Monday, June 28, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

So I have the day off today, and before I start running errands and practicing some tunes, it's time to write my Monday recap of the weekend. I don't know while I'm doing this while listening to "First Take." Skip Bayless is the worst. I'm not saying LeBron is definitely going to Chicago, but I don't know Skip saying "it would be the single biggest mistake ever." He also said that LeBron chose to wear #23 because King James believed he can "eclipse Michael Jordan." Anyway...

- Friday after work I drove directly to my graphic artist's home office. He ran through a number of concepts for the new album art, and I was impressed by all of them. Not to mention it was fun to talk to him about my own album in relation to each theme. It's odd to put my music in different perspectives to the point where I find out new things about the group of songs I've put together.

I'm very excited to get this thing out. It's been a long time coming.

- After that, Mrs. B. and I went to Chili's in Natomas. I don't know if I have mentioned this particular location in the past, but seriously, it's the best Chili's ever. I don't know exactly how they do it, but the food tastes better there than at other locations. The services is typically top-notch as well.

- Saturday, I planned to sleep in until my lovely cat, Cosmo, continued to bite my nose (not hard, just to wake me up.) It was frustrating, so I got up and put him outside. I'm sure that's what he wanted, but I didn't care. I just wanted to have a chance at getting back to sleep. This led me to watch most of the England/Germany game. Finally, an entertaining game with lots of scoring! England even got screwed by the refs (Bonus!)

- Later that day it was off to Walnut Creek to play at Pyramid Walnut Creek. To the people who came out- Thank you so much! I'm not quite sure how to go about the rest of this story because it goes down negative rant road (and that's not exactly where I normally want to go.) Mrs. B. had invited a lot of people to come out and celebrate my birthday (just a few days early, my birthday is actually tomorrow.) A bunch of people RSVP'ed that they would be there, and almost all of them were no shows. Now, I know a few people didn't realize that it was in Walnut Creek (rather than the Sacramento Pyramid location that no longer has live music.) Some people were not able to make the drive. Some people just didn't show up. But it was the perfect storm of no shows to give me a metaphorical punch in the nuts. My mom and younger brothers showed up and my mom brought some of her friends. The back patio was fairly crowded the whole night, so that was helpful to salvage the show.

Already a little bit in the tank, the latter portion of the show (and keep in mind, I play from 7-11pm and 4 hours of music playing is no easy task) a couple of drunk Air Force guys were yelling out requests. They came up and asked for a whole lot of Country songs that I didn't know. I tried to quell their insatiable need to make me play what they wanted by playing "Friends In Low Places" and "Fishin' In The Dark." (Besides Johnny Cash, that's all the Country I have.) Then one of them came up and asked me if I could get everyone to raise their glasses in a toast for the Air Force. Then after, play a song called "American Soldier." I really don't have a problem with the request, but I don't know the song, so they had to settle for "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty.

They kept yelling out names of Country artists even though I told them I didn't know anything else. At that point, someone should have just put cymbals in my hands and turned me into a chimp ("Dance, monkey, dance!") I announced that I'd play "Ring of Fire" then an original, and that would be the end of the show. I'm not supposed to go overtime at Pyramid and on top of that, playing 4 hours is tough. I'm spent by the end of that time. I have to break down all my equipment and then drive over an hour back to Sacramento. There is one thing that can change my opinion on this whole situation... money.

Another group asked me if they could buy another Johnny Cash song. They put some money in and I produced "Folsom Prison Blues." After that though, I was done. It was 11:07pm, I was running on fumes, and under contract to stop playing music 7 minutes earlier. I announced that fact and the Air Force guys start heckling me about how if their "TI officer was here I'd be in trouble" blah blah blah. Ya know what? I wouldn't be in trouble- because I'm not in the Air Force! I have NO problem with any military. In fact, I am VERY appreciative for anyone who puts their life on the line, so that I can go about my business and not worry about getting bombed or terrorized on a daily basis. HOWEVER, if you want to openly over-play the military card for your own person attention- screw off. It's people like that who can leave me with a sour taste about military folks- and I don't know want to feel that way. Certainly, the extreme stereotypes of different types of people exist, and when your path crosses them it's maddening.

Needless to say, the show didn't go as well as planned, but it makes me appreciate the great shows that much more. Again, I'd really like to thank the people that did show up to support me. It means a lot.

- Sunday was hugely productive:

1) Went to brunch at the original Bistro 33- it was delicious.
2) Did 6 loads of laundry.
3) Swept the back porch. Cleaned up some cobwebs out there.
4) Played through every song on my new album, and even practiced a couple new tunes.
5) Went to the bank.
6) Went to the grocery store. This is where the lady told me, "Thank Mr. Bad-Ass-Ka."
7) Later that night, went to the G St Pub to see my friends' bands. My producer Karl was playing in his metal band Silvara. Holy shit these guys rock. I'm not into metal that heavy (I'd be a posing faker to say otherwise) but watching the amount of technique it takes to play that fast with so many nuances is amazing. I can definitely appreciate that.

The hilarious thing is that Karl was the sound guy as well, so he asked me to adjust the sound while he was on stage. Check that one off the bucket list- doing sound for a metal show! I guess one of his friends told him "That was the best mix you guys may have ever had!" Hell yeah!

Then two of my Live Band Karaoke cohorts where playing in Wolf's Blood, a Misfits cover band. Again, not a huge fan of the Misfits, but any band featuring Glenn Danzig can't be all bad, right? The guys did great and I was happy to have seen a show that I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

It's funny that with the type of music I play, how many metal/punk guys I hang out with.

And that takes us to the end. Forget about proofreading this blog- it's my day off! Time for me to go do more productive things and try to forget the fact that Big Z still as $45 million left on his contract.


GMoney said...

You had me at "Nitty Gritty Dirt Band". Country music sucks. You did the right thing by not learning any songs from that genre of shitty music.

Carlos Zambrano should be shot.

Tony B. said...

I try to give people as much variety as possible, but let's keep it real- I can only learn so much music that I hate.

I wish you and your friends could moon Carlos Zambrano.

Mrs. B said...

you failed to mention that after all the shitty stuff happened on Saturday, Mr.s B made you feel alllll better. ;)

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