Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fantasy Football Draft #1

Since I had the unluckiest run of all time during this past Fantasy Baseball season, I'm absolutely ready to get Fantasy Football started.  Yesterday I had my first draft of the year.  It was for Clarkster's Cali Keepers League that was started last year.  Unfortunately, the name is misleading because no keepers were actually kept this past year.  Four out of 12 of last year's owners dropped out of the league, so the commish decided to just re-draft and deal with keepers next year. 

The other thing about this league that is worth noting is that the QB position only gets 4 points for a touchdown pass.  On top of that, it's -2 per interception.  In my opinion, this makes the QB position a lot less valuable in the overall scheme of the league.  There is definite debate over whether the old adage "Always get Running Backs first" is still valid, but in a league with these parameters, I think it still walks tall like the Rock in that one movie- you know- "Mummy Returns." 

I wish there were an easy way to just post the whole draft, but I doubt anyone would read through the whole thing, anyway.  We'll go through the first round and the rest of my team.  Here are the highlights:

- Chris Johnson was picked first.  Surprise, surprise.
- Adrian Peterson was selected second by Clarkster.  Excellent selection.  I've heard rumblings of MJD being the better #2 pick, but I disagree with that train of thought. 
- Speaking of MJD, he went 3rd. 
- Ray Rice went 4th.  People are really high on him.  Probably because he's a savage. 
- Steven Jackson at 5.  Will he be good or suck just like the rest of his team?
- This is where things get crazy.  Remember what I said about QBs?  Watch the next few picks:
6) Aaron Rodgers
7) Drew Brees
8) Frank Gore (Good value at 8)
9) Peyton Manning
- This brings the draft to my pick.  I chose Michael Turner with no hesitation at 10.  Thank you rest of the league for letting him drop to me!
- The first round ended with Andre Johnson at 11 and Randy Moss at 12. 

As it snaked back to me, I decided to keep rolling with RBs.  Ryan Grant of the dastardly Packers was my next pick at 15.  Here is a list of my remaining picks:

34) Marques Colston
39) Matt Forte (Excellent value, yes?)
58) Hines Ward
63) Brent Celek (The clock ran out on me and I was deciding between Celek, Javid Best, and Pierre Garcon- not terrible, but probably my worst pick of the draft value-wise)
82) Donovan McNabb (that's right G$- I'm rolling with the 'Skins QB.  Although, because I don't have that much faith in the guy...)
87) Carson Palmer ( I had to draft this guy as well.  Not a bad QB tandem)
106) LaDainian Tomlinson (do the electric glide!)
111) Joey Galloway
130) Golden Tate
135) Laurence Maroney
154) Jeremy Shockey
159) Mason Crosby (did I really need the Packers' kicker as well?  There's no loyalty in Fantasy Football)
178) Patriots D (I may have to find a better Defense- we'll see...)
183) Anthony Gonzalez (how quickly we forgot about this speedy white boy after he was hurt most of last year)
202) Josh Cribbs
207) Fred Taylor (This was an autodraft selection- but not a bad one.  Now I get to see who starts between Taylor and Maroney.) 

So there's my team.  I like it for a 12 team head-to-head league.  Let me know what you think.  I have a Yahoo draft tonight for a league that actually gives QBs 6 points for TD passes.  Just the way I like it!


GMoney said...

I have no problem, based on the rules, on you waiting for a QB. Now you just play yours based on matchups.

I think you REALLY reached for Grant although I love the Turner pick. And your Bears homer-dom made you reach two rounds early for Forte. I really think that Chester Taylor will have better numbers this year.

In all honesty, I could see your team being anywhere from 10th at worst to 4th at best.

Negative points are stupid.

Tony B. said...

I hate my Bears' home-dom, but I really thought I was getting a deal on Forte based on the players left and the fact that he broke off a 89 yard run last week.

I hate the fact that it is perceived that I reached for a Packer. I wonder who else would've been a better choice. I suppose Jamal Charles would've been a better pick? Ryan Mathews?

Considering I can't get much worse than my fantasy baseball team, I may have to take 4th and enjoy it.

GMoney said...

I would have taken Mathews there or one of the big dog WR's.

Tony B. said...

I wanted Andre Johnson but he was taken at 11. I could've taken Reggie Wayne or Miles Austin I guess.

Fitzgerald was available but since he's either being thrown to by Leinart or DA, I have my doubts about his value.

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