Monday, August 30, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

Ok- I'm well aware that this might sound crazy, but I can't rob you all of this story.  My friend John was having his live fantasy football draft on Saturday at the Shang-ri-la that is known as the Peppermill Reno.  I am not in this league, and I had a show in Roseville at the Boxing Donkey on Saturday night.  However, Mrs. B. went with John's wife and a group of their friends down to Santa Cruz/Capitola for the weekend, so what else was I going to do with my Friday night other than go to the Peppermill for a night?  The answer is obvious- I went to Reno. 

A quick check of the scoreboard will lead you to conclude that I've been up to the Peppermill 3 of the last 5 weeks and have just been nominated as a finalist for their "Be The High Roller" contest.  I'm either playing this smart, or just becoming a degenerate gambler. 

My friend Brandon drove up with me (he also is not in the fantasy football league) and we immediately began drinking upon arrival.  I've developed such a taste for Jack Daniels that I started with a red Silo cup that was 3/4 Jack and 1/4 Coke Zero.  Then had another, and then a car bomb, and then another.  Point being, I was ready to hit the tables. 

We started out with a fairly hot Craps table.  Played for a number of hours and at the end I was up $500.  Great times!  I'd love to give you a recap of the action, but I honestly don't remember much.  I'm just glad the money was coming my way because you can forget about my math will that many drinks in my system. 

Eventually, we went back to the room around 3am and I thought we were done for the night.  I took out my contacts, took off the sweater I was wearing, made it rain on video (I hope that doesn't surface anytime soon), and brushed my teeth.  Then it was decided that we were going back downstairs to eat graveyard food at the Coffee Shop ($7 for all breakfast items 2am-5am!)  I didn't bother putting my contacts back in, nor did I think twice about putting on an extra layer over my pit-stained white undershirt.  Yikes. 

After taking down some Juevos Rancheros, it was back to the Craps table.  As you can imagine, this session didn't go quite as well because a) we were all stumbling drunk and b) I couldn't see the dice due to my lack of contacts.  I had to wait for the dealer to call out the number each and every time.  We must've looked like wrecks to the dealers and everyone else in the casino. 

Overall, I was still up over $300 which was fine by me.  I more than doubled the money I brought up and had a great time.  I admit that there was vomit involved in the next part of the story, so I'll omit the details.  I also took a bath in the suite jacuzzi at some point, probably 7:30am?  No idea what I was doing, but it sounded like a great idea once I realized that I felt awful. 

Brandon and I left the crew to do their live draft around 3pm on Saturday.  After collecting Brandon's massive $4 Keno win (hey, a win is a win in that game!) we got back on the road.  It was smooth sailing back to Sacramento, though I was dead tired while driving.  Once back home, it was time for a quick nap, then back out to the Boxing Donkey...

Another great show at my favorite bar in Roseville!  I'm surprised I played as well as I did considering how hungover I was from the day before.  And yet, the show was great.  So great, in fact, that a girl came up to me and told me that her friend thought I was "super cute."  My two competing interests of gaining fans vs. my marital status led me to smile and laugh it off, but they were not to be deterred.  The girls slipped me "Jenny's" number on a drink coaster with a note that I'm "cute" and to "call her." 

Luckily, my drink actually needed a coaster since it was sitting on my music stand next to my computer- thanks ladies!  I promptly threw away the number after the show because of my undying love for Mrs. B.  :D

I had a blast, and it seemed like most everyone at the Donkey did as well.  Can't wait to go back!  Playing at that place is like constantly coming up to bat with runners in scoring position with no outs. 

Yesterday was spent getting my life back together.  I went to the gym.  Drank 2 oz. of wheat grass.  Ate decent food.  Went to the mall to buy new white undershirts without pit-stains.  Saw Tyreke Evans at the formally mentioned mall.  He looked like he was in a hurry in his baggy sweatpants. Put brand new strings on my acoustic guitar and bass guitar.  It was a day for re-vitalizing myself and my equipment. 

And here we are- back to Monday.  I actually feel pretty good.  My Sunday detox went really well and having a great show on Saturday just motivates me even more.  By the way, can we start the NFL season already?  The Bears look awful, but I want to see them in real action- I can't explain it.  I just do. 


Mrs. B said...

I was initially concerned when you told me over the phone you were "getting your life back together" while I was miles away. I was relieved to hear that only meant eating healthier and expelling your booze demons.

Tony B. said...

It was easier to get my life together with the $300 I didn't have before the trip!

I actually feel pretty good today.

GMoney said...

I listened to your album this weekend and, not putting you on, liked it. Your voice sounds like a JV version of the late, great Layne Staley. That is a compliment as I believe that Alice in Chains rules. Whether you agree with that or not, I don't care but that's what came to mind.

And I finally joined your entourage today. I'm pretty much your best friend.

Tony B. said...

G$- any comparison of me to Alice In Chains is a welcome one. Even though my music does tend toward more pop/rock singer/songwriter stuff, I am highly influenced by 90s alternative so I'm glad that is coming through. Thanks for listening!

You bought my album, joined my entourage, gave me a plug on your blog, and told everyone I was diagnosed with bear AIDS. With a track record like that, I'm wondering if we should invest in BFF half-heart necklaces?