Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Hangover

Like I've previously stated, Fridays after LBK are not my best blogging days. I'm obviously not hungover today, but I always suffer from lack of sleep. Quick highlights from last night:

- My new computer set up is working quite well. For whatever reason our band had never played "Wonderwall" correctly (it pains me to say that as I'm probably qualified to start an Oasis cover band, but I digress.) I put the correct lyrics with the correct chords on the monitor, and all of a sudden we played the song better than ever. It was a nice validation to me for all the time (and money) I spent on formatting and re-typing all the lyrics and chords for each song in the LBK catalog.

- Played both "Ace of Spades" and "Mother" last night which was awesome. I overly enjoy playing these songs because I'm normally playing solo acoustic shows that don't allow me to rock out like that. It's a welcome change of pace.

- Mrs. B. is quite possibly the only person I've ever seen perform a successful karaoke version of "Bust A Move" by Young MC. To the people who gave it a go last night- you may want to keep practicing. That song is for professionals ONLY. You can't fake the funk on that tune.

- Our version of "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand is actually pretty decent. I really like playing that song.

- Recently, a guy named Ward has been killing it at LBK. I've dubbed him the "LeBron James" of our Live Band Karaoke. I'm just hoping he doesn't end up leaving us for another Live Band Karaoke spot!

Another fun night! If you haven't come out- then you should! Soon! Like, maybe the first Thursday in August? Do it!

I'm going to the Giants game tomorrow. My first baseball game of the year in July? What a jerk I am! See you on Monday with a full report.


Rae said...

it excites me to know that you're porbably qualified to star an Oasis cover band. WEDDINGS, ANYONE???

Tony B. said...

Wonderwall as a first dance song? I'm sure some couple of crazy kids from the 90s are intersted...

GMoney said...

It's kind of funny that last year Giants fans loved the Kung Fu Panda and this year they pretty much have disowned him in favor of Buster Posey. What does this mean? Giants fans are racist...racist gays.

Tony B. said...

It means that players being "cute and fat" only lasts as long as that player hits .335.

But you're right on the money- it's amazing how much shit gets talked about Sandoval on Bay Area sports talk radio.