Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crowded House: Warfield SF 8/23/10

(Picture from - Nick is holding up lyrics to "Tombstone" written on a scroll by an audience member.)

It is fairly obvious that I had an awesome time at Crowded House on Monday night in San Francisco.  Show me someone who has ever seen a bad Crowded House concert, and I'll show you a person who is confused about which way is up.  So instead of just waxing ecstatic about how great the band is, I'm going to also talk about my individual experience.  This may include some advice for concert-goers out there.

Mrs. B. and I drove first to the Pleasant Hill BART station, then took a trip straight to the Tenderloin.  Not the safest place in the world, but it is only a few block walk to the Warfield from Civic Center station.  No one really hassled us, but our senses were definitely on high alert during the our jaunt to the show.  (Side note: The Warfield venue is literally next door to the Crazy Horse strip club.  Looks like a classy place...)

Upon arriving, we met up with my friend John (I've known him since 8th grade and he is the original person who got me into Crowded House.)  His family had tickets in the balcony and we had standing general admission on the floor.  I first hit up the merch booth and bought a USB stick that comes with the new album and allows you access to download the concert you attend.  They are recording all their shows, and the particular show you go to is available for download two days after the show.  By my count, that means I'll be able to download the show today.  Awesome.

We found a decent spot on the left side one set up stairs up from the lowest dance floor.  It was just fine until the show got going.  Mrs. B. doesn't have the luxury of being 6'6" so she bore the brunt of the following two people:

1) The woman behind her that was singing horribly and slowly creeping forward.
2) The guy in front of her that was blowing ass and doing some sort of dance shuffle that had him slowly shuffling backwards.

At one point, Crowded House was playing "When You Come" and got to the lyrics "Burning and exploding" so John, Mrs. B. and I all had a laugh about the fartman "burning and exploding like a slow volcano." Just because you don't know the people around you, and are in a large room, does not mean the people around you won't notice when you are farting around them. 

The woman behind us magically disappeared at some point, which was a relief.  At least until after Crowded House played "Don't Dream It's Over" and an old couple decided "We heard the song we wanted and we're out!"  This shifted things around in our area, and the woman reappeared like a ghost and physically moved Mrs. B. to a different spot.  Mrs. B. did not appreciate being touched and there were a few tense words, but eventually it was sorted out without fisticuffs.

So folks, remember, when attending a GA standing concert, do not eat Mexican food before the show and blow ass all around you.  Also, try to respect each others' space.  Stake your space, and don't try to physically move someone else.  It's rude and inappropriate.

Crowded House highlights:

- Opened with "I Feel Possessed."  Awesome.
- Fully enjoyed "Nails In My Feet," "Whispers and Moans," and "Kare Kare."
- "Private Universe" could've been the highlight of the night.  They mashed up "Black and White Boy" into the outtro of the song which was absolutely amazing.  Matt Sherrod killed it on drums during that song.
- "It's Only Natural" also stood out to me as a highlight.
- During the encore, they opened up a scroll that was thrown on stage by a fan.  It was the lyrics to their song "Tombstone" (from their first album circa 1987.)  It was obvious they hadn't played that song in a long time, but Neil busted it out while bass player Nick Seymour held up the lyrics.  Impromptu moments like this is what makes their shows so excellent.
- It was clear they broke curfew by a few minutes as they rushed through "Better Be Home Soon."  Damn you high security overtime costs!  I'm sure they would've played more songs had that not been a factor!

Besides the crappy (no pun intended) audience members we were around, the crowd was very energetic and sang along to almost every song.  I can't recommend Crowded House highly enough.  They are a band that absolutely knows how to entertain.  From the freelance songs they come up with, to the sing-a-long moments that involve the audience, you can't go wrong with a CH show.  Put another great show on the board!


GMoney said...

Mystery farters are great people. They are like phantoms. Although you "sniffed" this guy out easily apparently.

You should have went to the strip club.

Tony B. said...

This guy was easy to find. It's hard to be a mystery farter when stationed next to the same people for three consecutive hours.

RE: Strip Club - Yeah, probably.

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