Friday, July 9, 2010


First, thank you to all the folks who came out last night. I had a lot of fun playing at Fox & Goose. Thank you to David Wallace of Automatic Rival for opening- great job man!

As much as I'd love to talk about my show and my music career, there's clearly only one option for me to post about today that would be relevant to the sporting landscape as well as our modern times- the possible comeback by Mark Prior.

Alright, so maybe that wasn't the story I was talking about. LeBron James made his "decision" to "take [his] talents to South Beach..." What a douche. His "brand" was NOT helped by that mockery of an ESPN special. His decision would've been destructive for Cleveland either way, but to "break-up" with them via a self-promoting nationally televised program based around you? Now that is sinking to new depths of egomania.

I mean really, let's say a rich celebrity/athlete (maybe Tiger Woods?) was cheating on his wife (hypothetically, of course.) If he went on national television to apologize about his behavior, the media more than likely would still put him through the grinder for not being genuine enough.

Now imagine if that same celebrity instead went on national television and said, "Oh wow, this is hard to do... my future is to screw a particular Hooters' girl in Miami. I don't look at this like my wife and kids are lacking, but when you get an opportunity f*** a fine-ass Hooters girl in Miami, you have to go there and give it all you got."

I'm guessing that wouldn't go over very well. And yet, that's pretty much what LeBron did to the city of Cleveland. A public break-up with his wife and kids. Hence the burning of the 23 James' jerseys...

Let's keep it real. I'm a Bulls fan to the core. I remember when Jordan had a hard time getting past the Pistons earlier in his career. I remember jumping up and down in my house in celebration when Jordan hit "the shot" over Craig Ehlo. I remember when John Paxon hit a clutch shot to assure the Bulls of their first championship. I could go on. The point is, I am a big Chicago sports fan (besides those damn White Sox.) Did I want LeBron to pick the Bulls? Of course. I'd be an idiot not to. However, now that I see the shenanigans the so-called "King" put the Cavs through only to bolt from his hometown and form a super group that apparently needs some rec-players to fill the rest of the roster- I'm kind of glad James did not go to Chicago. That's how sour I am him based on that charade from last night. I would rather have my team not get better because I don't want Underbite McGoo on my team.

I also feel terrible for the city of Cleveland. I can't see them selling out their building any longer. This will ultimately affect the area around the arena. With less people going to the arena, that means less people eating and drinking before and after games. It means less merchandise sold. I'm not sure it's LeBron's responsibility to help Cleveland economically, but it does make his "decision" that much more selfish. He has to know he's wrecking one of his (close to) hometown's hopes for financial stability.

After typing this, I am actually more mad than anything else. I can't believe we allowed ourselves to be held hostage for a week (I mean years) by this egomaniac. That is the best possible word to describe him. I literally had no problem with James previously, and D. Wade was one of my favorite players (Chris Bosh was always worse than I expected anytime I watched a game.) I now hate them all. A lot. That is my natural fan gut reaction. Hate. I love that you can re-arrange "HEAT" to be "HATE." It's too perfect.

Guess who feels best today? Kobe Bryant. He has five rings and everyone just forgot about him allegedly raping that girl in Colorado. The most recent raping in the NBA took place on TV for everyone to see. LeBron raped the city of Cleveland with some fake emotional a few chuckles.


Tony B. said...

From my friend Garret via the "Buzz" on GChat:

