Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Food Poisoning Is The Worst

Yesterday sucked.  Normally, a sick day here or there is a good thing.  You could be feeling less than 100%, but have enough energy to catch up on some movies or (in my case) write a song. 

However, Tuesday will live in infamy for me.  I woke up and NEEDED to get to work.  There is a ton of stuff to do currently and I can't afford to miss any days.  That is just not an option.  Unfortunately, I woke up disoriented, dry heaving, vomiting, and unable to get my bearings together.  No chance I was going to be able to make it to work.  I figured, let me sleep it off and I'll go in late.  Ha!  Such an optimist! 

After sleeping for a couple hours, I woke having felt like I'd slept for 300 hours- but in a bad way.  A few more trips to the bathroom and a rerun episode of "Las Vegas" later, I ate some crackers (around 2pm) and went back to sleep.  My time window of getting to work was leaving like the sweat that was exiting my body. 

Eventually I woke up at 4:50pm and realized the whole day was gone.  Even now, I don't feel like eating much.  Nothing sounds good to me at all.  I've been able to hold down toast and that's about it.  So what's the point?  Food poisoning is awful, and I have nothing to write about besides the fact that I was sick yesterday. 

Actually, that may not be entirely true.  The keyboard player from my band that moved to Reno was on Wipeout yesterday (or at least the episode aired yesterday) and he won the $50,000!  Nice work Dr. Disco!  Nothing like watching a friend of yours win a bunch of cash while you have to keep pausing the show to go to the facilities.  Yikes. 


GMoney said...

It is my belief that the hierarchy of hot chicks from the first few seasons is:

4. Molly Sims - does nothing for me
3. Black British chick
2. Nikki Cox
1. Vanessa Marcil

Thoughts? Would you like me to ship you some taquitos?

Tony B. said...

Those are dead-on perfect rankings for the girls. Vanessa Marcil is the hottest by a WIDE margin, though.

No taquitos please. I'll be staying away from them for awhile- even though it was probably my own vault for undercooking them.