Monday, July 5, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: Indepedence Edition

I have the day off today, and it's fantastic. I need the time after last night! Let's get to the highlights of the weekend:

- Friday night, Mrs. B. and I got crazy and bought Lego Rockband for $20. She definitely rocks on the video game drums. She even took over lead vocals on "Crocodile Rock" which was impressive. I like these games because a) they are fun to play, in general and b) it can give me ideas of songs for Live Band Karaoke. Currently, I'm thinking we need to add some David Bowie... we'll see I guess.

- Saturday morning I played at the Vacaville Farmer's Market. As usual, it was a lot of fun. I made more of an effort to play original songs. I think I played an hour and fifteen minutes of originals and forty-five minutes of covers. Since I rely solely on tips for this gig, it makes sense to play covers, but challenging myself to play originals and still vie for tips is fun. Luckily, I still did just fine on tips.

And to the homeless/toothless guy who tipped me a penny, a bloody kleenex and a fake silver heart that had "XOXO" engraved on it... please don't put anything in the tip bucket next time. I'll play your Neil Young free of charge as long as you don't attempt to spread your hepatitis to me.

- Ricky Romero absolutely ruined my fantasy team this week. If the Blue Jays could catch fly balls, they would be a better baseball team.

- Rest of the day- went to the gym, got jacked again on a poker tournament (this one was free entry because I qualified earlier, but don't you hate it when your Jacks don't hold up versus 10's because the guy with 10's catch a four card straight- I need to follow your advice, G$, and not play online), and did some cleaning around the apartment.

- Sunday was pretty fun. We had a wedding to go to in the Bay Area, so we got ready and left at 1pm. The wedding was great, but let's skip to some good parts.

At the reception, I was back together with some of my friends, who are awesome, but we tend to be trouble-makers when we get together (we've been kicked out of A's games and annoyed people out at bars- I'm not saying it's right, but it's pretty damn funny.)

The reception was at a golf club which had stairs down to a putting green. We were eye-ing this green from the get-go. My friend kept mentioning how he wanted to pee down there. At the time there were people actually using the putting green so that wasn't going to work. Eventually though, the green cleared and we had the cover of darkness and went down on the mission. There were six holes so we made sure we had one person to pee in each hole. This didn't happen simultaneously, but it did get done. I had been drinking earlier, but I was dead sober while doing this and it was totally worth it. We hung out at the green for a bit, and eventually the sprinklers came on. Were they on a timer, or was it the club's way of getting us away from the green? I guess we'll never know.

We left shortly after that and I was disappointed that Mrs. B. and I didn't take advantage of the KY Jelly in the men's bathroom (what?!) I'm not sure if it was for use or there as a joke, but I had a decent laugh over it.

So we drove back to Sacramento. Once we arrived back home, I put my key in the keyhole and turned it. The key snapped off in the lock. Now, our lock has been pretty shaky recently, but at no point did I expect the key to snap off. The key had Chicago Bears logos all over it (on Facebook I posted, "It's no surprise that the key broke under pressure." Feel free to make up your own comment about this key.)

We first went to Safeway to buy pliers. We were hoping there was enough of the key to grab it and still turn the key in the lock. This didn't work. However, we then pulled the key out using the pliers. Mrs. B. came up with the idea to drive to Wal-Mart and have a new key made. We were looking for any alternative to not call a locksmith at just past midnight on the Fourth of July. I can't imagine how much that would cost.

So we went to Wal-Mart, and it actually worked! We got a key, and headed back home. The lock didn't work immediately, but with a little love (and banging on the door to loosen it up) the key turned and we were home. It was the hardest I've worked to get into my own house.

I'm so glad I have today off to recover. I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th, and hopefully you have today off as well. Yay America!


GMoney said...

Your key must have been made out of Brian Urlacher's bones.

The replacement key gave you know reaction at all (at first). Was it made by Lovie Smith?

The initial key let you down when you needed it most. You then had to have a new one Cut-ler.

I hate being at work right now. I'm like Albert Haynesworth.

Tony B. said...

LOL G$! I just read your comments to Mrs. B. and even she LOL'ed literally. You should be proud.

I'd expect nothing else from someone working on a day when everyone else is off. Now if you can continue this consistently throughout the year, then you'll be exactly like Albert Haynesworth. Except not as fat, and not as rich.

Mrs. B said...

Best part is- once we got in our apt. we realized the back window had been left open all day. haha - FAIL

GMoney said...

Wide open, eh? Sounds like Charles Tillman to me.