd give it at least one shot. The Jack of hearts peeled off on the turn. He then bet $30 in such a way that I was positive he had the Ace of diamonds with another diamond (this was a correct assumption in the end.) I realized that the 6 of diamonds was the only card in the deck that was going to help me win the pot. $30 for a one outer is not good. I folded. There were two guys left in the pot, and of course the 6 of diamonds came on the river. If I was Q*Bert, I would've said "%@&!"

Not only would I have doubled my stack through the guy with the Ace high flush, I would've gotten a $150 bonus for the straight flush and a $50 bonus for the high hand of the hour. I can't even express how damaging this still is to my psyche. Seeing that 6 of diamonds was like realizing that Freddy Krueger had jumped into my dreams to knife me up. I clearly made a good decision by folding because of the odds, but gambling-wise it still feels awful.

In the end, there was money lost, but the Peppermill was a great time as usual. You can't win every time you go to a casino- they don't build those things on people making a killing off them. It is terrible that I was close to winning lots of money a few different ways, but what are you gonna do? Move on, I suppose. So Peppermill, I will not hold this weekend against you, but I look forward to some sweet comps later on.


GMoney said...

Relax...you made the correct play. There is absolutely no reason to go after a one-outer against a made hand. You know this.

What was it like seeing someone go nuts on a pit boss? Did he get the cattle prod like in Casino???

Tony B. said...

I know I made the right play, but damn that card hurt to actually see.

He didn't get the cattle prod. In fact, they didn't really do much to him. He was yelling at the pit boss saying, "You've disrespected me these last three days!" I can't barely remember the last time I've ever even talked to a pit boss, let alone given him a long enough opportunity to disrespect me. Also, why would you keep gambling at a place where someone was disrespecting you over a period of 3 days? I would've liked to disrespect my fist in his face.

Anonymous said...

It would have been hilarious to see the guys face though hitting a one outer Straight flush on the river. Shazaam!

James (since I don't have a google account)

Tony B. said...

Yeah, he would not have seen that one coming. I'm sure I would have gotten a lecture about how terrible a player I am had I continued on with the hand.

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