Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday... Ugh

(Yes, that's "The Situation" in the center.  From the Yahoo TV Blog.) 

It's been a busy week folks.  I had band practice Tuesday, a rigorous workout Wednesday, band practice Thursday, hopefully going to see Inception tonight (crosses fingers), and I'm playing Saturday night at the Pyramid in Walnut Creek.  Good news, I had to fill in on electric guitar at band practice last night- and it wasn't terrible.  We even played "Ace of Spaces" with me on lead guitar and vocals!  Crazy stuff...

Seriously though- I got nothing today.  I'm spent.  I mean, at least the picture of "The Situation" is pretty funny, but other than that- nothing.  I plan on putting in all my effort on my upcoming album release.  I'm hoping the blog doesn't suffer because of it, but this is something I have to do.  You never know though, it may make the blog better.  We'll see.

For today though, you get a mail in post- much apologies.  Have a great weekend.


GMoney said...

Sitch is in the middle, buddy, and he's less than a week away from being back in our lives. Sitch only rolls in white turtlenecks.

Tony B. said...

With all these mistakes this week- I should think about retiring from blogging. I can't even get a mail in post right!

Maybe The Situation's return will help out my life/blogging/gym attendance/tan/abs/laundry habits/etc.