Monday, July 19, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: Tim Lincecum Bobblehead Edition

My weekend was pretty excellent. On Friday I played at the Boxing Donkey in Roseville and that went swimmingly, as usual. For the first time, I used my computer instead of music stand and binder to help me out with some of the lyrics (c'mon- memorizing 200 songs worth of lyrics would be too much of a task to handle without quitting my job and deciding that lyric memorization was my full time job.) It seemed to work out. Since I got a foot pedal for live band karaoke that clicks to the next page, I'm able to use my computer for solo shows as well.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:45 to drive my car to the service center. Upon arriving at 7:45- I was fourth in line. Don't you other people have anything better to do on a Saturday morning? I guess I'm being hypocritical because I had nothing better to do either, but when I show up at a service center at 7:45am, I suppose my expectation is to be first.

All of this is moot because it didn't take all that long to get my car serviced. I was back at home and getting ready to go to my first baseball game of the year (in July, that's just embarrassing.) We were going for our friend Mark's bachelor party (he's getting married in a month.)

The big story of the day in San Francisco is that the Giants were giving away Tim Lincecum bobbleheads at the game. Apparently people were lining up at 7am for this giveaway. Now, if my math is correct, AT&T holds around 40,000 people. They were giving away 20,000 bobbleheads. This means there is no way in hell that anyone in their right mind would need to line up at 7am to get one of these finely crafted pieces of plastic.

My friend Brandon (yes, the same one who I recently made a fantasy baseball blockbuster trade with) and I arrived around 2:45pm and saw a line going all the way down the Embarcadero. We thought it was hilarious how silly people were being about these things. We headed to the Public House (pub that is literally attached to AT&T Park) to drink beer. This was a much better decision. Mark had already drank a bunch when we arrived and he was sporting an orange panda hat that the other guys purchased for him. Panda hats are so dumb looking- which was perfect! If nothing else, it was a great conversation starter.

After I had gotten through a couple Miller High Lifes, we decided it was time to head inside. Some of our group decided to see if any bobbleheads were still available, and I went to another entrance without caring about receiving the "collectible" item. We had other business to attend to anyway as the guy who bought the tickets signed us up for the "University of Arizona Alumni Party." This entitled us to a pre-game reception, a Jennie Finch bobblehead, and a free beer. I'm fairly certain we stuck out like a sore thumb (I even had my UC Davis sweatshirt with me) but whatever. The free beer alone was worth going in.

Things got interesting when they announced they were giving out a "limited amount" of Lincecum bobbleheads. After trying all day to NOT get a bobblehead, I finally caved in. All I had to do was wait in a small line, and upon getting to the front they guy asked me if I was Arizona alumni. I said, "Of course." Then he said, "What city is the University in?" I kind of laughed at him and said, "Tuscon." Dude, you're going to have to try and do better than that. I understand this probably stumped a few people, but those people were just dumb. They did in fact get harder as one of my friends got stumped on the area code/zip code. Don't worry though, he eventually got one anyway.

I was even recognized by one of my other friends who came with his wife (who is an UA alum) and he said, "What are you doing here?" I really had no good reason for being there, but then again UA should have figured out a way to not allow the general public to buy tickets.

Moral of the story: People lined up as early as 7am to get a stupid bobblehead that I tried to NOT get, yet I still managed to walk away with it despite my best efforts. I feel sorry for the poor schmucks who thought it was a good idea to wait all day. PS: Here is the EBay page for the bobbleheads. Not even close to worth selling it because, get this- there are 20,000 of them!!! Probably more. I have a feeling they overproduce those things.

The Giants killed the Mets. We actually left and went to Pete's Tavern across the street during the 6th inning. I was finally able to score some garlic fries there, which made me extremely happy.

There are probably a few more stories, but I don't have a great grasp on some of the drunk things Mark was saying to the Arizona alumni that ended up sitting around us. I do know that he kept the panda hat on for the entire game and at Pete's, so that worked out well. Sandoval even hit well that game, so maybe it's a good luck charm.

Got any good bobblehead stories? Think it is dumb for people to wait in line for something they could've shown up drunk at 5pm to get? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


GMoney said...

The Lincecum bobblehead is a big deal because it's the only time ever that Tim has not been troll-ugly.

What is a panda hat anyway?

Ripping off another school's alumni are living the high life.

Tony B. said...

Since you asked, a Panda Hat looks like this THIS. My friend's was orange and he was forced to wear it. No one should buy these unless it's as a joke.

I feel pretty good about crashing the UA event, although they got us in the end by seating everyone at the top of section 324. I've literally never been up there before. It's pretty high up.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you sound like a huge dick.

Tony B. said...

As much of a dick as say, an anonymous commenter telling someone that they are a dick?