Tony, I have so much going through my head about this I don't even know where to begin. I hope there's enough room for it.
First off, congratulations LeBron for never EVER being able to go back to the only place you've ever known as "home." To some, especially in Cleveland, you practically became the anti-christ. Too harsh?!?! Maybe, maybe not.
Tony, I 110% completely agree. How egotistical and self-absorbed can someone possibly get? I think I just found out the answer to it. I understand that the NBA is "a business" (even though I hate that term) and the decision he made is his alone. He unfortunately deserves the right to make whatever decision he wants. But not in the manner that he did it. Some will say that it was great that he did it to done $$ to the Boys and Girls Club. And you know what, great for them, really. I'm glad that got such a hefty donation ($2.3 million I heard somewhere). But that's not why LeBron chose the way in which he let the world know his decision. He wanted this all along. To have it all be about HIM! Hell, he started this parade before the beginning of last season. Just makes me sick.
Second, to the fans of Cleveland. You deserve more. Way more. For the only notification and gratitude given is a half-assed thank you for the years to then be followed by a thick layer of "I did great things for that city and organization" is utterly disgusting. Not even a phone call, not a prior notification, not to be a responsible, mature adult and tell them face to face just fuels my rage about this even more. Now does he deserve to have his jersey burned?! Well, no......but I understand.
Third, congratulations Miami. You just became probably one of the most hated teams in all of sports. I hope you enjoy it. This team, for me at least, is up there with the Lakers team that had Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton. I hope the teams combusts and you don't even make it the playoffs. No, better yet, I hope you make it to the playoffs to be swepted by Cleveland (one can only wish).
Fourth, cheers to you Dan Gilbert. Now your public letter to the fans of Cleveland may not have been the wisest of decisions, thank you for having the balls to say what everyone is thinking and feeling. Good for you for stating the obvious that apparently everyone on ESPN missed or were too cowardly to say. I wish all NBA team owners were as passionate and focused as you (are you listening Golden State Warriors?!?!)
Last, forgive me for doing this but I want to play the "remember back in the day when..." game that my grandfather used to play every time I spoke with him. I'm sure you've all heard it before. "Remember when a bottle of coke only cost $.05?" It's such an annoying yet truthful game. I have to give Mike Wilbon some credit here, which again pains me to say. Remember back in the days with Michael Jordan, Magic, Bird, Isiah Thomas, Dominique Wilkens, Kareem, Barkley, Dr. J, etc when they all played? Sure some of them were good friends off the court or at worst friendly to one another, but when it comes to competing, did Michael ever try to team up with Magic or Kareem? No. I know what you're thinking....Michael had Pippen, Kukoc, Horace Grant, Rodman, etc. But you NEVER saw any of these guys asking....hell, be on one team together to try and win a championship. They all wanted to play against each other, in their prime, and be on top of everyone. Now today, you have argueably 2 of the top 5 players in the league in their prime and another star who's in his prime or about to enter his prime and orchestrate being on the same team and try to win a championship. It's practically buying a championship. It's like having 60% of the starting linup of an all-star team in one city. Pretty lame if you ask me.

Tony B. said...

Part 2:

I will have to admit, I'm practically ashamed at how outraged I am about this. I'm not from Cleveland, the Dub's had no chance at getting LeBron, and in the end it really has nothing to do with me and/or my life. However, being a lover of basketball, being what I hope to be a mature responsible adult, and having an everlasting and even pointless love for the NBA, I feel like a crime victim. I feel like one player's gigantic ego and lack of respect for his upbringing just stole the morality, responsibility, and the purest form of competition out of the NBA. I hope I'm wrong. I hope that another team proves me wrong and beats the hell out of the "HATE", I mean "HEAT" (sorry Tony, I had to use your genius line). I hope the city, the team, the organization of Cleveland rebounds competitively and economically. I hope the egos of James, Wade, Bosh, and Riley completely implode and one of the three stars demands a trade mid-season. Again, one can only dream.

Tony B. said...

Garret, it is absolutely crazy that we are having this kind of reaction to some guy who hasn't won a thing. I loved your points about his half-assed thank you followed by "I did great things for that city and organization." It's like Enron saying, "Well, we made people a bunch of money in the short term."

I immediately started thinking of teams that I hope beat down this conglomerate of d-bags. I will easily cheer for the Bulls (obviously), Magic, Celtics, Lakers, and literally any other team that shows themselves as contenders over this trio.

Also, I can't take total credit for the HEAT/HATE line- I feel like I've seen it a few places and they are such similar words that it just makes sense.

Thanks for reading, G!

GMoney said...

I kind of wish that the Boys and Girls Club said thanks, but no thanks. We don't want this blood money.

The best thing that the Cavs and the city could do is to move on and move on quickly. Dwelling on this won't help anything. Regrouping and fielding a team that can compete and even beat those assholes should be the goal.

Tony B. said...

Sounds like Dan Gilbert is already in that same mindframe, G$. I wish you the best of luck (and this is coming from a fan of their division rival!)

James N. said...

Awesome post Tony.

My favorite is for sure that the douche King had to wait til last to boost his damn ego. Such a dick move, since Cleveland had no heads up to even go after a big name guy since they were basically all taken by the time we were graced with his "decision". They had the class to stick with their guy/hero and show him they were dedicated to him. At this point, there are no stars really left, so Cleveland gets to have 4 draft picks, of which 2 are unlikely to see court time and the other 2 will be not-so-great 1st rounders since Miami is poised to at least have a good season for the next 6 years.

Did you see the interviews? Anytime a question was posed to the three of them Lebron always answered it! What a joke this guy has become. Agree 100% with you. Kobe has to be smiling. He will probably take MVP next years since all the pissed on people won't vote for his ass!

Tony B. said...

I agree Kobe came out really good in this. Much of the Kobe-hate will be re-directed toward the "Heat 3:16."

LeBron will have a hard enough time winning MVP on his own team let alone being the league MVP.

For the rest of my life, if anyone ever tries to engage in a "LeBron is better than Jordan" debate, I will laugh in their face and end the conversation before it begins. He has already proven he does not have the stones that Jordan had.

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