Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Recap of Last Night

Once again I have today off. And once again I sit here and watch Skip Bayless' opinion on the LeBron situation (whoever came up with the term "LeBrominos" should be shot.) Apparently he has a problem with every possible place LeBron could sign. It is unreal how these "experts" pscycho-analyze each move. If he goes to Miami, he's weak because he admits he needs help (of course he needs help, the damn game is played with 5 players at a time, not to mention the need for a decent bench!) If he goes to Chicago, he's trying to show up Michael Jordan (you mean no current Yankees can build their own legacy because Babe Ruth once played in the Bronx? So dumb.) If he stays in Cleveland, he's admitting that he's content to not improve the cast around him (I want him in Chicago, but I get if he stays in Cleveland- and none of these decisions should be questioned to the extent they already are.)

So last night went to Mikuni in Roseville for sushi. For whatever reason, the sushi at the location in Roseville just tastes better. I don't know why. I have to believe all the locations get fish from the same distributor, but it truly tastes fresher.

There was a little bit of a wait, so we went to the bar to get some drinks. I went with the 16 oz. aluminum Bud Light bottle, and Mrs. B. was talked into getting a full pitcher of Raspberry Bacardi Mojito by the bartender (it was $8 for one, $18 for a pitcher, so she went big.) Eventually we were seated and had a great dinner. The sushi was delicious, which was fantastic since I was extremely hungry!

At some point, the people next to us got up and left. They cleared the table, readying it for a new group. An older man and a younger girl sat down at the table next to ours. I noticed them and thought, "Aw, that's nice. A man taking his daughter out to dinner." Then he reached across the table to hold her hand, and I thought, "That's a little weird, but I guess a father can hold his daughter's hand." Then he began stroking it. I soon began to realize that this was a union more than likely made on He then decided he wasn't close enough to her, so he moved from sitting across from her to sitting right next to her. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that this girl is really into free dinners and jewelry. I have to believe they started to realize I kept looking over. I was fascinated.

Luckily it was time for me to spin the birthday wheel. It's a standard prize wheel that has such prizes as a $100 gift card, a beer glass, a bag of rice, mints, chopsticks, etc. Obviously, the good prizes ($100 gift card) are less likely than the cheaper prizes (bag of rice.) So I spin the wheel and come 1 space away from the $100 gift card! Dammit! My consolation prize? A small box of mints. The guy said, "Don't worry man, those are really nice $2 mints." I replied with, "Oh, so I'm only down $98 from the $100 gift card? Thanks man."

Afterward, we went to the movies (it's in the same shopping center.) We saw "Get Him To The Greek." Upon entering the theater, there was no one in there. We picked our seats about 3/4 of the way up and in the center. After 5 minutes, another couple walked into the theater. They sat one row above us, and two seats over. Why do people do this? I was mildly laughing at how shocked I was that they could've picked any other seats in the theater, but they decided to sit so close to us. Were they cold and needed our body heat to survive? Do they live in a commune and are used to being in crowded rooms? Were they doing this on purpose just to annoy us? I guess I'll never know.

Luckily, more people showed up (although we would've moved had no other people showed up.) Point being that the seating arrangement was less awkward because the theater had other people in it.

The actual movie was pretty damn funny. Rockstar hilarity involving hard drugs and sex? Sign me up! It's definitely worth a watch unless you happen to hate Russell Brand (I think he's funny, but I get it if you're not into the Brit.)

Overall I had a great birthday, so thanks to everyone who sent me texts, Facebook messages, and phone calls to wish me a happy one. I really appreciate it. It's my last day off, so hopefully I can make it a good one.


GMoney said...

Russell Brand is awful. We must disagree on this. It's time for you to get back to work, dammit.

Tony B. said...

Russell Brand is awful as a human, but I can still laugh at him being an sexed up, drugged up crazy has been in a movie. It's like how everyone knows the cast of Jersey Shore is a gang of trainwrecks, but it's still fun to watch.

Back to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to it...