Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get To The Choppa!

The next installment of the "Predator" franchise is coming, and while I don't have high hopes for the new movie, that doesn't mean we can't look back on what could be our fine state's governor's greatest moment ever.

The original moment for your reference:

And now a song written by Austrian Death March about this famed moment that lives on despite its age:

Yeah, that was intense. Is this even better, perhaps?

Arnold saying "Do it" over and over and that being made into a Nike commercial? Ingenious! It's amazing that Jean Claude Van Damme isn't a governor by now! You'd figure he could have the same type of popularity as the Governator.

My point of all this is to remind everyone that no matter how much new movies suck, you can always go back and watch the originals that didn't suck (or were at least highly entertaining and possibly unintentionally funny.) Go ahead, watch Predator. DO IT! DO IT NOW!!!


GMoney said...

Carl Weathers + Jesse Ventura = gold

When it comes to Arnold movies, I have always been partial to True Lies. Tom Arnold rules in that (the bitch took the ice trays!) and the Jamie Lee Curtis thong striptease was milftastic.

Tony B. said...

Jesse Ventura ain't got time to bleed!

Anonymous said...

man wen it's ARNOLD movies i love watching them,i have all ways been a fan of him.