Monday, August 16, 2010

Mark and Rebecca's Wild Wedding Weekend Adventure

I don't know where to start on this one.  I had Friday off of work and played a private show at an office party from 1-3pm.  I drove my equipment back home, picked up my friend Brandon, and got on the road to meet up with the rest of our group at the Peppermill in Reno.  They left around 1pm or 2pm.  Brandon and I had a pretty quick trip up (though we did stop at In-N-Out Burger for a quick meal.)  Upon arriving at the Peppermill we immediately went to the Tuscany Tower where my room was.  Mrs. B. had check in earlier and we were sharing a room with our friends Katrina and John.  The drinks were already set up and I started with a stiff Jack and Coke Zero.  I think it was 3 parts Jack and 1 part soda pop.  This was the first of (conservatively) 26 Jack and Cokes on the night.

Eventually we made our way down to Chi.  Once again, it did not disappoint.  Chi is easily my favorite Chinese restaurant anywhere.  Yes, even better than China Village in Walnut Creek (and it's not even close.)  Well done, Peppermill!

It was, of course, off to the Craps tables after that.  Before going any further, let's be clear, I realize I lost my damn mind during this next stretch of gambling.  My strategy on Craps these days is to place the Pass Line and two Come Line bets, and back them up with full odds.  This is a fantastic strategy when going well, and an awful strategy when the table is cold.  You cannot stomach more than four awful rolls before trying to pawn your wedding ring for gambling money.  I'm obviously kidding, but your money goes quick if it's bad.  Luckily, it started off alright.  The money was not pouring in, but we weren't down.

Then a douche in a Sharks shirt got the dice and started making ridiculous statements during the entirety of his roll.  "Alright everyone- let's go!  Let's make some money!  Everyone's gonna make money!"  This is what we call a jinx in the gambling biz.  I should've shut down my strategy immediately, but it was too late by the time I realized this guy was a idiot.  All my bets were laid and the inevitable 7 came out.  Side note, why was the 6+1 7 just showing up all over the place this weekend?  At this point, I'm down $300.

The Sharks guy left and came back some time later.  He asked us if the table was getting any better.  We responded with, "Eh, it's ok."  He started complaining about one of the stick men and how the dealer told him to be quiet.  I couldn't hold my tongue- "That's exactly what we were thinking," I said.  Not believing I'd be rude to his face, he said, "I know!  I can't believe he told me to be quiet."  I came back with a, "That's absolutely shocking!  SHOCKING."  He still didn't get it, and walked away.  Ok, where was I?

I decide to go play Poker.  Long short short, I was outkicked, drawn out on, and cold decked during my patient session.  Down $200 more.  I'm about to kill myself.

Why I went to the ATM again I have no idea.  I remember the ATM telling me twice to choose a smaller amount (thank you banking system.)  Brandon and I stayed out after everyone went to bed, and our Craps table caught fire.  Everyone's bets were hitting.  My Pass Lines, my Come Lines, I hit a Yo 11, and a hard 4 and hard 8.  At 5:45am, Brandon and I decided to call it a morning.  I cashed out with $600 which made me feel less like a piece of crap (pardon the pun.)

I woke up after sleeping for what felt like 5 minutes.  It was time to get a shower, breakfast, and make our way to Mark and Rebecca's wedding.  Mrs. B. was suffering from car sickness when we arrived there because she was doing make up in the van during the 1 hour plus ride.  Luckily, she didn't get sick and eventually felt better.

The wedding ceremony was awesome.  Mark and Rebecca looked quite happy and I fully enjoyed their pug Cooper walking down the aisle.  The reception was excellent.  They had a signature cocktail called "Cooper's Delight" (created by John and Katrina) that was getting gulped down by the gallon.  I had one, but stuck mostly with beer and/or water because of how wrecked I was the night (morning?) before.

I must say, the toasts at this wedding were excellent.  No one was long winded and everyone got at least one or two (some got more) laughs.  Eventually it was time for the meat-fest that was dinner.  Mark is into all kinds of meats and his father-in-law cooks up some of the best ribs, sausage and turkey I've ever had.  The beans were also out of control.  Well done Mr. Sy- well done.

