Friday, July 2, 2010

LBK Recap

My faithful readers, it's another Friday after Live Band Karaoke... you should just bank on a mail-in post on days like this. 3.5 hours of sleep will do that to a person. Now that I'm 29, powering through the day becomes harder and harder! Here's a recap of the night:

Charlie, our keyboard player is officially moved to Reno so we were without his piano playing, his extra vocals, and his computer and external monitor. I had been thinking about re-typing all the lyrics and formatting them nicely with all the chords. Well folks, after around 20 hours of work, it happened. I've found out two things: I hate some of these songs even more now AND cutting and pasting from the internet is not always as accurate as one might lead you to believe.

So the new system is as follows: my computer sits to the side on my music stand (which is arranged so the laptop can be level on it.) A chord runs to a new external monitor that sits on the Pub's barrel (yes, they have a giant barrel that we move on stage.) For songs with multiple pages, I have a USB foot pedal that goes to the next page. It's metal with rubber padding to make it stable and durable.

The new set up seemed to work pretty well last night. I was pleased. I'm sure it will only get better, but as far as the first trial run goes.

The other thing about last night was that our regular host "Jefe" was gone on vacation. We got Sarah (unsure if she spells her name Sara or Sarah, but I'm going with the "h" attached), a bartender at the Pub on Saturdays during the day to host. She definitely gets it. As an "old married guy" I sometimes underestimate how much hot girls affect everything. She would tell everyone to clap after someone's less than spectacular performance, and amazingly, the crowd gave a rousing ovation. It's like the crowd is brainwashed by the fact that we have a good looking girl as our host.

Sarah also brought an interesting idea to the table. "Karaoke Roulette" is a little game that a person can play by signing up and putting an "R" next to their name. In this case, they get bumped to the top of the list but the band gets to pick the song. Fun right? So we can intentionally pick "Ace of Spades" or something like that to mess with the person, or we can try to pick something that is easy for us to play. We had two instances of this:

1) A guy who had sung "Say It Ain't So" quite well came up to roll the dice (or spin the wheel, I guess.) We thought, "Let's throw him a curve ball and go with 'You Shook Me All Night Long' by AC/DC... yeah, that's the ticket!" Funny thing is- the dude crushed it! VERY IMPRESSIVE.

2) A bunch of guys came up right at the end of the night and we hooked them up with "I Gotta Feelin'" by Black Eyed Peas. It's a good crowd-pleaser for the end of the night, the guys did an admirable job with it. I think they were happy that everyone started dancing up front near the stage. It was definitely a faux-rockstar moment.

So there you have it. Another successful night. I hope everyone who came out enjoyed it, and it's only going to get better!


GMoney said...

Karaoke roulette is some risky business. You should have stuck the "brahs" with Ace of Base.

Cute girls interacting with people is always a recipe for success.

I've always felt that Sara was way sluttier than Sarah.

Tony B. said...

Ace of Base to the guys that seem like they would "ice" each other? That sounds like a fun time.

That's a pretty great debate between the sluttiness of Sara and Sarah. I'm not sure who could settle the debate, but I have a feeling you might be right in your assumption.