Friday, August 6, 2010

Back From Monterey

I had Sing With The Band Karaoke last night at G St, after driving back from Monterey earlier in the day.  I was there to visit my friend Sean (best man at my wedding) and his girlfriend Trish.  Here are the highlights:

- I got to Monterey around 1:30pm on Wednesday.  We watched the rest of the Giants' game which was not the best game.  They lost to the Rockies in fairly convincing fashion. 

- We then went to a few beaches.  It was overcast, but still fun.  There was a whaler's museum and on our way out we saw two bunnies doing it in the bushes.  The one bunny looked like the Ben Roethlisberger of rabbits, though, as it was trying to mount the other bunny without obvious consent. 

- We ate at a restaurant called Hula's.  It was damn good and I highly recommend it.  I had the jerk chicken and it made my taste buds believe I was back in Jamaica on my honeymoon. 

- After watching Tosh.0 it was time for bed.  Many of their four cats traded spots sleeping on me.  I was happy about it though, because their cat (and I lived with Sean when he got this cat) Schmidty had been lost for over 3 weeks, but he returned to their doorstep the day before I got there.  He was emaciated, but seems to be healthy.  He was eating food, drinking water, cleaning himself, and occasionally licking the other cats.  I'm so happy he's home safe.

- In the morning we had a great breakfast of blueberry waffles, eggs, and fake bacon.  Then we watched the Rays and Twins game and talked about fantasy baseball for over an hour.  Just like the good ol' days!

- After grabbing lunch at a Mexican restaurant, I was back on the road.  It was a quick 24 hour roadtrip, but well worth it. 

- I got back in time for a quick nap, then it was off to the G St Pub in Davis.  Our opening set of "Today," "Take Me Out," and "All These Things I've Done" was one of our best ever.  The crowd was a little light last night, but the people who sang were quite enthusiastic and/or good which makes it more fun. 

- And here we are now.  I'm watching ESPN right now, and I don't see Brett Favre anywhere.  I guess ESPN's outbreak of Favrepes has subsided.  So hard to get rid of.  Post #500 coming on Monday...


GMoney said...

Fake bacon can eat shit.

sean said...

I don't think fake bacon can eat. On the flip side, I think live bacon can, and I believe that they do indeed eat shit regularly. Enjoy that bacon meat eaters.

And why is the word verification that I have to type "Roidam?" sounds like somewhere black balled baseball players live.

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