After dancing and playing lots of ring toss, it was time to roll out around 8pm.  As you can imagine, a dinner filled with meats and beans after a hard night of drinking and an hour long van ride with 8 people might not be the best plan.  The windows of the van were going up and down based on the gases expelled from our respective sludge factories.

Luckily, the trip back sailed by and we got back the Peppermill.  Unfortunately, I was feeling quite run down from all the excitement.  There was still gambling to be done, though.  Back at the Craps table, we had quite a nice little session.  It was solid fun (though less rambunctious) and I ended up $100.

One quick tale, though- a dude with a shaved head came up and stood next to John during this session.  Brandon was to my right killing it on a roll.  He had a hit a few points and Come Line bets.  Any roller killing it like that, just leave them alone.  This mofo, lays down one $5 chip on the Pass Line.  He has no money besides that.  Brandon hits a 9 to win the guy another $5.  All of a sudden this guy starts yapping.  First he starts telling the dealer how many bets he is going to make once he gets a little bit of money.  Then while Brandon is in mid roll, he yells out "Don't crap out!"  This easily as bad as talking during Tiger Woods' back-swing (in fact, worse because I don't have money on Tiger Woods ever.)  Brandon didn't crapped out on the following roll and the d-bag left the table.  For any of you novice Craps players- DON'T DO THAT!  Get excited and boisterous after a win.  Otherwise, keep a low profile and never be overly boastful.  Don't be overly negative either.  Drink your drinks, smoke your cigars, and enjoy the ride.

Since I had driven separately, Mrs. B. and I had my car to go back in Sunday morning (the rest of the group left in the van around noon.)  I wanted to watch the A's game because I put them in a parlay (mistake!)  I actually was 6-2 on my baseball bets this weekend... unfortunately, that included two parlays (3-1 on each.)  Dammit.

The group that left earlier than us informed us that there was terrible traffic on highway 80.  On our way out, we got curious and decided to check out a couple other Reno casinos.  We literally have been to the Peppermill over 10 times in the last 3 years and never ventured elsewhere.

We recently saw a Travel Channel show about how to take advantage of casino coupons.  Our plan was to sign up for the casino rewards club at the various casinos, and use the coupons/free play we get.  Then we leave.  Easy, right?

First, we went to the Grand Sierra.  Interesting look to the casino.  Very different from the Peppermill with a more Country/Western/Darker look.  We signed up for the rewards club and got some free play on slots and $15 in chips for $10.  We went to the Craps table and had some fun.  The first guy rolled well, but Mrs. B. actually stole the show with her roll.  In fact, a guy next to me won over $300 quickly (he was betting a ton on the Pass Line with max odds) and tipped her $10.  I ended up winning $35, Mrs. B. won $44 and we played our free slot play and left.  Bad traffic was still around, and it was on to the Atlantis...

We signed up again, and got to swipe for a chance at free play.  Mrs. B. got $5 and I got $3.  Their free play was a bit different than I'm used to.  We played video poker.  You activate the free money, then deposit some money to play with.  If you lose, it replenishes your loss (up to the amount of free play you have.)  I won $2 of my $3 in free play (cashing out with my $5 base and $2 extra) while Mrs. B. hit 4 Queens and won $16.  She played a bit more and cashed out with $14.50.  BAM!  We walked around for a bit, and eventually decided to find our way back to Sacramento.

Overall, it was another fun weekend at the Peppermill with a centerpiece of a fantastic wedding.  Congrats to Mark and Rebecca- you both are awesome!  Back to the grind of the work week... when is Labor Day again?


GMoney said...

Taking advantage of the casinos? You're a regular Danny Ocean!

An $1100 gambling swing...oof! The missus probably rolled her eyes about that.

Tony B. said...

I can only hope if they ever make an "Oceans 19" movie that takes place in Reno that they have a spot for me in the cast.

Mrs. B. was actually quite cool about the whole thing- maybe she knew I was due for a comeback?

The A's needed to win that damn game yesterday- then I would have been up for the trip!

Tony B. said...

By the way, I'm sure you would have enjoyed the wedding dinner, G$. It seems like tons of meat and beans would be right up your alley.

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