Friday, August 27, 2010

Fantasy Football Draft #2 + Update

First things first- I'm a finalist for the Be The High Roller contest through the Peppermill in Reno!  Make sure you go to the website and "join my entourage."  It takes a second and will help me in my quest to become the High Roller!

Second, similar to yesterday, I have a draft to review.  This league has the standard 6 points per passing TD built into it's scoring.  Here is the first round:

1) Chris Johnson
2) My pick of Adrian Peterson 
3) MJD
4) Ray Rice
5) Frank Gore
6) Michael Turner
7) Andre Johnson
8) Ryan Mathews
9) Randy Moss
10) Shonn Greene (worst spelling ever)

By round, here are my picks:

2) Calvin Johnson
3) Matt Schaub
4) Beanie Wells
5) Ronnie Brown
6) Hines Ward
7) Brent Celek (again?!)
8) Jerome Harrison
9) Clinton Portis
10) Robert Meachem
11) Dez Bryant
12) Green Bay D
13) Chad Henne
14) Bernard Berrian
15) Austin Collie
16) Mason Crosby (Damn you Packers!!!)
17) Tashard Choice

So there is my second team of the year.  I guess we'll see how this one goes vs. the other league.  This league is only a 10 team league, but I did not feel in the zone during the whole draft.  It felt like a grind the whole time.  People taking the players I wanted left and right.  Oh well, hopefully it works out.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to purchase my new album in the sidebar.  Thanks!


GMoney said...

If QB TD's are worth 6 points, I have a big problem with no QB going in the first round while question marks like Shonn Greene and Mathews go earlier. That's just stupid.

I really like your team actually. You have 5 quality starting running backs that you can mix and match based on opponents and I think that you are going to get some nice value out of Portis in the 10th round.

Megatron, Ward, and Meachem are all solid as well. I like this team. You could win the league with this roster.

Tony B. said...

I tried to take your constructive criticism from yesterday's post have have a better draft. Looks like I accomplished that.

Good luck doing the double duty on Sunday. Two live drafts in one day is insane- but I think you have the stones to do it.

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