Monday, August 2, 2010

Peppermill Trip 7/29 - 7/31

This past Thursday - Saturday, I met up with two of my buddies and went on a poker-centric trip to the Peppermill in Reno.  As anyone who has read my blog previously knows, the Peppermill is my favorite casino and I'm currently trying to win a contest called "Be The High Roller" (check that out here.) 

I met up with my friends at 10am and we were on the road immediately.  The trip up seemed to fly by, and we arrived in Reno around 12:30.  My buddy Mike went immediately to the poker room and got after it.  Brian and I went to Saucey's BBQ for some delicious sandwiches.  I went with the pulled pork sandwich with the house BBQ sauce.  I hadn't eaten there in awhile, but it absolutely hit the spot.  We were back over playing poker in no time. 

If I'm not mistaken, Mike was playing pretty well when we got back over there and we sat at his table.  The table was quite tame as the average age at the table was probably 60 (yes, there was an 82 year old at the table, and plenty of 70 year olds.)  Also at the table, there was one younger guy who said he was from Chicago, so I had a nice time talking about whether or not Ryno should be the new manager of the Cubs.  We decided that it really doesn't matter, but why not give him a try?  What's the worst that could happen- they don't win the World Series? 

I was coming down with a fierce headache, so I decided to go with Brian to grab our bags and bring them back to the hotel room. After that we went back down to the poker room and Mike had switched tables and that table seemed to be a large improvement from before.  We sat down, and so began the funnest poker session I've ever experienced. 

We played tons of side bets using the "Lodden Thinks" game that has become popular on various poker shows (I saw it on "Poker After Dark" but I'm sure it has been on other shows.)  The premise of the game is to have at least three people in the game.  One person thinks of an answer to a proposed question that the person doing the thinking preferably doesn't know the actual answer to.  For example, a couple (Kelly and Pat the Police Officer) were playing on either side of the dealer, and we asked, "How many years does Tony think Kelly and Pat have been dating/married?"  So thought of the number and went with 11.  I locked it in, and let Mike and Brian go back and forth until someone buys the prop.  In the case, I forget who bought it, but if I'm not mistaken, someone took 9 and over and won.  The actual answer was closer to 20, as we found out later, but that matters little in this game. 

After some caffeine, my headache was feeling much better.  I'm not exactly sure how I can relay the rest of the poker room experience.  Just know that we were getting pretty loud, and the pit boss was none too pleased.  He had to talk to us a few times, and I think the dealers were getting sick of our prop bets (and probably 3 of 10 players were annoyed- which incidentally gave us the advantage over them during the actual poker game.)  Some of the players were also getting frustrated because we (ESPECIALLY and MOSTLY Mike) were being super aggressive with raising.  Mike could have easily raised 10 straight hands, but I can't totally back that up because we were getting awfully drunk at this point. 

In between all of our shenanigans, we got to know a few of the players at the table.  Check this out:

- There was a girl who was from Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek and went to College Park High School.  She was a year younger than me, so we chatted about the East Bay Area a bit.
- As previously mentioned, there was a guy who was in from Chicago. 
- A guy named Ryan sat down and mentioned he was in town for a mining competition for his business that helps mining companies prevent disasters where miners get stuck.  He said he was in from the Atlanta area.  I mentioned that I lived in a suburb of Atlanta from 4th - 7th grade.  He asked where, and I said Fayetteville, GA.  He was shocked.  He was also from Fayetteville.  We traded info and we went to the same elementary and middle school.  He was 5 years younger than me, so we didn't know many of the same people personally, but he had heard of some of the names I came up with that I remembered from Little League. 
- And of course, there was a 22 year old dude from Sacramento.  If you count Davis with the Sacramento Area guy, then there was only one place that I have lived that was not represented in Reno...
- I am horribly disappointed with Napoleon, OH- you'd figure they would've represented at the poker table in Reno.  G$, I expect you to be there next time! 

Much of the trip flew by because we drank tons.  I'd like to thank the people at the Peppermill for a fantastic trip.  The people at the poker room were great.  From the dealers to most of the other folks (the pit boss who kept reprimanding us was not our favorite, but I get why he was annoyed)- I was quite pleased.  They even comped me a French Bread Pizza from the Sports Deli (delicious!)

In the end, I was up a decent amount overall.  I lost a bit in Craps ($70 I think), Sports ($10 parlay that sucked- and no, I'm not betting on the Bulls.  The odds dropped to 12/1), Keno ($20), and Video Poker ($20- however I was up 8 Jack and Diets so I'm fairly sure that $20 was worth it.)  I did do well at the poker table so I think I was up around $200 for the trip. 

Such a great time though!  Oddly enough, I'm going back in two weeks because my friend is getting married up in that area.  As always, I highly recommend the Peppermill! 


GMoney said...

Sorry for letting you down, I guess. But if I ever do go to Reno, I will not be stepping foot in that casino. Not with the Bowling Hall of Fame there!

I made some (what I feel) solid NFL future wagers this weekend:
Denver UNDER 7.5 wins
49ers OVER 8.5 wins (look at their schedule and tell me how that DON'T win 9 games)

Tony B. said...

Those are excellent bets G$. Good luck on that!

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