Monday, August 23, 2010

A Case of the Mondays: Sleep Deprived Edition

Our Sing With The Band Karaoke show on Thursday was fantastic.  Our keyboard player Charlie (AKA Dr. Disco and champion of "Wipeout" from last Tuesday) came down from Reno for the show.  Our bass player Donovan is moving to San Jose so this was the last show with the line up that we had played with for the past year.

While the show was a blast, I only ended up getting 3 hours of sleep then going to work the next morning.  I was surprisingly alert all day and even decided to hang out with our friends John and Katrina after work.  John and I had a jam session with all of his music equipment.  This was also a lot of fun, but it sets up my Saturday...

I had two shows and a total of 6 hours of music to play on Saturday.  I was worried that my lack of sleep was going to affect my singing.  Luckily, Mrs. B. came up huge with some throat soothing tea and turned on the humidifier Friday night.

I had to be at the Farmer's Market in Vacaville by 9am to play from 9-11.  My voice felt unexpectedly strong.  In fact, I'm sold on this throat soothing tea and humidifier routine.  Anything to gain that extra edge, right baseball players of the 80s and 90s?

I had an excellent set mixing originals and cover songs during the 2 hour set.  I played every song from the new album (coming out 9/21- if not sooner for my loyal blog readers!) and a wide variety of covers.  I was hugely complimented by a woman who was ecstatic that I played "All These Things I've Done" by the Killers.
After leaving the Market, Mrs. B. and I ran a couple errands then drove right back home.  I immediately put on the humidifier, drank tea and took a 2.5 hour nap.  I woke up and started loading up my car to journey to Walnut Creek and play at Pyramid.  Besides a little traffic, the drive there was uneventful.

The Pyramid patio was a little chilly but they had heat lamps going to help keep the folks who wanted to stay not be uncomfortable.  Once again, I mixed in plenty of originals and cover songs.  I got many extremely nice compliments on my original songs, and that helps me remember why I play music in the first place.  Thank you for listening!

Being the crazy guy that I am, I talked Mrs. B. into stopping in Martinez after the show was over (11:40pm at this point) because my friends Shay and Chrissy were having a party.  When I showed up everyone started laughing because there was a guy named Ray at the party that everyone kept calling "Tony Bataska."  I will admit, the guy looks like me, and I feel good about helping intensify the inside joke of the party.  Shay took us for a ride in his GEM car and then we went on our way back to Sacramento.

The next day, we went back over to Katrina and John's for Katrina's birthday party.  It was another great party that capped off a packed weekend.  Did I mention that Mrs. B. and I went to the gym after the party?  Did I also mention we're going to see Crowded House tonight in SF?  It will be a great show if I don't pass out from exhaustion.


Mrs. B said...


Tony B. said...

You are clearly as delirious as I am.

GMoney said...

Ray is the anti-you. He has a site called "First Rate Blog". He roots for the White Sox. He has 51 Stories. He thinks that Lovie Smith is a good coach. He enjoys living next to junkies.

Beware of Ray.

Tony B. said...

Ray should be my anonymous blogging name!

Excellent description of this so-called long lost brother of mine.

No joke, Shay's dad had a 15 minute long discussion with Ray and thought he was my brother.

Mrs. B said...

You can also use the name "Ray" when you pick me up at seedy bars and restaurants. I'll be wearing a Cleopatra wig and going by the name "Sheila."