Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cubs/Giants 8/10/10

Mrs. B. and I went to the lovely city of San Francisco yesterday for the Cubs/Giants game.  We left work right at 5pm and drove straight there (we did stop to for a bathroom break at a huge Walgreens off San Pablo which stationed their bathrooms in the way back of the store in the employees only area- we peed and hightailed it out of there!)  We had seats in the bleachers, and our friend Sean (best man at the wedding) bought a ticket near us. 

After getting Cha Cha Bowls, we decided to look for seats away from the elements.  It was very cold last night.  After the game, Marty Lurie (on KNBR 680) said it was probably the coldest night of the year thus far.  On our way from the center field bleachers to around the left field foul pole to look for seats without a wind tunnel nearby, a guy was carrying his just purchased hot dog like he was Adrian Peterson.  Someone needs to teach him some ball security!  Mrs. B. didn't see him and the two collided, knocking the hot dog to the ground.  I didn't really see much of the whole thing go down, but I did see the end result, and it didn't look like Mrs. B. was wanting a confrontation, so we left the scene.  I think the guy was mad, but I have a feeling he probably brought the dog back and got a new one.  I can't imagine them refusing that.  Mrs. B. immediately told Sean and I that she debated telling the guy to "Charge It To Da Game!"  This would have been the funniest yet douchiest thing to say ever.  I still wish she had done it, though I guarantee I would've stopped, laughed as hard as I ever have, then gotten in an argument with "Neon Deon" about how he should have been carrying his hot dog high and tight.  Seriously, he was carrying the thing it was a sixth grade dance and a teacher had put a ruler between him and the hot dog. 

We went to section 133 under the overhang.  As far as sneaking into seats, this was quite a tame proposition, but there were still ushers looking to check people's tickets.  Luckily, we were able to pull it off without much trouble. 

I was excited to see Tim Lincecum pitch as I had never seen him pitch in person.  The results were underwhelming, but I guess that was good being a Cubs fan.  Fukudome hit a jack off Timmy in the first that went out of the stadium.  You don't see "Splash Hits" as often these days, so it was great to see Kosuke put one in the Bay. 

There were a few exciting parts to the game.  Buster Posey's double that should've been an error on Tyler Colvin, Mike Fontenot's pinch hit double to drive in two, and Ryan Dempster was quite good for the Cubs.  Also, it was great to see Sean again (twice in less than two weeks is some kind of record these days.)  Overall, I had a great time.  At least until...

TRAFFIC.  Bad traffic.  Around the 80 & 4 interchange, there was a massive slow down.  Had I Google Mapped my plan of attack I may have been able to avoid the massive wait, but I don't know the Richmond area all that well.  We sat in crawling traffic for at least an hour.  Eventually, the freeway went down to one lane, and we saw a horrific accident in the left lane.  The ambulance(s) had already left, but from the wreckage of the multiple cars, both Mrs. B. and I agreed that someone probably died.  It was awful. 

Once we were past the accident, it was mostly smooth sailing back to Sacramento.  Definitely not the perfect baseball experience with the cold weather, fumbled hot dog, and awful traffic accident on the way home, however, the good parts were a lot of fun.  My guess is that will be my final game of the season unless something crazy happens and the Giants go deep in the playoffs.  On the Triple-A front, I will be going to see the Sacramento Rivercats vs. the Iowa Cubs on Wednesday.  Let's go Ryno! 


Mrs. B said...

I saw that wiener bounce off the ground and roll in slow motion.

Tony B. said...

Charge it to da game!

GMoney said...

You'll have to explain what a Cha Cha Bowl is to this Midwesterner.

Mrs. B shouldn't be slapping at people's weiners! That is very poor sportsmanship.

Tony B. said...

A Cha Cha Bowl is Jerk Chicken, Rice, Blackbeans and Pineapple Salsa mixed in a bowl. They have four different spicy sauces you can put over them. I got mine with about 4 or 5 squirts (out of what looks like a McDonald's ketchup dispenser pump) of Habenera sauce. The result is delicious.

AT&T Park has the best selection of food I've ever seen at a ball park. Their dogs and brawts are solid as well. Their garlic fries are amazing.