Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Vibrations Coming From Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson, or B-Weezy as he was mistakenly called by his own Comcast show last year, is the closer for the San Francisco Giants.  Based on last night's game, you might not realize that he is one of the best closers in the Major Leagues. 

In fact, I'm here to tell you all the Giants fans out there that you are lucky to have such a savage closer.  How quickly you can forget the train wreck that was Armando Benitez.  Hell, Tyler Walker was the closer just a few short years ago!  But as I saw many of my friends litter Facebook with hate messages to Brian Wilson, I thought to myself- how bad is Brian Wilson really?  Well...

This year his basic stat line looks like this:

3-2 with 36 Saves and a 2.01 ERA. 

But we can go deeper than that:

58.3 Innings pitched, 76 Strikeouts, and 22 Walks. 

That's pretty damn good.  Let's keep going:

4 Blown Saves in 55 Appearances.  Eh, not every closer can be Eric Gagne on steroids. 

But we are neglecting the most important stats of all- fantasy baseball stats.  I play in a head-to-head league that awards points in a similar fashion as fantasy football.  For example, 10 points for a win, 10 points for a save, -5 for a loss, -2 for a blown save, 2 points per innings pitched, 1 point per strikeout, -.5 per hit or walk, etc.  Currently the relief pitcher with the highest point total in my league is Heath Bell with 553.8 points (by far the most.)  Rafael Soriano is second with 519.7.  And guess who is third?  Brian Wilson with 513.7.  Had he converted the save last night (which he was brought in after Jonathan Sanchez walked the lead off batter) he would be in second right now. 

My point is that no matter which way you slice it, Giants fans are looking a gift horse in the mouth if they complain about Brian Wilson.  I understand that division and wild card races bring out unbridled (and many times stupid) passion that turns fans against even the best of players.  However, B-Weezy has been a fantastic closer for a few years now, and Giants fans should appreciate him.  Even Mariano Rivera has blown saves from time to time, and he's the best ever. 

One last thought- if the Giants' starters had not just gone into a tailspin recently (I'm looking at you Lincecum), Brian Wilson's blown save last night would not have been as big a deal.  Sure, it is huge on many levels, but because the Giants have dug themselves a hole recently, the margin of error is slim to none. 

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GMoney said...

I have no idea what the context was surrounding this game, but I would place blame on the awful decision to let a mediocre at best pitcher pitch into the 9th inning.

Tony B. said...

Well G$, I'm glad you asked.

Jonathan Sanchez was pitching a shut out and looked fairly dominant. He went back out in the 9th and walked the lead off man. This brought Carlos Gonzalez to the plate. Tough at bat- however, he is 0-11 lifetime vs. J. Sanchez. Bochy went to Brian Wilson anyway, who eventually got the loss. Huge game for the Giants to lose.

By the way, the Rockies are only two games worse than the Giants which is troubling because September is typically the Rockies' month to dominate.

Clarkster said...

It wasn't even Wilson's fault if you watch the highlights Ross in right field completely shit the sheets when he ran in on that fly ball that eventually sailed over his head and all the way to the wall not to mention the 5 hopper Freddy Sanchez threw from deep short to second.

Tony B. said...

Thank you Clarkster for being a rational Giants fan!

Brian Wilson is the least of the Giants problems for the stretch run.

Salvadorean Girl said...

I don't know Tony. I'm still on the fence about him.

Anonymous said...

I love Brian Wilson. You gotta check out this interview he recently had on the Jim Rome show, one of the funniest things i've ever seen. Brian Wilson scares the hell out of me but wouldn't trade him for anyone.

Tony B. said...

Recently saw the interview, Anon- hilarious interview!