Friday, June 18, 2010

Live Band Karaoke Last Night/Pyramid Tomorrow Night

Live Band Karaoke was fun as usual last night. I thought we played pretty well (for the most part) and we had some very good singers. The unfortunate part about our show is that our keyboard player, Charlie, is moving to Reno so this was his last show. He brought a lot of personality, excellent harmony vocals, and he's a pretty cool dude in general. We'll miss you man, good luck in the Biggest Little City In The World.

Needless to say, we're going to have to edit our list of songs to compensate for Charlie's absence. Any suggestions for songs that use the traditional two guitars, bass and drums arrangement? Feel free to list songs you enjoy or think you might enjoy singing.

I'm playing tomorrow at the Pyramid Alehouse in Walnut Creek. It's the usual 7-11pm. I'm hoping to play a set of original songs to start, then break into the cover songs after that. Have a great weekend folks, see you on Monday.


GMoney said...

Alright, I'm back from NYC and I've begun to think about shaking up my fantasy baseball team. We can keep five players for next year so any dealing needs to have that in mind. I am currently in second and have the sort of roster flexibility that can win the league for the second year in a row.

Right now, my keepers for next year would be A-Rod, Crawford, Heyward, Greinke, and either Hanson or Morneau. Good but not great. By the way, I recently flipped Holliday (who I think sucks personally) and sold high on Garza for Crawford and Greinke (he is not as crappy as his season suggests).

But I'm not done. I want to keep getting better now and for the future. I don't want to keep Hanson. So I've taken my biggest sell-high monster first half guy and put him on the block.

I've offered Morneau and Cain (looking to sell high on both) for Fielder (hoping to take advantage of the guy being sick of his start) and Halladay. I'm pretty sure that he won't bite on this, but if you're looking solely at the numbers, he is getting more back than I am.

And the thought of going into next year with Fielder, A-Rod, Crawford, Halladay, and Greinke gets my dick hard.

I don't know, what are your thoughts on sell high/buy low guys?

Tony B. said...

First, tough games this week against the Phillies. I hope you enjoyed the new stadium though.

This response almost deserves it's own post...

I currently have Holliday and he has sucked. Very disappointed with him at this point. Getting Crawford and Greinke made your team better- hopefully Greinke gets back on track.

I'm not as high on Fielder as you are (his fat body will break down at some point, and he hasn't been hitting recently.) HOWEVER, if you got Halladay as well, then I'm more than ok with your trade. You always want to get the best guy in the trade.

I need to start dealing in my league. I traded Burnett for Jayson Werth, which hasn't made as much of a difference as I'd have hoped. We keep 6 guys, and right now my keepers would be: Mauer, Youklis, Holliday, Werth, Papelbon, and one of many pitchers (Ricky Romero, Oswalt, or Peavy if he gets his shit together.)

Upon looking at it, I should deal Holliday for a keeper arm... I like what you're doing. Risky, but could pay off huge.