Monday, June 21, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

Where to start? Let's start with the game of futbol...

- I know my regular commenter base is widely split on World Cup action. Here are my World Cup watching tendencies: I watch the games the US is involved in as long as they are on at a reasonable time. I'll watch occasional other portions of games that are relatively interesting (England's games, Brazil's games, etc.) Again, these must be on at a reasonable time. As far as the US game versus Slovenia goes, it was quite disappointing. Also, because of, I'll throw it on as background at my desk.

First, it is absolutely inexcusable for that inexperienced referee to disallow the US goal that should have counted. Furthermore, if you are going to disallow the goal, then you have to AT THE VERY LEAST tell the team, coach, and general public why you stopped play. Was it offsides? Was it a foul? If so, then let us know who the foul was on? It's a joke. In each of the four major sports in a the US, referees are required to use hand signals and/or their voice to call out infractions. Hell, in football, the ref has to go to the middle of the field and announce over the house PA system what their call is on any given play. It keeps everyone (including the fans) in the loop. As it stands now, I still have no clue why that goal was not a goal, and this confuses and angers me. I mean, the World Cup seems to be doing pretty well as far as ratings and general interest in the US, but Soccer's interest will dip back down as soon as this ends and one reason is because no one is explaining this call. It's hard to like something that is not understandable.

Second, the US team is not good. If they'd like to prove me wrong, then go right ahead. They constantly give up early goals and play from behind. Just once I'd like to see a game where they take the lead and suck the life out of their opponent. Until this happens, I can't take them too seriously.

- Enough on Soccer- next up, I had another show at Pyramid in Walnut Creek this weekend. I had a few friends show up which was nice, and the other half of the patio was blocked for a surprise b-day party for a nice lady named Jane. Since it was a little cold and windy, and because I have my own birthday party there next Saturday, the general public half of the patio wasn't very filled up. Overall though, the show went well and I had a decent time. No brand new covers, but I must say I'm having a lot of fun playing "Counting Blue Cars" by Dishwalla. The song sits in my vocal range pretty nicely. Next step- getting that tune on the Live Band Karaoke list. Next week should be a blast, so come on out if you're in the area (6/26 @ 7pm!)

- My fantasy team stomped a mud-hole in my opponent's chest this week. It was even more sweet because yesterday was my opponent's birthday. Nothing like sending over a birthday loss (I'm sure karma is coming to get me in two weeks over that statement.) Seriously though, 367 points for the week was easily the highest point total in the league. Too bad my team seemly either scores the most points, or goes up against the team with the most points every single week. I'm only 4-7 which is quite disappointing. Highlights from this week's team:

1) Both Jonathan Papelbon and Billy Wagner had over 50 points. 3 saves, and 1 win each!
2) Jake Peavy's complete game. Damn- if he gets going, my team will be so much stronger.
3) Matt Holliday's 35 points. 4 home runs this week was quite nice. He's been disappointing thus far, but I absolutely need him to keeping putting weeks like this together to get back in the race.
4) Big Z getting a nice win versus the Angels. What's that? Zambrano pitched well on Sunday?! Simply amazing. I didn't think he would get a win the rest of the season, let alone against a quality opponent. Be proud Fat Carlos #1.

So that's my weekend. It felt short, but that's the way they go sometimes. Until tomorrow...


GMoney said...

My Halladay deal got shot down eventough he's 8-6 in the NL and got outdueled by freaking Pavano yesterday. Trying to see if this could be swung:

Mauer, Andrus, and Johan


McCann, Aubrey Huff, and Peavy

Joe and McCann have both been disappointing this season as have Johan and Peavy, but my current SS is Starlin Castro and he sucks. Personal feelings about Mauer aside, would you even consider this trade?

Tony B. said...

I probably wouldn't do it because Mauer and Johan are the two best players in the deal making it fairly lopsided. Huff has been pretty good, but I don't trust him in the long run. Peavy pitched great yesterday, but he needs a couple more consistent starts before I do this trade.

McCann is great, and probably close to even with Mauer this year. If you found a player that was better than Huff to throw in, it's possible it could get done.

Starlin Castro has sucked recently. He won't be good this year, but I'm thinking he'll be alright in the coming years.

GMoney said...

I wonder if I took out Huff and put in Jason Heyward, would he bite...

Tony B. said...

That definitely makes the trade fair. If you're down with giving up Heyward then you should try it.

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