Tuesday, June 22, 2010

State of My Fantasy Team: Buffalo Soldier

Yes, my team is named after the moment that Randy Marsh proudly marches down Main St in South Park singing "Buffalo Soldier" because he's intentionally given himself testicular cancer in order to get his legal medical marijuana card. You may remember I was singing "Buffalo Soldier" during a particularly awesome Craps session at the beginning of May to represent our big balls when successful large bets would pay off. Anyway, here is my roster from top to bottom:

C Joe Mauer - Can't go wrong with the most talented catcher in baseball. Victor Martinez does have more points currently, but I wouldn't trade Mauer for Martinez, so I'd say this position is solid.

1B Kevin Youklis - I looked yesterday and to my utter shock, Youklis has the most points out of any offensive player in our league. This has to be due to his low strikeout rate (K's give hitters negative points.) Amazing season thus far, keep it up Youk!

2B "His name is DAN UGGLA!" - That is, in fact, the Marlins' announcers home run call when Uggla hits a homer. He does this a lot. He also strikes out far too much. I'd look to upgrade, but since my trade offer for Chase Utley was turned down (Holliday and Uggla for Utley and Scherzer) I don't know if I have any hope of that.

SS Starlin Castro - One of my weakest positions. Castro will eventually be good, but I don't know if I can expect much of him for the rest of the year. I'm keeping my eye out for an upgrade. (I started Orlando Cabrera last week, and that was just dumb. I'm going with the Rook until I have someone who is legitimately better.)

3B Troy Glaus - My BEST free agent pick up. When I had Kendry Morales playing (ya know, before he broke his leg celebrating- idiot) I had Morales at 1B, and Youk at 3B. After Morales went down, I picked up Adam LaRoche. One week of that jerk, and I moved on to Troy Glaus. This has been awesome!!! If he's not been swooped on in your league, grab him immediately! I think most people have probably realized he's having a great year, though.

OF Matt Holliday - Disappointing so far, but really turned it on this past week. I want to see more of that!

OF Jayson Werth - Strikes out too much, but I got him in a straight up trade for AJ Burnett. Love it.

OF Michael Cuddyer - You can't go wrong with this guy. He is sneaky consistent.

U Marlon Byrd/Rickie Weeks - I'm not sold on either of these guys. Byrd has been hitting, and I keep Weeks around for 2B depth. I would trade either in a heartbeat if the right offer came my way.

SP Roy Oswalt - Can this guy get traded already?! The Astros are not doing him any favors. 5-8 with a 3.12 ERA? Shame on you Houston.

SP Jake Peavy - Borderline terrible during points, but his last start was lights out. I'm hoping he's catching on to the AL. I bet he still sends Petco Park love letters.

SP Mike Pelfry - His home park helps him out, and overall he's been great this year. Do I think he is as good as his record? Not totally, but this could continue through the season.

SP Ricky Romero - I've had a man crush on this guy since he was pitching at Fullerton. He's been awesome this year, and I don't see that changing. He's making an argument for me to keep him for next year. (We keep 6 players.)

SP Ted Lilly - If the Cubs needed to win a game tomorrow, I'm taking Lilly to toe the rubber. He's by far their most consistent pitcher, but has gotten non-existent run support. Give this guy 4 runs an outing and see what he can do.

RP Billy Wagner - SAVAGE.

RP Jonathan Papelbon - SAVAGE (though, what's up with his face?)

BENCH PITCHING - Carlos Zambrano, Ben Sheets, Fausto Carmona, Armando Gallarraga, and Kerry Wood. As you can see, there is potential here, and depending on match-ups I can definitely start any of these guys.

INJURED - Rich Harden and Kendry Morales. Screw these guys.

I really like my team. However, I'm 4-7 right now. 2 of those victories came when I scored the most points in the league. Essentially, I've been pretty unlucky with the weekly match-ups, and my team has been extremely inconsistent. Some weeks they go off, and others, they are worse than the Cubs before the acquired Henry Rowengartner. Here's to a solid rest of the season!


GMoney said...

I know exactly why you are 4-7...your starting pitching sucks.

My deal yesterday was actually ACCEPTED but the commish vetoed it as he should have. I have no idea what that other guy was thinking. So he countered with Huff for Andrus and I jumped at it eventhough Huff is having a better year. The whole goal of that trade was to improve over Starlin and Elvis is MUCH better. Plus, now that Huff is gone, I can finally start playing Carlos Santana as a UTIL.

I'm in two money leagues. I'm in first in my league and second in the other (while being the highest scoring team). I am soooo much better at fantasy baseball than I am football.

And it's not like a fluke either. My rosters are totally legit. It's been a month in one league where my team ERA has been higher than 2.00.

GMoney said...

And Jesus, there is very little potential on that bench. Galarraga is awful when not against the Indians. I cut Sheets 6 weeks ago so I don't know if he's still getting rocked or not. You KNOW Zambrano is terrible.

Guys like Jon Niese (Defiance kid!), Colby Lewis, and Mike Leake are all better options.

Tony B. said...

G$, this is a 12 team league that don't have people stupid enough to leave Lewis, Niese, and Leake in the Free Agent pool. The current best FA pitcher is Mitch Talbot. I agree my starting pitching is not good enough.

Good job on the trade. I don't like the veto because it wasn't collusion and dumb people deserve to get what's coming to them. There was nobody to veto me when I traded all my good football cards for Andre Ware rookie cards, why should this guy in your league get any help?

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