Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Miguel Batista, Miss Iowa, and Wal-Mart

I've got a few mini thoughts today.

- Miguel Batista filled in for Stephen Strasburg last night after the Stras couldn't get loose in the bullpen prior to the game.  My first thought was, "Miguel Batista is alive!  Good for him!"

The fans in Washington booed Batista when he came out to start (and incidentally, he pitched quite well- 5 IP, 3 H, 1 BB, 0 R.)  Batista said he understood why the fans were booing.

"Imagine you go to the Miss Universe contest, and you end up with Miss Iowa."

Hilarious!  This got me thinking, what does Miss Iowa look like?  As it turns out, Miss Iowa 2009 looks like this:

I guess the comparison works out because Batista pitched so well.  However, I'm sure he meant that Miss Iowa wasn't hot, which as it turns out, she's smokin' hot. 

- Mrs. B. and I go to Wal-Mart ever so often.  It's not our favorite place to shop, but it's definitely true that you can find good deals on many products.  The biggest problem with Wal-Mart are the other customers there.  You run into too many crazy people there.  Each time I go there I'm reminded why I don't like going there.

Take last night- I needed cat litter (Wal-Mart carries the Scoop Away brand which is the best brand of cat litter), shaving cream, and conditioner.  The trip took all of 5 minutes.  On the way in, there was an odd looking Mexican guy lurking in the parking lot.  I took notice, but didn't worry too much because the shopping trip was going to be so quick.  I didn't think he would want anything in my car besides the $0.34 sitting below the center console. 

Mrs. B. and I went in, got all the products and were out.  We were home free.  When we got back to the car, the Mexican guy was still there.  He asked us if we wanted tamales.  I'm not sure I even answered him, just brushed past.  Dude, you have no tamale cart.  You have nothing that indicates you have a safe place to store tamales.  If we said yes, were we going to have to drive to your tamale dungeon?  It was confusing.  So I tried to load up the car as quickly as possible to get out of there.

At that moment, an older gentleman comes up and says, "That's the best cat litter isn't it?!"

He was really excited about it, so I reply, "Hell yes!"

Then he elaborates, "We just got two brand new kittens!"

So I turn it down (because I realize I shouldn't be feeding into this excitement.)  "Yeah, make sure you use Scoop Away." 

"Don't worry, I have a huge box of it!"

Good thing, too.  I was totally worried about a perfect stranger reporting to me their cat litter situation.  Mrs. B. and I got in the car, and I'm fairly sure I screeched my tires getting out of there.



GMoney said...

You better NOT worry about that gentleman and his cats because that stranger has an ample supply of Scoop Away, bitch!!!

Don't know if you saw it on FB, but I decided to go see Weezer this coming Saturday...four rows from the stage. Very much looking forward to it, too.

Tony B. said...

Great decision, G$- let me know how the Weezer concert goes. I'm guess it will rock!

Blogger said...

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